How To Grow Your Organic Products Business With Marketplace App

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  • How To Grow Your Organic Products Business With Marketplace App

With a high ubiquitous presence in the online and retail food sector, organic products have become an integral part of consumers' grocery shopping experience. As a result, retail sales of organic food and products have steadily risen over the past half-decade.

Sales and growth potential of the organic food market

  • $201.77 Billion was the worldwide market value of organic products in 2020

  • 14.5% is the expected rate of the growth of the organic market in the period from 2021 to 2026

  • $380 Billion is the expected value of the organic market by 2026

(Source: The business research company)

It’s clear from the stats that organic products are becoming the new norm! The data also implies that the organic market will continue its upward trajectory because of rising consumer awareness regarding the health benefits of organic products.

Channel the power of mobile to grow your business

As organic products become increasingly settled into the consumers' mainstream consciousness, more retailers and online stores will open to keep pace with the demand.

With the online products industry growing at a fast pace, new and old market players are harnessing the power of mobile. As the new-age online buyers are hooked on to the mobile, m-commerce is the sales channel that can pay rich dividends. To stay ahead of the competition, it becomes imperative for your organic products store to invest in marketplace apps to reach new customers and markets.

Why does your organic product business need a marketplace app? 

Huge demand in tier2 and tier 3 cities 

  • During the COVID 19 pandemic, there was a massive demand for organic products in tier2 and tier 3 cities as consumers perceived them as being healthier and good for immunity

  • building mobile apps for your  multi vendor marketplace helps you easily reach new markets in tier 2-3 cities by adding multiple vendors to connect with a larger customer base 

Make your customers loyal to your brand

  • It is perhaps not a secret that we all have been spending more time on our smartphone screens. Since, the average time spent on mobile has risen, buyers are finding it easier to place orders on their mobile. A marketplace app can provide the best m-commerce experience to turn your customer into a loyalist.

Understand user behaviour 

  • By collecting the mobile browsing behaviours of your customers, a marketplace app provides your business insights. It helps you in conducting predictive analysis to improve sales.

Easy shopping through sign up or social login

  • A multi vendor marketplace offers your customers easy sign-up options of one-click shopping through social logins.

Engage your customers

  • You can engage your organic products apps' users by offering them discounts, real-time deals or personalized messages.

Increased sales and order size

Faster and more impulsive checkouts

  • Consumers expect the checkout experience to be as fast and frictionless as possible. Your business can benefit by facilitating simple and easy checkout through organic products apps.

Get better marketing ROI 

  • Based on consumer browsing behaviour, you can create a targeted and effective marketing campaign for better ROI

As you know, multi vendor marketplace apps can create value and profitability to your business; here's how you can use them to grow successfully.

How you can grow your organic products business with a marketplace app 

1. Engage and convert with product description

Have you checked out the product pages of Milk Basket or Big Basket? Their product pages have different organic products listed, and if clicked on the product, provide information about the product and its benefits. A product page is one of the most influential tools in your kitty to convince the customer to take the last step to make a purchase.

A good quality product page in a marketplace app should include:

  • Catchy information

  • Honest customer reviews and ratings

  • Prices with any discounts or coupon codes

  • High-resolution images or videos

An effective product page should attract your customers to buy from you. Your product images can boost your sales or it can stop it from happening. Images help us scan for what we need quicker. Few buyers actually read the pages, so good product page descriptions make them stick around for details. Psychologically, great pages impact customer buying behaviour and gently nudge them towards purchase.

2. Make buying easier with Easy search and navigations

Your app performance can be a hit or miss due to its navigation. 

Suppose a customer places green herbal tea in their cart but can’t go back to the home page to continue shopping. This will send your customers scurrying for the exit.

In multi vendor marketplace, navigation is significant when it comes to retaining your customers, keeping them engaged or nudging them through the conversion funnel. Since there are multiple vendors and varied stores present, good navigation will provide a seamless experience. 

The strong site navigation will make it easy for your customers to quickly find the required information, move from one product to another, accelerate checkouts and time spent on your marketplace app.

3. More vendors more business

Every online multi vendor marketplace needs quality vendors to make your app distinct from others. The industry giants adopt the best practices to onboard the best vendors and manage them. Therefore, your store needs to provide a friendly app to facilitate easy registration on your platform.

As a marketplace owner of organic products, you should ensure that the sellers have the proper tools and sufficient resources to feel independent and self-reliant on the platform.

Providing your vendors with a vendor-friendly marketplace app will save them time to learn any technicalities. This will let them focus their efforts solely on the core business. A vendor-friendly app along with the right policies gives vendors the freedom and ease of doing business. This, in turn, brings more customers resulting in more business.

4. Personalized shopping experience for customer loyalty

There have been some success stories in online grocery retail. All these apps have some common features. These multi seller brands offer curated natural, organic, and healthy product selections. The marketplace apps implemented a personalized shopping experience to meet their buyers desire for convenience and to meet their special dietary needs. They captured their shopper's needs and preferences and prioritized those products which aligned with their clients. Now, don’t you want to provide such an enriching and browsing experience for your buyers?

Personalization of organic products in your app can result in high customer engagement, more purchases and higher revenue for your brand.

5. Automate your marketing efforts

Do you know what your buyers want? Do you think customers trust your marketplace app? When was the last time someone tweeted about your brand? The answer to how your organic food business does depends on how well you promote your store.

A multi vendor app gives your sellers the power to sell more. 

You as an admin can give different coupon codes and discounts for different vendors which encourages better conversions. In a marketplace app, you can send real-time deals and notifications to your buyers. Using the data insights and analytics intelligence offered by the apps, you can create a plan to market and campaign for your organic products.

Marketing your organic products can create demand, relevance, reputation, sales, and more. With rising customer expectations from brands, your app should have advanced marketing features that help you engage with the customers with little effort.

6. Sell more with wishlists

A wishlist feature in your marketplace app allows shoppers to create personalized collections of products they want to buy at a later date. For instance, if your customer wants to buy organic pulses, they can place all the products in their wishlist to buy at a later date. A wish list allows your customers an opportunity to save items "for later" if they can't purchase at that moment and find them quickly whenever they return to your store. 

Furthermore, as a multi vendor marketplace app owner, a wishlist is a way to collect your customer data and use the data to send them personalized recommendations. For example, if a customer places an organic toothpaste in their cart, but it goes out of stock. The app can give shoppers an option to purchase a similarly branded organic toothpaste from another vendor.

Using the wish list data, you can inform customers about promotions and make pricing adjustments, and marketing decisions. Wish list encourages buyers to shop more, spread and share it with their friends, and an incentive to return to your app again and again.

7. Easy payments and faster checkouts

Did you know that 1 out of 5 shoppers in 2020 abandoned their cart due to the long and complicated checkout process? (Source: Baymard) Dropping the ball during the checkout process is similar to a game of football, where your team failed to score even after coming close to the goal line!

Think how your customers will react if they just want to buy Multigrain bread Atta from your marketplace app, but the long and cumbersome checkout process took more than 15 minutes. All of your efforts will go unrewarded. An optimized checkout process will lead to higher conversions.

The marketplace app provides buyers with the options for faster payments and easy checkouts. Easy one-click payment options, mobile and store wallets gives your customers the confidence to shop more.

8. Give customers a dashboard to order faster and often

Have you seen the multi vendor marketplaces like Amazon Fresh and Grofers? They provide a custom dashboard to each individual so that customers can keep a record of their current orders, past orders, rewards, earned coupons, etc. Then, they can purchase the product again from their past orders with a single click.

A holistic dashboard also helps customers manage their multiple addresses, payment details, loyalty points, wishlist items, etc. In addition, a customised dashboard for each user lets them have a transparent view of their particulars, resulting in a good customer experience.

An enhanced customer experience results in building trust with your marketplace app. Improved customer experience and confidence for a brand have proven to increase retention, satisfaction, and revenues. 

Why is StoreHippo marketplace app the best platform for your organic products?

Based on the ground-up mobile-first approach, StoreHippo offers the best mobile shopping experience to its ecommerce shoppers. All multi vendor marketplaces powered by StoreHippo are inherently mobile-ready. That means that all the marketplaces are PWAs-working, looking and feeling like native apps in any browser.

StoreHippo takes care of all your m-commerce needs. You don't have to pay extra for building and maintaining a mobile version of your organic products store. Our inbuilt apps can be easily managed from a central dashboard.

With the help of more than 300 inbuilt features,250+ APIs, marketing tools, blog engine and marketing features, you can take your organic marketplace app to higher heights.

So, are you geared for the marketplace app? Check out how easy it is to build and launch your multi vendor app with our 14 days free trial. Start a new sales channel now to bring in more traffic and increase sales.

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