How to Plan your Festive Season Ecommerce Marketing Strategy during Covid 19

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  • How to Plan your Festive Season Ecommerce Marketing Strategy during Covid 19

Covid 19 has affected many businesses, pushing them to cut their budgets and focus on sustenance. As a result they are looking for innovative, cost effective ways of marketing which can promise high ROI. Even customer purchasing behavior has changed drastically. Buyers have now shifted to ecommerce websites for shopping almost everything they need. Reason being - prolonged lockdowns, increasing cases, restricted travel and need for social distancing. 

After witnessing these trends, do you think your old ecommerce marketing plans will work? Honestly, there are less chances of achieving success.

To win your customers and supercharge online sales during COVID crisis, you need to adjust your marketing strategies. With the approaching festival season, many customers are looking forward to shop and break the monotony of the pandemic. Buyers are looking to spend less and get rewards on their final purchase.

Why not focussing on giving loyalty rewards or membership benefits for free? Or any other ecommerce marketing tactic that helps drive sales. Sounds wise!

Let’s give you a quick dosage of motivation. 

In April 2020, the global online shopping jumped by 49% in comparison to last year. Thanks to pandemic that made people realize the value of online buying and selling. Although, Indian online sales dipped substantially during the initial phase of lockdown but by June end sales picked up and reached close to pre-lockdown levels. Slowly and gradually online sales are showing a remarkable growth in Indian as well as global markets.

Inspired by this, many retailers have decided to open an online store. Thanks to B2C ecommerce platforms that have simplified the process of creating an ecommerce website. They are widely adopted by traditional brick and mortar sellers planning to go online due to the following reasons-

  • Easy to use Interface
  • No coding, No technical Knowledge
  • Customizable themes and other inbuilt features
  • End to end solution for selling online

An ecommerce software acts as the backbone to your ecommerce site and marketing efforts. So, let's focus on planning ecommerce marketing strategies to apply during festive sales.


6 Effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Festive Season Sales Amid COVID 19

1. Update Your Product Pages

If you are selling consumer products and simultaneously want to walk with the trend, start updating your pages. Display your product pages in a way that they look trustworthy and helpful in fighting the menace of Coronavirus. 

Let’s assume that you sell personal hygiene products like disinfectants, detergents, sanitisers, wipes, toiletries. You can change their product description, titles and other content. For instance-

  • XYZ detergent helps in killing coronavirus germs
  • Touch free delivery 
  • Sanitised products

 Just think how you can align your product with the current trend and win customers.

2. Update Pages using StoreHippo B2C ecommerce platform

StoreHippo gives you complete freedom to edit and update your products page within a few clicks. You just have to visit the page, upload/replace the content and hit the update button. 

3. Integrate Mobile Wallets for Faster Checkouts

Social distancing is now an unwritten law all over the world. Buyers are now more concerned about hygiene and safe delivery. Thus, avoiding exchange of currency notes. To adopt the shift, integrating mobile wallets to your ecommerce website offers a secure and safe payment option. This ecommerce marketing tactic will boost customer satisfaction and eliminate the stress of catching COVID through germ filled currency notes. 

How to integrate Mobile Wallets to Ecommerce Websites?

StoreHippo B2C ecommerce platform has 50 inbuilt payment gateways, including mobile wallets and banking gateways. Ecommerce businesses can easily select multiple wallet providers, which are most used by your customers. 

4. Coupon and Discount Marketing

We cannot dare to forget about coupons when we are talking ecommerce marketing. They are special lead generation tools that help in attracting and converting buyers. Nowadays, people are looking for money saving deals due to the financial crisis resulting from COVID. Thus, offering minimum discounts can positively influence customer buying decisions.

Examples of Conversion-friendly Discounts and Coupons

Get a 20% discount on the first product and 30% off when you buy 3 bundled products. For example: Upsell matching earrings and footwear along with a festive kurti on your fashion and accessories online store. This way you upsell your products by offering some discount.

How does the StoreHippo discount engine help?

By using our powerful discount engine, you can create multiple types of discounts. Such as-

  • Product related 
  • Time specific
  • Device-based
  • Group-based
  • And create coupons

4. Free Delivery Offers

Another most profitable ecommerce marketing tactic that captivates every online buyer is - Free delivery. And when you combine free deliveries with discounts, it becomes more irresistible and pushes customers to buy immediately. 

With respect to the current economic crisis, such freebies will definitely enhance your customer trust and bring more returning buyers. So, think of it as an investment not a business expense. 

How does the StoreHippo B2C ecommerce platform help?

StoreHippo ecommerce software has an inbuilt shipping solution that comes at zero setup cost. You can either integrate your own or choose from inbuilt logistics partners. 

It lets you deliver products across 26000+ pincodes and also supports international shipping. In addition, you will get discounted deliveries, COD support, delivery tracking and numerous other features. 

5. Start Selling Essential Items

The most lucrative ecommerce marketing tactic to survive pandemic is - selling essential goods like masks, sanitizers, grocery items, and food items. Why? Because the majority of your customers are searching for this. However, offering them irrelevant or non-essential goods will hurt your marketing strategy. And can stop your flow of sales.

Pros of Adding Essential Goods to your Online Store

With StoreHippo, you can easily convert your single store into a multi store or a vertical marketplace. You add multiple storefronts for various product categories or you can onboard suppliers and sellers on your marketplace to instantly start selling diverse products without investing in inventory. Moreover, you can create new product categories directly from the dashboard of your B2C ecommerce platform. 

Like if you sell fashion products, you can create COVID 19 Masks category in addition to other categories (sports wear, footwear, etc). Afterall, masks are a new addition to the office or college look.

6. Remarketing

75% of customers abandon their carts after adding the product in which they're interested. This means the buyer is already into your hands but something is obstructing them to complete the purchase. 

Sending personalized and highly relevant notifications motivates faster checkouts and promises high ROI on ecommerce marketing efforts. 

StoreHippo allows you to send 4 type of notifications-

  • Push Notification 
  • Email Notification
  • SMS Notifications
  • Web Notifications

Plus, you also get pre-integrated remarketing analytic tools like facebook pixel, google ecommerce analytics, google tag manager. 

Final Words

Are you an ecommerce entrepreneur aiming to survive COVID crisis? Then befriend with the above highlighted strategies, that have reaped astonishing sales figures, years over years. 

What strategy would be most fruitful to maximize festive sales? Well, that depends upon your niche. But to simplify your job, I am allotting ranks (from 1 to 6) to above ecommerce marketing strategies based on their profitability.

  1. Coupon and Discount marketing 
  2. Free Delivery 
  3. Remarketing
  4. Updating Product Pages
  5. Integrate Mobile Wallets
  6. Selling essential items

Keeping all the marketing essentials in mind, Storehippo has added all kinds of innovative marketing tools in its B2C ecommerce platform. These tools act like power banks for your ecommerce marketing. Using them, can streamline time consuming marketing tasks and helps in attaining desired results.

Market your B2C online store with the StoreHippo ecommerce platform and start acquiring new customers. Want to know how? Sign up for a 14 days free trial.

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