How to build a multi-store ecommerce network for your electronics D2C brand (And manage it effortlessly)

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  • How to build a multi-store ecommerce network for your electronics D2C brand (And manage it effortlessly)

Consumer electronics is a fast-growing industry!

And with more and more customers transitioning towards the online channels to make a purchase, many small and big retailers are penetrating the electronics ecommerce market.

If you are planning to launch a multi-store ecommerce network for your D2C brand, kudos for making the right decision. 

Wondering what makes us say so?

Well, to fuel your decision, let us explore the D2C ecommerce trends.

  • $100 billion is the expected size of the D2C market in India by 2025
  • 100% year-on-year growth with revenue exceeding Rs 2,000 crore of the smart wearables D2C brand Noise in 2023 
  • 2X jump in sales from INR 1,313.8 Cr in FY21 to INR 2,872.9 Cr in FY22 of the D2C electronics brand boAt
  • $9,043.3 million is the estimated reach of the Indian consumer electronics eCommerce market by 2023
  • 45.9% of total revenue In the consumer electronics market will be generated through online sales by 2023
  • 34.5% is the expected CAGR of the Indian D2C market during the 2022-2027 period

Source: Statista, Business World

With the stupendous growth of the direct-to-consumer business model, you can chart an upward growth trajectory for your electronics business. However to win your customers’ hearts, you need to build an engaging and conversion-oriented multi store ecommerce network. 

Why does your electronics D2C brand need multi store ecommerce set up 

With a multi store set-up, you can seamlessly establish your enterprise business in the ecommerce landscape. As your electronics brand caters to different audiences with multiple stores, you can increase your ROI and boost conversions while also improving your audience’s shopping experience.

Let us look at a few benefits of the multi store ecommerce set-up:

  • Creates a strong brand presence and visibility
  • Provides freedom to experiment with multiple product lines and marketing strategies
  • Yields better SEO results with unique keywords and URLs for each store
  • Boosts conversions and ROI on each sub-store with personalized shopping experience
  • Segmented customer targeting based on multiple audience demographics
  • Reach new markets by creating sub-stores for different geographies
  • Easily customizable to meet the relevant demands of the customers
  • Offer quick customer service to your audience 

You have your answer now. With multiple storefronts, you can not only achieve your business goals but also expand your electronics D2C brand to global markets. However, you need to strategically choose the right ecommerce platform that offers a future-ready, technologically advanced platform to power your enterprise brand.

How to build and manage a multi store ecommerce network for your electronics D2C brand

To escalate your electronics D2C brand to new product lines and new geographies, let us look at the stepwise guide to build and manage a multi store ecommerce network.

Create a storefront for each location 

To create a chain of sub-stores for different locations for your electronics business, you need to first decide on the locations you want to expand your business to. For example, if you are planning to expand your Mumbai-based business to Delhi and Bangalore, you might want to create different stores customized to the target audience.

StoreHippo helps you create multiple sub-stores right from your admin dashboard with different URLs for each of the sub-store. You can create sub-stores with different URLs like for your sub store in Delhi, you can have the URL 

Design each store with different themes 

Now each of your sub-stores cannot be identical twins. If your electronics store in Mumbai has the look and feel of Gamesh Chaturthi, it won’t work well in Kolkata. Or if your Kolkata online sub-store has the essence of Durga Puja, it won’t bring engagement and traffic to your Delhi sub-store. You might want to play around with the designs and themes on your sub-stores.

StoreHippo helps you to easily design different look and feel for each of the sub-stores. It comes with an easy drag-and-drop feature to choose and create designs from the rich design themes library easily and quickly. With the StoreHippo multi-store ecommerce solution, you can completely overhaul the look of your sub-stores in just one click, with no coding required.

Make your electronics store mobile-ready

It's common knowledge that mobiles have become a major part of ecommerce today. With 80% of the online orders coming from mobile phones, it is imperative to build a strong mobile presence for your D2C brand. As you offer m-commerce to your customers, they can place their electronics orders from anywhere anytime. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions are built grounds-up on mobile first principle. It offers an in-built mobile-app builder that can create sub-store-specific mobile apps in just a few clicks without any coding required. Even the stores and sub-stores built by StoreHippo are PWA that look, feel and work like mobile apps even on entry level devices and in areas where the internet connectivity is not so fast. It helps you create a customer base even in distant locations.  

Offer personalizations to your customers

Do you think it is a choice to offer personalization and customizations today? Not at all. It has become a necessity - an elementary step towards building a phygital presence for your D2C brand. It is the era of hyper-personalization and you can create a niche for your brand only if you offer tailor-made solutions and a personalized buyer journey on each of the sub-stores.

StoreHippo’s headless and MACH architecture provides you with better creative control. You can keep your customer hinged to your brand by implementing multi-level personalizations. From customizing your shipping solutions and digital payments to offering localization with multilingual content and personalized pricing, different store designs, discounts etc. you get a wide range of features and tools with StoreHippo. 

Take an omnichannel approach

Did you know that you can boost your annual revenue by 9.5% if you offer an extremely strong omnichannel customer engagement. With more than 80% of the enterprise brands investing in omnichannel marketing, it is just about time to go down the same road. The omnichannel approach helps you boost your growth potential manifold.

StoreHippo multi store ecommerce platform offers ready-to-use omnichannel solutions for your direct-to-consumer brand’s multi selling needs. You can also try various product-market mixes on your sub-stores for better engagement along with personalized experience on all the channels loved by your customers. StoreHippo ecommerce solutions help you offer:

  • Add new customer touch points seamlessly
  • Create consistent buyer experiences across multiple channels
  • Control all the sales channels centrally
  • Improve operational efficiency across all channels
  • Get access to channel-specific customer insights

With so many wonderful things to do with omnichannel strategies, you can quickly take your electronics brand to the next level. 

Build category and product pages

Building a unique catalog for each of your sub-stores goes a long way. You can target a different set of audiences by creating a product category that is customized to their needs and requirements. 

With StoreHippo, you can seamlessly import and export products in bulk using CSV to create unique product catalougues. You can allot products to each of the sub-stores right from the common central admin dashboard once you have imported the product list. The automated order management solution by StoreHippo’s multi store ecommerce platform eases out the manual process that could have taken hours of hard work.                                                                   

Market your electronics D2C brand

How will your electronics business stay ahead of the competition? Simple, by promoting and marketing itself on various platforms. 

Once you have established your D2C ecommerce brand, you need to reach out to people across multiple customer touchpoints. You can market your products to the audience in the target locations to grow your business. 

StoreHippo offers comprehensive and easy-to-use marketing tools for you to strategically and efficiently position your brand on the top of your user’s minds. The powerful built-in discount tool helps you offer multi-level discounts and coupons for your D2C brand that can also be personalized for an enhanced result. With the in-built SEO tools, you can easily create unique URLs for pages, meta titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, keywords and more right from your admin dashboard. You can also integrate with other types of email marketing software, Google ads account, Facebook Ad accounts, social media pages, etc for quick performance monitoring.

Integrate shipping partners

Well, with 61% of the customers willing to pay extra for same-day delivery, you need to partner with local vendors and logistics providers for each location-specific store. As you provide quick hassle-free deliveries on your multi store ecommerce network, you can not only build customer trust and loyalty but also boost your conversions. 

StoreHippo helps you choose from over 30 + international logistics partners integrated on the platform. You can also integrate your custom shipping partner easily with StoreHippo. You can optimize the shipping costs while you ensure quick deliveries with different shopping partners for each location-specific sub-store. 

Add multiple payment options 

For every online business, a seamless checkout flow becomes a must-have. No customer likes to deal with a complex check-out process, it impedes growth and pushes the customer away from your electronics brand. To ensure that you see a good flow of customers on your multi-store platform, you need to provide your customers with multiple payment options to choose from. 

StoreHippo offers a full spectrum of payment options, it comes with 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways for your customers to choose from. With StoreHippo you can integrate with multiple payment solutions so your customer can choose and pay using their preferred payment method. You can also implement payment gateways based on the location or device of the customer and support international currencies as well. 

Secure your ecommerce stores

Your multi store ecommerce network needs a secure server hosting that provides robust security to your customer and their data. Customers share sensitive and personal information like their card details, transaction ids on your platform, you cannot ignore the security features while creating multiple stores for your business. 

StoreHippo offers robust multi-layer security with an SSL certificate and with highly secured payment gateways. You can get a free SSL certificate directly from your StoreHippo admin. With its PCI-DSS-compliant platform, you can build inherently secure ecommerce stores that ensure payment information and customers’ data safety.


With a multi store ecommerce platform, you can take your electronics brand many notches up. A multi store business model helps you target segmented audiences, achieve higher customer engagement, along with offering a simple and easy shopping experience to your customers. 

StoreHippo multi store ecommerce solution helps you easily build, run and manage your D2C brand with its 300+ built in tools and features. You can build next-gen ecommerce stores and expand to any number of stores based on location, product, language etc seamlessly. 

Are you ready to build and manage a multi-store ecommerce network for your electronics D2C brand? Explore the wide range of enterprise-grade features from StoreHippo by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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