How to align your multi store marketplace website for festive season sale

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  • How to align your multi store marketplace website for festive season sale

With 81% of consumers intending to shop online during this festive season, it is time to align your multi store ecommerce set up for the mega festive season sale.

We bet you are counting on driving more sales and achieving your year-end goals this holiday season. 

Wondering how to go about it?

How to grab your customer’s attention?

Nervous? Well, you don’t have to be! 

With StoreHippo, you can relax and focus on planning the holiday season sale.

Yes, that sounds about right! 

Let's dive right in with some data on festive shopping:

  • 50% of consumers are willing to increase their spending this festive period compared to last year
  • 87% of consumers in metros and 86% across tier-2 cities prefer to shop online this festive period
  • 77% of consumers affirmed that online festive shopping events enhance the convenience of their online shopping experience with options like faster delivery
  • 76% of Indian consumers purchase luxury and authentic beauty brands during festive season sale

Source: Economic Times

Well, the power of festive shopping is known quite widely, and these numbers just prove the point. As the shoppers move fast from one website to another, keeping them hooked to your marketplace can be challenging. However, if your multi store ecommerce website is well-maintained, you can certainly win this arena. 

How to align your multi store ecommerce marketplace for festive season sales?

Wondering how to get more orders this holiday season sale? One thing for a fact is that we have tons of customers looking for festive offers and discounts, and to cash in on that, all we need is to build an online store that takes care of your customer's needs all the time. 

Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself to align your store better for the upcoming festive season.

1. Is your multi store ecommerce website jazzed up for the festive season sale?

Well, strategic marketing is crucial for a successful festive season sale, but it also needs to be backed up by easy navigation and attractive design on all of your sub-stores. Did you know that 94% of first impressions are because of your site's web design? And of course, it's the festive season, all the more reason to jazz up your website. To keep your customers hooked to your brand, you need to set the festive mood right. 

StoreHippo comes with a rich-design theme library that offers 100+ device-optimized themes to help you customize each of your sub-stores and set the festive vibe. You can create similar or entirely different designs for each of the stores and also optimize the designs for faster load time during the festive season sale. With the easy drag-and-drop tool from StoreHippo, even novice users can create professional-looking designs without the need for coding. You can easily create multiple designs and switch between them as and when required. You can also cater to different buyer segments by creating multilingual themes for your sub-stores with StoreHippo. 

2. Are your sub-stores stocked up for a heavy flow of orders?

While looking at all the major changes, most brands miss out on checking the stocks with their vendors. With the heavy flow of orders coming to your top ecommerce platform, you wouldn’t want your customers to return empty-handed, right? A customer who comes looking for a particular product is no less than an asset, so make sure your vendors are ready to serve them. Wondering how to ensure your vendors have their SKUs in place?  

You have the StoreHippo ecommerce solutions to your rescue, which come with a powerful inventory management solution. Your vendors can manage their products, and control whether a product will be visible in one store or multiple stores. For e.g; create a region-specific product list on a sub-store. With the inventory tracking feature, vendors can track their products and notify customers in case a product goes out of stock on your multi store ecommerce website. Vendors can either hide the out-of-stock item or add the out-of-stock label on the product. The products can be managed in the backend and in the storefront with time-saving and simple features. Vendors can seamlessly add, manage, delete, import, or export single or bulk products in just a few clicks. 

3. Is your marketplace website ready to handle the peak load?

As more and more customers rush towards your website for festive offers, ensure that your marketplace website is ready to handle the peak load. With 70% of the consumers admitting that page speed impacts their willingness to make a purchase, managing high traffic can be a challenge. But not if you have the top ecommerce platform that is scalable and can manage high traffic load or high volume of products or pages in the future. 

Here are a few things to consider when preparing your site for a festive sale:

  • Fix all the broken links that might disturb your customer's festive shopping 
  • Improve site speed to get better conversions 
  • Make navigation easy for the customers on your site 

Are all these boxes ticked? If not, consider an inherently scalable solution like StoreHippo. The ecommerce solution offers an inherently scalable solution for high-volume businesses and offers peak-load tolerance during the festive season sale. StoreHippo platform can tolerate millions of users in a single day without disturbing the load-time and site’s speed. StoreHippo is built on the most advanced technology stack that offers peak load tolerance with 99% uptime. You can seamlessly welcome your customers without having to worry about scalability with StoreHippo.

4. Are you offering your customers truckloads of offers and discounts?

Well, the whole idea around a festive season sale is based on maximum offers and multi-level discounts offered by different vendors and retail enterprise brands. As all of your competitors are offering multiple offers to the customers, how are you planning to stand out? Wondering how your multi store ecommerce platform becomes a people magnet this festive season?

What if you offer something different than what the others are offering? You can create a miscellaneous collection of products under a fixed amount. Say, you create a category and name it “products under Rs 299”, tingling the curiosity of the customers which will make them click and explore the section. You can enable the feature to search products by price, while you offer multi level discounts with StoreHippo. Yes, with the powerful discount engine from StoreHippo, you can implement multi-level discounts like product-based, category-based, brand-based or even order volume-based discounts for your customers. Your marketplace becomes the top ecommerce platform during the festive rush, as you offer customized discounts and out-of-the-box offers to the audience. 

For example, Mystore has created Amazing India, a special collection page, and has divided their products into multiple different categories for its customers to choose from and shop from. 

Have a look, and maybe you can implement similar categories for your brand:  

5. Have you marketed your holiday season sale well enough?

Can you boost sales during the festive season without marketing it? Probably not. With almost 50% of customers shopping on 4+ touchpoints regularly, ensure you are exploring all the sales channels and marketing it on all the platforms. Yes, 80% of the sales come via mobile devices, making it imperative for you to adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy for your multi store ecommerce marketplace website during the festive season.

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions offer a comprehensive marketing solution to help you boost your sales. With StoreHippo’s easy-to-use SEO tools, you can create unique URLs for pages, and add meta titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, keywords and more right from your admin dashboard. You can create personalized coupon codes for an enhanced marketing strategy and also recover abandoned carts with real-time personalized email and push notifications. You can place your festive season sale on the top of your customers mind using the various marketing tools from StoreHippo.  

6. Is the payment process safe, secure, and fast for quick purchases during the festive season sale?

The digital world has advanced much faster than anticipated. With digital wallets becoming the most popular online payment method, are you offering easy payment processes to your customers this festive season? Your customers are no doubt looking for not only a safe means of payment but also a faster payment option for their quick festive shopping. As you build an online store, make sure to offer multiple payment methods to your customers.

StoreHippo helps you boost your festive sales by integrating with multiple payment options like COD, credit or debit cards, net banking, mobile wallets, etc. on your ecommerce platform. StoreHippo comes with 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways making the checkout process smooth and friction-free for your customers. You can also accept payments in multiple currencies and offer ease of payments to your global customers. 

7. Are your logistics streamlined for quick hyperlocal deliveries on your multi-store ecommerce stores?

Wondering why that matters? Well, it definitely does. 61% of the consumers are willing to pay extra for same-day delivery. It clearly shows how important it is for the customers to receive quick deliveries, especially during the festivals. And as you align quick deliveries, streamline easy returns and refunds, and offer free shipping, you attract customers and earn their loyalty. Now what's better than that?

StoreHippo, the top ecommerce platform comes with 30+ pre-integrated shipping partners that make the delivery process easy and fast. You can pick your best-fitting logistics solution and create a quick supply chain for the heavy flow of orders during the festive season. You can also import orders from different channels or multiple sub-stores and align them all for quick timely deliveries with StoreHippo. Also, with the delivery boy management software from StoreHippo, you can manage your own fleet of delivery boys for faster and error-free deliveries during the festive season sale. 

8. Have you aligned helpful resources and customer support for your buyers?

The one thing that customers love about their brand amid the chaos of festive shopping is their brand being available to listen to their grievances. Now are you the brand that is available for its customers? If not, now is the time to align helpful resources for smooth customer support for your buyers. The holiday season sale is just the right time to establish that you are a customer-oriented ecommerce brand. Wondering how to offer multi-channel support to your customers?

Well, it's easy. StoreHippo offers seamless integrations with multiple channels for you to connect with your customers at multiple touchpoints. You can integrate with the best live chat software and chatbots on your multi store ecommerce marketplace. You can seamlessly install various chat apps in your admin panel and be available for your customers around the clock. You can also integrate with the best CRM software to cater to various customer queries like ongoing festive offers, delivery tracking, cancellations, refunds, etc.


With the festivities around the corner, and almost all enterprise retail brands offering sales, it is time you set the festive mood of your buyers. Festive season sale is just the right time to cash in on the impulsive buying habits of your customers. As you align your multi store ecommerce platform for the festivities, you set your business for an upward growth trajectory. 

StoreHippo offers WOW marketing tools and all the right features to help you ace your holiday season sales. The top ecommerce platform, StoreHippo offers a full-fledged solution with 300+ inbuilt features to seamlessly run your festive sale on all your sub-stores. The SaaS-based platform helps you seamlessly cope with the changing festive needs and the ecommerce dynamics and offers 360-degree solutions to festive-proof your marketplace website. 

Are you all set to align your multi store ecommerce marketplace for the festive season sale? Explore the wide range of features by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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