How To Build A Multi-Store Ecommerce Portal To Sell FMEG Products

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  • How To Build A Multi-Store Ecommerce Portal To Sell FMEG Products

Planning to launch multiple FMEG stores for selling electronic goods? Want to ensure a greater volume of customers and revenue pouring into your business. Great decision! To give fuel to your decision, today I will guide you in how to build multi store ecommerce stores to expand your electronics business. 

As more and more consumers are purchasing electronics online like home appliances, air conditioners, water heaters, lamps, etc; the momentum in the electronic goods market is also increasing. This resulted in greater penetration of small/big retailers to selling FMEG products online and offline.

Take the example of Amazon that has a dedicated online store for retailers as well as customers to sell and buy electronics goods. Amazon has tens of categories into electronics such as mobiles, smart wearables, computer and related devices, office supplies, kitchen appliances, medical equipment, home appliances(TV, fridge, LED),  car accessories, etc. 

Currently, it has over 19 online FMEG stores globally that cater to the needs of people living in a specific country. For example- for British residents, amazon. in for Indian citizens, for Brazilian residents. 

Each country-specific store’s content is presented in the language and currency of that country. Like in the Brazilian FMEG store, all the site content is written in Portuguese and the currency is in Brazilian Real so that people could relate to the site content when shopping. This type of arrangement can only be achieved via multi store ecommerce functionality in your ecommerce platform.

So let’s explore some incredible benefits of opening a multi-store ecommerce portal for selling electronic apparatus

  • Easy customer targeting:  Instead of putting out generalized promotions, multi store ecommerce platforms lets you build personalized promotions for a specific audience based on their location, likes, dislikes, and shopping habits.  
  • Centralized Control: Changing product content separately, adding new products to different storefronts, or updating customer data in more than one database can be handled from one catalog, via a multi-store ecommerce platform
  • Real-Time Inventory Management: You can do real-time inventory updates of all the FMEG sub-stores and can get a comprehensive picture of available stock

  • Unique URL Architecture: A multi-store ecommerce platform like StoreHippo will allow you to create unlimited sub-domains, through which you can manage unlimited stores with unlimited products and categories from a single admin dashboard

  • International Application: Unlimited URLs and an infinitely expandable product catalog provide the tools a company needs to expand into the global FMEG market

  • Complete integration: A multi-store ecommerce platform can be integrated with ERP, CRM, finance software, marketing tools, analytics tools, etc for ease of business management

  • Easy Shopping Experience: Integrating with multi-store ecommerce lets customers put purchases from all of a company’s stores into one shopping cart and go through a single checkout process

Now after you know the benefits of a multi store ecommerce platform, let’s move on to creating multiple FMEG stores.

1. Create a storefront for each location/audience group/brand

Create and design your mobile-ready FMEG online stores with a multi-store ecommerce solution like StoreHippo, which lets you build stores right from the dashboard. You can create different URLs for each store and can run them with the same hosting.  

2. Onboard FMEG vendors & make their profiles

Onboard electrical equipment dealers and distributors with the help of online verification process facilitating it by embedding website forms feature to gather vendor's data. Once onboarded, create their profiles and allot unique to each vendor with StoreHippo's inbuilt multi-vendor feature.

3. Build category and products pages

Build product categories (like home electronics, smartphones, laptops, etc) and product pages with readymade (and customizable) templates. Then, you start uploading content (images, prices, titles, description, etc) on each page. 

4. Make your stores Secure

Ensure granular security on your electronic multi store ecommerce via StoreHippo inbuilt security features like user roles, audit logs, SSL certification, PCI compliant payment gateways, and other security features that help in preventing your site's from cyber attacks.

5. Determine prices, discount strategy, and more

Implement pricing overrides to offer different pricing for FMEG stores. Create multiple coupons, discounts code, and memberships to attract customers to your multi store ecommerce.  

6. Integrate your store with Third-party software

Seamlessly integrate your preferred ERP solution, POS, CRM, accounting software, payment gateways, and logistics channels with your FMEG online stores.

7. Add multilingual and multi-currency features

Offer electrical goods and appliances in your customer's local language and currencies to increase store relevancy to local audiences. For example, you can have two different storefronts for India and the US having INR and USD as default currency respectively.

8. Integrate shipping partners

Streamline FMEG products deliveries using integrated logistics partners, inbuilt delivery boy modules, or integrate with your custom delivery partner.

9. Test your stores

Review all your storefronts to see if there are any technical issues in backend code or frontend design. Run it on various browsers and devices to see its functioning. Review the loading speed as well as web page responsiveness on different devices.

10. Promote your stores at targeted locations

Start marketing your stores to the audience in the targeted countries by using inbuilt marketing tools like SEO tools, discount engines, inbuilt analytics, etc. You can integrate other types of email marketing software, Google ads account, Facebook Ad accounts, social media pages, etc for quick performance monitoring.

Now you are ready to fully launch your multi store ecommerce and take advantage of reaching a wider audience.

Final takeaway

As mentioned above, with FMEG multi store ecommerce sites, you can unlock the benefit of higher customer engagement and better store management. Also, multiple stores can reduce your expense of opening individual online stores (with unique hosting & domain), as many sub-stores can run on shared hosting via StoreHippo ecommerce solution.

With StoreHippo, you can Manage multiple websites efficiently using a single dashboard and can distribute products, deals, discounts, shipping, payments gateways to multiple stores via a single database. Additionally, you can create subdomain URLs for each storefront to streamline your SEO and marketing activities. Hence you get the advantage of getting higher visibility/rankings on search engines by using different keyword sets for each storefront. 

To attract new customers from various locations, you need to set relevant prices that could make them press the BUY NOW button. This can be easily done with StoreHippo price override functionality where you can list the same products at different prices depending on the location or the deal offered at each store. 

Next, to keep them engaged with your FMEG stores, you can create unlimited coupon codes or discounts codes for each store using the coupon code generator. For Quick checkouts, StoreHippo offers Different Payment Gateways that support national and international transactions, Headless Commerce, Store-specific Shipping Rates

Want to explore all of the above features in real-time? Well, this is possible with 14 days free trial of the StoreHippo ecommerce solution to build a multi store ecommerce.

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