How Headless Commerce Can Free Your Business From Monolithic Software

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  • How Headless Commerce Can Free Your Business From Monolithic Software

In 2020, over 88% of customers shopping online abandoned their orders. To prevent your customers from leaving your website, you need to empower seamless customer journey, no matter which channel they are using to access your website.

That’s where headless commerce comes into the play.

If you want your website to be in the remaining 12%, you need to come over the traditional and monolithic software and adopt the newest trends of the ecommerce industry. 

Judging by Amazon, eBay, and Netflix, personalization has become the holy grail of ecommerce. All the online selling giants update their platforms a thousand times in a single day to improve the customer experience who use multiple touchpoints to make purchases.

That’s where headless commerce comes in. It prevents your customers from leaving the site and enables a seamless customer buying journey, no matter which channel they are using.

Let’s understand the concept of headless commerce.

The rapid adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has driven the emergence of headless approach in the ecommerce world. Headless decouples the technical background functionality from the front end (user side) of the online store. All that means that you have complete freedom to build however and whatever you want, and present content on any channel of your choice. The headless application helps you to use any technology and customize the features to create a seamless buying experience across all channels.

Headless vs legacy CMS: what’s wrong with monolithic ecommerce platforms?

Many traditional ecommerce sites operate on a monolithic architecture. With this traditional architecture, the front end and back end are closely linked and you can’t use one without the other. Here is how you can visualize the difference between headless and traditional application:

As buyers are shifting towards newer technologies like digital assistants, mobile apps, wearable devices, and others, businesses need to match these new buying habits.  That’s where the headless CMS comes into the picture. Headless approach decouples the back and front end of an ecommerce application.

Let’s understand the key differences between headless and legacy CMS and why headless is the way to your future business success.

How can you leverage the business benefits of headless commerce with StoreHippo?

1. Advanced technologies to create super-fast websites

Monolithic architecture requires the developers to work for ages on different layers. So, implementing a simple task like building a custom promotion, displaying the frontend user experience can be a very difficult task. For this purpose, you need a full-fledged headless commerce platform like StoreHippo to match the dynamic customer expectations and habits. Unlike traditional ecommerce solutions where you need to use platform-specific coding languages, predefined templates, and conventional tools, the next-gen technology offered by StoreHippo helps you to create faster websites and respond rapidly to stay competitive. 

2. Better marketing innovation

The success of online businesses does not only depend on advanced technologies. But it mainly relies on aligning these technologies with the needs and preferences of customers. Just like headless CMS allows you to separate the front-end and back-end of systems to design and experiment agile marketing strategies. StoreHippo can help you take the leap into the world of headless architecture and leverage agile marketing innovation and quickly respond to new opportunities and trends. You can easily customize your order flow, themes, checkout and other key functionalities to offer highly personalized customer experiences.

3. Reach new markets with high scalability

A headless commerce system helps you to present your content anywhere, which means delivering the products, product videos, products to multiple channels that have emerged and will emerge in future. With StoreHippo, you can also help you grow your business with high-end scalability options. The platform easily helps you to scale your front-end and back-end, grow and retain your customers, experiment with your marketing, and reduce go-to market time.

4. Increased conversion rates and lower customer acquisition cost

Trying and testing new approaches and templates has become the need of the hour in the ecommerce industry. To convert more customers, you need to try new things to enhance user experiences and satisfaction. Running multiple tests and optimizations can help you get a better  understanding of customers that will ultimately improve your conversion rates. With headless commerce solution like StoreHippo, you can experiment with the front-end functionalities like building new landing pages, sending personalized pricing without disturbing the back-end functionalities. In a nutshell, the headless solution helps you to understand your customers, convert more customers, and optimize your online store for the best.

5. Rich and personalized user experiences

Over 80% of the buyers are likely to do more business with companies that offer personalized experiences. In this era of personalization, headless applications have become a must for your online store. Gone are the days when monolithic ecommerce software used to constrain the developers to create personalized user experiences. Today is the time of headless commerce platforms like StoreHippo. The platform allows you to create high-end personalized experiences by using 300+ API endpoints and boost your conversion rates. 

6. Flexible payment options for faster checkouts

Online payments are no less than a necessity while dealing online. And to achieve a seamless online payment experience for your customers, you need to use a headless application that allows you to integrate with flexible payment options. As headless commerce works on APIs, it helps you to communicate with other functionalities like payments. With easier payment integrations, you can boost faster checkouts, expand your business opportunities, get payments from multiple devices in a fraction of time.

7. True omnichannel experience

This is one of the most beneficial parts of headless commerce as it helps you distribute the content on any channel you want. Your online store requires you to deliver blog posts, product videos, and customers from multiple channels. You need to match the speed of emerging channels like Alexa skills, progressive web apps, screen of refrigerators, wearable devices etc. With a headless platform like StoreHippo, you can create a true omnichannel experience and make any customer touchpoint commerce-able easily.. 

8. Instantaneous changes and optimization

With the decoupled architecture of headless application, you can create enormous possibilities for customizations. To make required changes on your online store like building custom promotions, you can simply make the front-end changes and it is all done. Making changes instantaneously is easier with StoreHippo headless platform. It helps you to make any changes on your online store like implementing checkout flows, adding fields to customer accounts within a fraction of time.

Why is StoreHippo the best headless commerce platform for your business?

In this era of connected and emerging digital touchpoints, you need the best-in-class headless platform to adapt to the new standards of flexibility, adaptability, and customization. Adopting a headless platform like StoreHippo can make your journey extremely seamless. And what makes StoreHippo headless commerce platform unique is that it is conceptualized on the headless architecture.

With 300+ inbuilt ecommerce features, 120+ inbuilt integrations, 3000+ API endpoints, StoreHippo can serve as the best headless solution for your online business. The platform also allows you to easily integrate with third-party tools and offers mobile-ready stores to your customers. Explore all the features of our headless application by starting your 14-day online trial store today.

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