How StoreHippo’s Multi store ecommerce solution made an online grocery store the local bestseller

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  • How StoreHippo’s Multi store ecommerce solution made an online grocery store the local bestseller

Multi store ecommerce: Providing an answer to the daily challenge of Grocery Shopping

Shopping is a relaxing and entertaining experience for most of us and no wonder it is called “Retail Therapy”. But can you think of a shopping schedule that seems more of a task rather than a refreshing and uplifting experience?
Yes, you are right shopping for everyday utilities and grocery is a rather mundane activity which is detested by millions. How so ever much one dislikes this routine but shopping for everyday utilities is an integral part of the daily routine of anyone who has a home.

Why Multi store ecommerce solution for grocery shopping is an instant hit?

Consider the vast population of India, throw in the daily struggles of long and odd work hours, reaching a real store negotiating traffic congestions and finally finding that what you needed is out of stock! Frustrating story!  But we all identify with the scenario and have gone through this numerous times!
Wouldn’t life be much easier if we could just order grocery without taking the pain of going to a store? Such an arrangement would easily save 2-3 hours weekly for an average buyer. Just imagine what all we can do in the additional spare time!
So, can we have a little genie around who carries out this task on our behalf?
Seems, someone has been listening and tracking this issue.

A recent report suggests that the most in-thing in ecommerce shopping  is the trend for ordering grocery and every day goodies online. The fast paced life in our big cities has necessitated this change and given grocery shopping a completely trendy and new meaning by taking it online. 

Greeno Kart : Making lives easier for millions in NCR

Market studies reveal that there is a huge gap between the demand for online grocery portals and the availability of the same in each and every locality. Some bigwigs have already forayed in the field but the deliveries are usually limited to the urban areas.
Finding a gap and trying to fill it with easy solutions that benefits millions is the first sign of an entrepreneur. The team of Greeno Kart had researched the market and identified the need of a local online store supplying grocery at the doorsteps of millions of residents in NCR who barely had the time and energy to go through the rigors of grocery and daily utilities shopping.
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When the team of Greeno Kart approached StoreHippo with their unique business idea of providing locality based multi-location online stores for everyday utilities, they were not sure if their idea could actually work out as they had been planning.However, our experienced team not only answered all their queries but far surpassed the expectations by providing an easy solution.
We bring for you an overview of the Greeno Kart story below:

The Requirement

  • Set up an online store that allowed to manage and maintain different inventory at different stores
  • Provide deals based on location of customer
  • Customized look for various stores
  • Easy management of database by the admin
  • Create a better brand visibility for their store
  • Reach out to targeted customer easily

The Challenge

  • Ability to offer an extensive product catalogue using the multi store ecommerce platform
  • Easy management of each store from common backend
  • Visibility of products in stock at each store
  • Data and analytics to understand customer requirements better

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The Solution

StoreHippo’s easy to implement multi locations online stores feature helped the team set up Greeno Kart for customers in Delhi NCR’s two main city Noida and Ghaziabad.

  • They have an extensive product catalogue which has 5000+ products
  • The varied product range includes various grocery items, meat, poultry, packaged food stuff, beverages, beauty products, baby products, household items and much more.
  • Orders are delivered at the doorstep of customers using hassle free logistics.
  • StoreHippo’s multi store ecommerce solution enables Grreno Kart  to give special deals to its customers.
  • The store is a local bestseller thanks to quick deliveries and quality products supplied by them.


In a short time Greeno Kart has been able to make a name for itself and has gained the reputation of being the local bestseller grocery and utilities store.  They made lives of millions easier by eliminating the need to travel and shop for daily need items at a real store.
Want to know in detail about StoreHippo’s Multi store ecommerce solution? Drop us a mail at or leave a comment below.

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