How to create multi seller site to take your business to new heights

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  • How to create multi seller site to take  your business to new heights

What is your biggest concern being an online retail shop owner? Despite having a rich product catalogue how do you react when customers abandon your cart and purchase on other sites? Ever investigated abandoned cart customers to convert them? How does it feel to hear from them that e-commerce bigwigs like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are selling same product as yours but at a  lower price? Wondering how do they source these products cheaper from the vendors? Is it just the brand name that works in favor of these big shots or is the magic of multi seller ecommerce model that brings more traffic and conversions?

Well, the answer is simple, having multiple sellers on board helps to create a competitive environment where each one of these vendors offers the best pricing to lure the customers. The customers get to filter and choose products that are best fit for their requirement and the best part is they can instantly compare prices also. The store owner incurs lesser expenses of sourcing products and managing them and yet can earn rich commissions by offering diverse products to the customers. The vendors are also happy having to invest little or no money in setup costs and get the opportunity to have better traffic and conversions. Put together this is the formula for success in the ecommerce business.
There is no doubt that having a multi-vendor ecommerce website exponentially increases the chances of success of any online store across the industry verticals. To help StoreHippo customers broaden their horizons and reap richer dividends we have incorporated a complete range of features that can convert a regular webstore into a full-fledged online marketplace.

We bring for you the story of some of our clients who have achieved resounding success using the comprehensive multi-vendor features of StoreHippo ecommerce platform. Be a part of the journey and review the requirements, challenges and the solutions that created a multi-vendor ecommerce platform for a successful business of industrial goods and tools.

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Spareow is a unique online marketplace that provides one stop solution for industrial needs of businesses. Based on the B2B model, it operates as a multi-vendor ecommerce website offering variety of industrial goods, spares, tools, parts for machinery, various types of industrial and automotive oils and much more. By offering an extensive product catalogue sourced from different vendors for each product category, they provide a one stop solution and do away with the hassle of contacting different vendors for different products.
The user friendly and convenient multi-vendor set up of Spareow offers a seamless shopping experience where the clients can search, compare and finally buy the most suitable products as per their requirement. It offers a comprehensive solution by catering to the specific requirements of businesses, factories, offices and laboratories.
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Client Review
“StoreHippo allowed us to offer our clientele an integrated B2B multi seller e-commerce experience, created using latest technology.  It allowed us to bring sellers from different locations on a single platform and offered handy tools to manage them effortlessly. Our business is moving ahead rapidly with the help of cutting edge technology and our efforts to provide best customer support.”
Spareow Team 

We have many more stories to inspire and motivate you. Keep watching this space as we roll out a new success-saga.
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