How Node JS Can Give An Edge to Your Ecommerce Website

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  • How Node JS Can Give An Edge to Your Ecommerce Website

Ever wondered how many ecommerce websites are there in the world? If your answer is thousands, you are way off the mark! Surprising as it may sound, in reality, there are between 12 million to 24 million online stores in the world.

A staggering number, isn’t it? 

With the growth forecasts of ecommerce, this figure is all set to grow by leaps and bounds. If you are one of these millions of online players, by all means, you are cruising through the most exciting as well as the testing journey of our times. 

Wonder how? 

Well, to begin with, the global ecommerce market volume is expected to be US$2,674,077m by 2023 (Source: Statista). Clearly, every online business has a fair chance of claiming their share in this humongous growth. 

Now comes the challenge!

With the deep discounts and added benefits offered by every other ecommerce website, grabbing and retaining the customers’ interest is not going to be easy. In this era of cut-throat competition, surviving and winning the ecommerce battle will be your biggest challenge. 

So, how to overcome this challenge? 

What if I say you can do it with some MAGIC? 

And by magic, I mean an advanced technology that brings about magical changes to your business. Wondering how this can happen? What if you get an online store that gives you the following advantages;

  • Reduces your load time by 50% to 60%
  • Cuts development costs by more than 50%
  • Gives you high performance, engaging sites 

Excited to know which singular technology can do all of this and much more for your business?

Here is the time for the reveal, the technology is none other than NodeJS.

Node JS The Technology For  Next-Generation Ecommerce Businesses

Let’s begin with some facts. Did you know that this new technology from the Javascript lineage, it the favoured technology of Fortune 500 companies? Believe it or not, close to 98% Fortune 500 companies power their enterprise online solution with Node JS. 

Microsoft, Yahoo, Groupon, Walmart, Medium, Paypal, GoDaddy, LinkedIn and many more are using it for designing unique solutions that have magically changed our world( Didn’t I tell its magic :D ). 

If this validation has not yet convinced you, let’s see some of the advantages of using it for ecommerce stores:

1. Ideal For Ecommerce

Node JS  helps you create websites that are designed for ecommerce.  The quick loading sites can easily work on slow connections and scale up to any number of users or product pages.  Also, these are ideal for real-time data-intensive communications needed in the ecommerce environment. They can easily handle peak load traffic by their inherent capabilities of handling concurrent connections.

2. The Javascript Advantage

Javascript is the evergreen language that has been there and will be there reinventing itself and adapting to the modern requirements. With Javascript at the base of Node JS, it is easier for  developers to extend the platform by adapting to new plugins using the Javascript SDKs.

3. Cost Reduction

Who doesn’t want to get more at less development cost? With Node JS you can access the already developed code written by the global community. This eliminates the need to develop it from scratch and saves lots of cost and time. All you have to do is customize the solution for your unique requirements. 

4. 10X Faster Sites

With faster loading time and  0.01% downtime, you get online stores that increase the speed of your ecommerce applications. Your stores are fast and always available to your customers. Do I even need to further elaborate on how this can change your business?

5. Inherent Security

Node JS has a huge base library and uses new and updated tools to keep checking the new security methods. Also, by using NoSQL database instead of the relational database it inherently mitigates many common security threats like SQL injection. Additionally, a NoSQL database offers improved fault tolerance and scalability.

6. Quick Go To Market

Apart from rapid development, integration and streamlining of an online store built using Node JS is very ease. By cutting the iterative development cycle, it allows you to go to market quickly. Also, migrating to an ecommerce platform powered by this technology is super easy as you get solutions that are designed to reduce your go-to-market time.

7. M-Commerce Advantage

By 2023 95% of online buying is expected to happen on mobiles. If you want to be ready for the next wave of ecommerce boom, you need a solution that lets you tap the power of m-commerce. This is what Node JS does for you by helping you with mobile development. You can not only build a mobile-ready but a mobile-first solution for both the front-end as well as the backend of your online store.

8. Boosts Revenue

Using this new age technology, you can give your competitors a run for their money. The advanced stores built using it has all the features to establish you as an industry leader. 

It not only allows you to build high-performance sites but also lets you create out-of-the-box solutions that are conversion oriented. No wonder the cash counters go ringing henceforth.

9. Easy Customizations

Chucking the outdated and slow technologies of the bygone era and switching to modern technology Node JS readies your business for the dynamic challenges of ecommerce. You can rapidly make changes as per the demands of the market and up your game for the cut-throat ecommerce competition. Quick and low-cost customizations always keep your business future-ready, whatever be your business vertical or business model.

10. SEO Friendly Features

To survive and grow your business in the highly competitive times, you need to build online stores that are easily discoverable. Also, you need to have certain inbuilt SEO capabilities to market and optimize it for various search engines. Node JS run time environment facilitates building SEO friendly stores with URLs and titles well suited for SEO. This makes it easy to navigate within the store for users and makes it easy for spiders to discover your website pages. Well, that is what we need for a successful business, don’t we!

11. Easily Manageable Dashboard

Node JS equips you to create a simple dashboard that has a host of entities which can be tweaked inside out for making rapid changes on your storefront. Also, the dashboard itself can be simplified for easy business management. This smoothens the learning curve and makes it easy-breezy to manage the business without spending time on learning the nuances of the admin dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Well, now you know beyond doubt how Node JS is the perfect choice for building lightweight, scalable, flexible, robust, and cost-effective enterprise-grade ecommerce websites. This singular technology, with its inherent capabilities, reduces the cost of development, makes your online store engaging, fast and conversion oriented.

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform opted for Node JS at its core considering all these advantages of this technology. All stores powered by StoreHippo come with a rich feature set and easy to use tools along with the clear technological edge.

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