How To Boost Your Online Grocery Sales With Smart Delivery Management Solutions

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  • How To Boost Your Online Grocery Sales With Smart Delivery Management Solutions

Did you know that online grocery is going to be the next battleground for growth, expanding to over $18 billion by 2024? 

Grocery shopping has changed forever. Online ordering is no longer just an optional feature to sell grocery online. In fact, it has become an essential part of operations to sell groceries online.

Online grocery market growth

The market has gained immense traction over the past months due to the changing lifestyle of the consumers, growing urbanization, and the tech-savvy generation who prefers buying products online.

COVID-19 has also taught and continues to teach that grocery businesses need to go online. With the social distancing guidelines, consumers are turning their focus to online grocery shopping. But what attracts them the most is – faster and safer deliveries at their doorsteps.

Have you ever wondered how you can also boost your online grocery sales with a smart delivery management solution? As more and more consumers have switched to online shopping habits, it has become critical for grocery stores to nail the online experiences to survive and thrive.

Why delivery management solution?

The e-grocery platforms recorded a significant rise of $29.7 billion during the global pandemic. And almost every grocery business owner is taking interest in online stores and streamlined delivery systems.  Grocery online stores using delivery management system have gained a huge success. The feature-packed delivery solutions do not only manage the doorstep deliveries but also enhance the shopping experiences and boost your online grocery sales. If you also want to reinvent your online grocery deliveries

The top 5 ways to boost your sales with a smart delivery solution

1. Ready-made solution to streamline your online deliveries

Regular online stores can afford to tackle delayed deliveries, returns, wrong deliveries, etc. But when you sell grocery online, it is quite a “do or die” situation. Therefore, you need a one-stop solution that can streamline the whole process of delivery without any technical hassles. Since perishable food products need to be stored & delivered in refrigeration, the entire supply chain and deliveries have to be very robust and time-efficient.

All these challenges can be tackled by the ready-made delivery management system of StoreHippo. The inbuilt delivery management software helps you to onboard, manage, and track the delivery agents right from the admin dashboard. While your online deliveries will be automated and handled well by the amazing delivery management features, you can devote your precious time to boost your online sales.

2. Increased transparency and transparency with delivery agents

Like customers, delivery agents also need clear communication to work in a planned manner. To make it easy for them, a personalized dashboard comes to the rescue. The proficient dashboard displays order information along with assigned, pending & delivered orders to the delivery agents.

The delivery management system of StoreHippo takes care of all the needs of delivery agents to let them work efficiently. The delivery agents can easily login to their personal account to check the assigned orders, view pending orders, deliver the orders at the right address, and mark the real-time order status. It enables the customers to receive the real-time updates of their orders, until delivery. While the delivery boy module increases the transparency between business and customers, it leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and ultimately, improved sales.

3. Grocery delivery mobile app

The customers always look for the best service experience. Especially when it is a regular purchase like grocery, they always look for a seamless buying experience. Today, customers may not use each and every app but they surely check their mobiles multiple times in a day. And there is nothing better than mobile apps to engage the customers better. With StoreHippo, you can easily create mobile apps directly from your dashboard to ease the delivery process.

The delivery management system also gets way too easy with grocery delivery mobile apps. The smart delivery solution offered by StoreHippo comes handy with easy-to-use mobile apps for delivery agents. They can simply download the delivery mobile app to view and manage their order deliveries seamlessly.

4. Ease of use for sellers to enable quicker deliveries and increased orders

When we think to sell grocery online, sellers come to mind first. Without onboarding the right vendors with an easy-to-use technology platform, there can be endless hassles in this business. Moreover, a greater number of sellers add significantly to the revenues of your online grocery business. With the ever-increasing buzz of on-demand deliveries near me, it becomes very important to onboard multiple sellers at different locations for faster online deliveries.

For the same reason, StoreHippo offers an easy to use dashboard for sellers that helps them to manage their own fleet of delivery boys, automate the shipping process, track the real-time delivery updates, leading to faster error-free deliveries. They can easily assign the orders to delivery agents in just a few clicks, leading to quicker deliveries and more sales opportunities.

5. Real-time order status and delivery feedbacks

Every business is meant to learn, grow, and never stop. To sell grocery online successfully, you also need to adopt the same rules of the game. Customer satisfaction is the first priority and therefore, it is important to look for real-time order management and feedback features. 

The smart delivery solution of StoreHippo helps you to keep the order status updated in real-time. It allows the delivery agents to view orders and change status from open to closed as soon as delivery is completed. The feedback features of this delivery management system also allow the customers to gain inputs and insights from your delivery personnel. They can easily put their feedback and comments to indicate the customer behaviour, response, or any other difficulties so that there are no further order management hassles. When every order is well streamlined, it is easier for your business to grow faster and better.

Why is StoreHippo the best delivery management solution for your online grocery store?

Grocery business is increasing by leaps and bounds. And the entry of hyperlocal ecommerce has made it even more amazing by catering to the needs of nearby customers. All thanks to hyperlocal ecommerce platforms like StoreHippo that have provided better convenience to the buyers as well as sellers. The platform handles the most crucial part of hyperlocal ecommerce i.e., deliveries. Since the orders get automatically routed to the nearest vendors via the platform, customers have an option of door-step delivery or in-store pickup. The integrated delivery features of StoreHippo allows you to automate the shipping processes and speed up online deliveries. You can easily integrate custom shipping providers or manage the delivery boys with the delivery boy management solution of the platform.

Looking at the tremendous growth figures of the online grocery market, there is no looking back. It’s not the time to think too much and get into the ifs and buts. COVID-19 has provided an amazing opportunity to sell grocery online and grow your online business like never before.

Don’t lose this opportunity by delaying your decision or making a wrong choice of delivery management solution. The brightest part here is that all the must-have features of delivery management software are offered by StoreHippo. You can leverage all the aforementioned ways to boost your online grocery sales with our efficient delivery management system. Explore all the features with the 14-day free trial online store today.

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