How to keep your Consumers Glued to your Web Store

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  • How to keep your Consumers Glued to your Web Store

Make sure your products look good and appealing: It is commonly said that a product is half sold if its design and looks are brilliant. How else do you explain the exorbitant rates of Apple products and people flocking to buy them? Similarly, people will come to your store if the look and feel of your store is fresh as well as good looking. 

Sales and discounts
Consumers often end up buying a lot of things they do not need just because it was available for a low price. That is the kind of effect a promotional discount can have on the traffic on your site. This is the reason why we often come across sites offering schemes like “Deals of the day” and “Special two-day sale”.  People need a reason to keep coming back to your site every day to find out what new is up for grabs!
Direct emails
There is a fine line between sending your subscribers interesting mails and spamming them. If you really have some news worth sharing with your subscribers, package it in an attractive manner and share it with your database. This way, they remember you the next time they want to buy something and make sure that it is your site they choose.
Easy to remember URL
Consumers will visit you only if they remember you! Recall is vital. If you have a complicated URL which customers need to look up every time they shop online, your web store is as good as dead. So the easier your URL is, better are the chances of people coming back, again and again.
Customer support and review
People have more faith in your website if you have authentic feedback from previous customers. Make provisions for such feedback so that customers believe in you more and trust you enough to make the first purchase. If you deliver upon your promise, they are bound to come back!

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