How to design conversion-oriented B2C ecommerce product pages?

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  • How to design conversion-oriented B2C ecommerce product pages?

Do you know the reason behind low conversion from your B2C ecommerce website? Why are your online store visitors not making purchases? With zero doubt, the answer is boring, less user friendly ecommerce website design. If your product pages have insufficient information, difficult to read and scroll, customers will leave in seconds. You have only 50 milliseconds i.e. 0.05 seconds to impress a visitor.

So my friend, just launching a website is not enough, you need to concentrate on the user experience i.e. user friendly design. 

Why does design matter to your B2C ecommerce conversions?

Website design is the first impression that a visitor notices when they land on your site. Based on this, they decide whether to stay long, or leave your online store. Let me give an idea on - What information buyers search on your product pages?. These are-

In order to give ultimate user experience, you need to identify the flaws in your B2C ecommerce website design. Let’s explore qualities of excellent web design.

7 Qualities of an excellent website design 

  1. Loads Quickly within 1-3 seconds
  2. Mobile Responsive 
  3. Appealing aesthetics
  4. Clear Visuals and Product Descriptions
  5. Inviting Calls to Action Buttons (Buy Now, Add to Cart)
  6. Offers, deals and discounts
  7. Easy to navigate ecommerce website design

How to design B2C ecommerce product pages with StoreHippo?

1. Choose a Page Layout

Think page as a predefined model of building which guides the whole construction process. To create a layout first add a new page from the StoreHippo dashboard. Open that page. You will get two options- use a ready-made layout or build your own layout using elements. For the latter, follow the second step. 

Pro Advice: Create a page layout on a paper before creating it on your B2C ecommerce website. Decide where the main content will display, along with other essentials like price, CTAs, banners etc.

2. Add elements through Drag and Drop feature

As a human we all crave for freedom in everything. For StoreHippo, users freedom is priority. That’s why it offers complete flexibility to make B2C product page layouts using elements. By simply dragging and dropping the elements, you can design selling pages in minutes. 

3. Upload high quality images

Images are one of primary raw material for constructing ecommerce website design. Upload product images to push your customers to the checkout process. Thus, pictures must be of high quality, clear and easy to load.

What to keep in mind?-

  • Show the product from different angles. 
  • Compress images to enable fast page loading
  • Show variants of product (like colors, sizes, if any)

What’s even more interesting to find that - 93% of buyers consider images as an essential factor in making purchase decisions. 

4. Upload product related content

Treat product pages as your sales representative who has full knowledge about the product, from price to specification. The basic information like price, description, specifications, discounts, CTA buttons, FAQ, customer reviews, should be prominent to eyes. 

In StoreHippo, there are two ways to upload fresh content on B2C ecommerce websites. First is through Rich Text Editor and second is by Code Editor. In the former, you can simply paste your content without coding and update the changes. In latter, you have to input HTML codes to define page content. 

However, if you are using dynamic pages, the process of uploading content is different. 

5. Add Call-to-action Buttons

Before pacing towards the process of adding CTAs, let’s understand what, how and where to implement CTA. 

What is CTA? What are some examples?

You must have seen buttons like Add to Cart, Buy Now, Shop Similar, Sign In on B2C ecommerce stores. They are called Call to Action buttons, which provokes a shopper to take expected action i.e to click. 

Where to place CTA?

The best place to put CTA is below the product image or after the product description. After they have seen or read about the product, the chances t clicking CTA increases. 

5 Tips to create click-worthy CTA

  • Choose bold and catchy colors for buttons
  • Use active language
  • It should be large in size
  • Keep the message short (20 characters)
  • Instill Urgency through emotional words

How to add CTA in StoreHippo?

The option to add a CTA button is available in the page elements. Just drag and drop the CTA element on the page layout. Congratulations! Your ecommerce website design has become more persuasive and high converting. 

i) Make customer reviews section

Customer reviews is a big supporter in accelerating the growth of ecommerce sales. Afterall, reviews are the best way to prove the credibility of the products. Statistics also say 90% of buyers look for reviews before finalizing a product. 

So, make your B2C ecommerce website rich with ratings and reviews. But how to get them? You can either-

  • Ask your customer on social media or email after they have made a purchase. OR
  • Incentivize the customer for offering their review. Give them coupons, shopping points, small discounts for future purchase.

ii) Create similar products section

Showing similar products under the current product page or checkout page, boosts product discovery and sales. It gives direction to the customer on- ‘what to do next after placing an order or adding products to cart.  

To improve your sales and personalize customer experience, Storehippo adds product recommendation widget in all of ecommerce website design  themes.

iii) Look for other possible changes

Did I miss out anything? No problem! I will include them in this section. So, other elements that you dare not miss in your B2C ecommerce page-

And your product page is ready to go live on your B2C ecommerce website. One thing more, when constructing a page, consider them as revenue generating resources. So, strategize accordingly.

Final Words

The main motive is to teach how to design your product page with respect to customer needs. Eventually, our main purpose is to persuade a customer to click ‘Add to Cart’ and place an order. 

So, keep your ecommerce website design simple and attractive. Also, don’t forget about your mobile users as they are big contributors to ecommerce revenue. 

With feature rich mobile friendly themes, StoreHippo eases the job of B2C ecommerce retailers through elimination of technical tasks. And allows you to concentrate on monetary goals like-

  • Faster Checkouts 
  • Increased Purchases
  • Returning buyers 
  • High customer engagement 

All you need is - creativity and StoreHippo design tools. Start making your B2C ecommerce website with a 14 day free trial.

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