How to keep your Consumers Glued to your Web Store

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  • How to keep your Consumers Glued to your Web Store

What’s your biggest concern once you build an online store?

Right, it’s to ensure you keep getting regular orders.

And how do you ensure that?

Well, definitely this needs a two-pronged approach;

  1. Keep acquiring new customers, but even more importantly,
  2. Keep your old customers loyal and glued to your web store

Why Keeping Customers Loyal To Your Brand Is So Important

Old and loyal customers make your brand stand out. They are the ones who add regularly to your cash counter and also help with your marketing through word of mouth promotion. 

Let’s check some stats that underline this point further:

  • Acquiring new customers can cost 5X more than retaining an old customer
  • 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits between 25% to 95%
  • Likelihood of selling to an old customer is 60% to 70%
  • Success rate of selling to new customers is 5% to 20%

Based on the above the clear-cut way to make your brand successful is to keep your new as well as existing customers glued to your web store

But how can you do that? Is there a proven formula or trick?

What if we say there are MANY!!  

Sounds unbelievable, right? 

So let’s start with these sure-shot ways of keeping your customers glued to your online store. Here we go:

1. Let Your Brand Speak For Itself

It is commonly said that a product is half sold if its design and looks are brilliant. How else do you explain the exorbitant rates of big brands products (like Apple, Google etc.) and people paying through their nose to buy them? Apart from offering a good product, these brands make you feel that they are giving you an exalted status by being the proud owner of their product.  

How can you instil this feeling in your customers?

When you build an online store, design it in a way that it not only highlights your products but also weaves a story around those products. Let your customers feel how their life has a better meaning and value when they use your products over the competitors.

Along with a well-thought marketing strategy, you will also need a top ecommerce platform that offers the tools to implement your plans. StoreHippo brings a host of solutions to help you achieve this. Create your web store using the device-optimized themes from our themes gallery and tweak them to add to your brand story. Use the inbuilt drag and drop design tools to achieve the dream design for your online store.

Now add a 360-degree view of your products along with the videos to give your customers a real store-like feel. Tell me can your customers resist coming back to your brand if you do this?

2. Sail On SALE

Nothing can dim the lure of SALE and Discounts!

Customers often end up buying a lot of things they do not need just because it was available for a low price. Promotional discounts influence customers and prompt them for planned as well as impulse buying. 

By creating a smart marketing pitch and advertising “Deals of the day” and “Special two-day sale” you can greatly increase the traffic and conversion on your web store.  When you keep announcing successive promotions people keep coming back to your site every day to find out what new is up for grabs!

StoreHippo SaaS ecommerce platform offers you a powerful discount engine that lets you plan product, order, location, cart or brand based discounts. Along with this, you can quickly create dynamic marketing pages to advertise your deals and discounts.

All set to make a killing with a smart SALE strategy? Get going, StoreHippo has you covered.

3. Direct To The Inbox

With an average open rate of 21.33% email marketing still remains one of the most reliable means to connect with and convert your buyers. Also, it's the cheapest and most effective way to keep the customers engaged about updates on your web store.

If you really have some news worth sharing with your subscribers, package it in an attractive manner and share it with your database. This way, they remember you the next time they want to buy something and make sure that it is your site they choose. Also, remember, there is a fine line between sending your subscribers interesting mails and spamming them.

StoreHippo top ecommerce platform helps you integrate with the best third-party mailing software to run mass-mailing campaigns. Along with these, you can also use push notifications and SMS to keep your customers engaged and updated about your offers, deals and promotions.

So, while you build an online store, start planning your marketing to keep your buyers hooked to your brand.

4. An Unforgettable URL

Tell me something, will you buy from a brand that has a tricky domain name?

Perhaps not!

Consumers will visit you only if they remember you! The recall is vital.

If you have a complicated URL which customers need to look up every time they shop online, your online store is as good as dead. So the easier your URL is, the better are the chances of people coming back, again and again.

When you decide to build an online store, lookup for a domain name that defines your brand, is short and easy to remember.

Having difficulty deciding your brand name? StoreHippo has it sorted for you. Check out the list of tips and tools that help you decide your brand name.

5. Grow Your Brand With Customer Reviews

People have more faith in your website if you have authentic feedback from previous customers. 

  • 93% of online buyers say reviews by other customers impact their purchasing decisions 
  • 91% of customers rely on online reviews as much as they would trust personal recommendations

Make provisions for such feedback so that customers believe in you more and trust you enough to make the first purchase. Did you know that even negative reviews can help you as they make your buyers perceive you as a brand that is ready to accept its faults and fix them? 

And yes, positive as well negative reviews also help you with your SERP ranking as the customers use long-tail keywords in their reviews. When you build an online store With StoreHippo, you get inbuilt functionality to allow your customers to add reviews and ratings for your products.

So, all you need is to offer the best products and services and allow your customers to add their feedback. If you deliver upon your promise, they are bound to come back!

Wrap Up

So, all set to rule the ecommerce market with your beautiful web store? With the right marketing strategy and tools in your kitty, this shouldn’t be too much of a task for you.

StoreHippo top ecommerce platform not only builds future-ready ecommerce stores but also comes packed with the power of inbuilt marketing tools to grow your business. So what are you waiting for, start your free trial store and explore our awesome features right away!

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