How to handle the challenges of hyperlocal ecommerce

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  • How to handle the challenges of hyperlocal ecommerce

Does the idea of owning a hyperlocal ecommerce store appeal to you? But are you apprehensive about the challenges that your business might face?

Well, certainly every business has its own set of challenges and so do hyperlocal systems. But solutions always follow! That’s how popular brands like BigBasket, Urban Company and Grofers have survived. 

Over the years, these brands have identified key challenges and have overcome problems with the right strategies. 

Yes, a lot of start-ups like Ola café and Ola store or FlipKart ‘Nearby’ failed to live up to customer expectations and closed soon enough. But these could be learnings with strong takeaways, helping you overcome your business hurdles. 

So you see, it might take some glitches for your hyperlocal ecommerce store to become your customers’ favourite. Right from the products and vendors to marketing and shipment, there can be several challenges to pull your business into a downward spiral. 

One big mistake that you can avoid early on is the wrong choice of an online platform. Your business growth story has a lot to with the kind of solution you choose. 

StoreHippo online platform is the top-most choice for new-age businesses to lead their stores in the right direction. Its 300+ inbuilt features ensure you have enough tools of business growth at your disposal. 

How to handle the challenges of hyperlocal ecommerce

Identifying the key challenges that can block your growth is the first step to handling them. Most of the time, you can overcome the roadblock in a few simple ways and save your hyperlocal business from sinking. 

1. Create a user-friendly website

Having a simple yet user-friendly website is the first step to overcome the problem of customers abandoning your page too quickly. If shoppers do not navigate your website, don’t find it appealing or user-friendly, then what chance do you stand to convert them? 

A user-friendly website means, you need to focus on;

  • A relevant design theme
  • Planned information architecture, i.e. ‘click here’, ‘order now’ buttons
  • Well-formatted content
  • Fast load time
  • Effective navigation such as faceted search option

StoreHippo provides you with a rich theme library to create a unique website design for your hyperlocal ecommerce store. Its drag and drop tools ensure you can tweak the themes easily. Also, the platform’s inbuilt CMS helps you craft compelling content in the form of blogs, and other user generated content. You can also offer faceted search filters for customers so that they can find your product easily. Like for example for a grocery store, you can run filters depending on product weight, cost, etc. 

With StoreHippo’s amazing features, you can create a user-friendly website instantly. A step closer to avoiding a bumpy ride in your ecommerce journey, isn’t it?

2. Better manage your vendors

If you are creating a geolocation-based store that is about to target a particular city, then you might want to invite vendors across different areas and locations. This will help you expand the reach and cater to more number of customers. 

Another way to do so is by having a multi-store ecommerce where you can create a series of sub stores based on customers’ geolocation. You can easily manage these sub stores through a single dashboard and keep a centralised inventory of all vendor products at one place in the system. 

Wondering what's the best way to do this? How about onboarding vendor partners across the city? You can then create sub-stores where you can list the products of the partners who can serve the fastest for a given location.  

Sounds easy, right? But this can become too complex if you don’t have a comprehensive multi-vendor and multi-store feature in your hyperlocal ecommerce solution provider. 

StoreHippo offers a full-fledged solution for handling this type of business flow. While giving full control to the business admin, it allows enough freedom to the vendors to manage their products and shipping.

3. Opt for the mobile-first technology

Your entire business can crumble if your website is not mobile optimised. With more and more customers shopping from their smartphones, a modern-day business needs to adopt the mobile-first technology.

So how does the mobile-first approach help?

Building your hyperlocal ecommerce store with a platform that offers the mobile-first technology, helps you;

  • Enable customers to access your website from any device 
  • Avoid creating a duplicate site for mobile
  • Gain more visibility in organic searches on web engines
  • Create mobile apps to reach more customers

To stay ahead in the ecommerce game, you can build online stores that are a Progressive Web Apps and provide your users a native app-like experience. This way, customers can access your store directly from their browser. Customers can easily have an experience similar to a mobile app from their web browser. 

Using StoreHippo’s admin you can create Android and iOS apps for your online store without additional coding or cost. This not only helps you in reaching more customers but also allows you to have better insight in buying patterns of hyperlocal ecommerce customers.

4. Practice targeted marketing

Hyperlocal marketing campaigns provide scope for extremely targeted campaigns that prioritise a particular area of a city or a niche audience group. 

The logic behind this is very simple: Consumers respond better to marketing campaigns when it is relevant to them. 

In recent times, with the rise of ‘near me’ searches, hyperlocal ecommerce has gained immense popularity. Not only product-oriented companies, but service-based brands such as Airbnb have entered the foray by inviting users to experience the city like a local. 

StoreHippo online platform enables you to target your customers with its multi-store ecommerce feature. You can create a series of sub stores based  upon your customers’ geolocations. You can also strategise relevant content based on their purchase behaviour, favourite products or offer location-based marketing campaigns

You can also do a quick analysis of your consumer data and plan your marketing strategies with relevant deals, schemes and coupons. 

5. Mind the logistics

Within the hyperlocal ecosystem, the first step of your shipping chain is to receive customer orders and arrange for the relevant products to be picked up from the vendor store. The same carrier can then deliver the products to your customer’s door-step. 

But the entire process is not as simple as this. It includes a lot of processes such as accepting customer orders and uploading products/ each individual order. It also includes scheduling the pick-up from the vendor store and enabling tracking of products for you, your vendor and the customer. 

StoreHippo helps you make this task simple with its automated in-built tools for shipping. You can automate the above-mentioned processes and complete your orders quickly. Moreover, employing delivery boys from a third-party provider could be a good idea rather than handling the deliveries yourself. 

Also, by creating a multi-store ecommerce, you can be assured that deliveries happen quickly and directly. How? Well, geolocation-based stores will be much more in proximity to your customers and will be able to handle their demands in no time! 

Overcome challenges and lead your hyperlocal ecommerce store towards growth

The coming times signal a boom for hyperlocal businesses. Lifestyle modifications will further surge this growth and more and more people will prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes. 

Not grocery alone, but the concept of multi-vendor ecommerce stores for home services, grooming, FMCG and other sectors will also gain attention. 

Online platforms like StoreHippo help you overcome all the hurdles related to your multi-store ecommerce store. With its gamut of features, you can make a swift market launch, clear the glitches and build a sustainable business model.

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