How to make your email marketing campaigns a huge success

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  • How to make your email marketing campaigns a huge success

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to capture leads and boost sales for an ecommerce site. User acquisition by mail campaigns is a tool every e commerce site should try and perfect. Apart from direct sale of the products email marketing also engages customers, creates brand recall value and gives website owners an opportunity to directly analyze customer behavior patterns. With the use of latest tools and methods that help in segmenting customers based on their location, behavior pattern and requirement email marketing can me intensely targeted and effective.

Research suggests that 7% of all ecommerce transactions are a result of email marketing. This is second only to direct search which accounts for 16% user acquisition. The key factors for the success for any email campaign are the relevancy of its content and an exhaustive sender list of potential customers.  But there are many other factors which if used effectively can contribute to better success rate of an email campaign.

Let us have a look at some of these tips and tricks that ensure better results from email campaigns:

  1. Customize your campaign :  

    Segmenting is the key to get best results from your email campaigns. Review and analyze your customer list and target the campaign towards the audience group which is most likely to open and buy the products being advertised. For example;  if you are targeting global audience , customizing country wise is a better approach than sending the same mail template to all your customers. To apply next level of segmentation you can even break your target groups based on gender, age group etc. and send more customized mails which bring better traction. Segmented mailing is proven to reduce bounce rate, spam report rate, unsubscribe rate and increases open and click through rates.

  1. Target mobile and all other devices :

    The latest trend in online shopping is a clear indicator of multi device shopping. Customers browse ecommerce sites using multiple device channels (link to multi-channel page) throughout the day. Up to 70% of sales for the biggest ecommerce sites comes  via mobile channel. Hence all email campaigns should use responsive design (link to responsive design blog) which adapts itself to the device it is being viewed on. Responsive email design ensures consistent user experience which results in up to 18% increase in orders and more than 60% increase in click through rate.

  1. Maximize your data to full potential :

    The data collected from the behavior patterns of a website’s visitors can give useful insight into their buying habits and potential purchases. Using Google analytics and other tools can help you identify the product pages that are getting most visitors. This product can be pushed in the next campaign.  Data gathered from abandoned cart tracking can be used to bring back the customer to your site by sending personalized mail offers.

  2. Establish personal connect with customer :

    Everyone feels welcome when you give them personal attention and establish a one to one contact. If you personalize mails by adding the clients name in subject line, offer deals based on the products they have in their wish list and give an immediate call for action; you have better chances of getting a click through that converts into a successful order.

  1. Optimizing subject lines:

    As we mentioned above, personal subject lines have a high click through and conversion rate. Never use subject lines that sound like a spam mail. Optimizing the subject line is a sure shot way of increasing the success rate of your mail campaign. Ensure that the subject line caters to the need and demand of your target audience.

  1. Automate email marketing: Automate your marketing as much as possible. Add wish lists, PUSH notifications, shopping cart reminders, cross sell and upsell notifications and keep sending automated personalized mails based on data collected through these tools.

  1. Clear and crisp Design :

    An image is worth a thousand words - Use attractive, clear and crisp design to attract your customers. Used effectively images can create a need and desire for the product which they were not even planning to buy. Always support your images with catchy taglines and make them clickable.

  1. Call to Action:

    Creating an urgent need and writing a call to action gently pushes the customer towards making a purchase. Keep this short and clear and do not over stuff call to action in your email campaigns. Never confuse your customer by over using call to action as this might frustrate them and make them chuck your campaign altogether.

Use these tips to get better results from your email campaigns. If you have used any other method to make your email campaigns more successful please share them in comments below.

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I have tried using 2-3 different subject lines for same email campaign .Based on the result of click through and transactions I keep improvising my subject lines.

By: Vimal Jadav
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Also its good to see that u have acted quickly on the blog comment issue...

By: Surr
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Again very informative...

By: Surr
Feb 25, 2016   Reply

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Very well written and practical tips for better email marketing.

By: Vinay Singhal
Feb 24, 2016   Reply

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