How Food Aggregators Aced Hyperlocal Ecommerce During Lockdown

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  • How Food Aggregators Aced Hyperlocal Ecommerce During Lockdown

COVID 19 has changed our world, perhaps not only for the lockdown phase but FOREVER!  

The world is a totally different place than it was a few weeks ago. In these troubled times, the Hyperlocal ecommerce segment is helping ease the anxieties of people by bringing real-time solutions. 

While many businesses have put a halt to avoid the spread of the deadly virus, some businesses have hacked survival by adapting to the current market dynamics. Food aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato have sensed the opportunity by delivering grocery essentials. 

Ecommerce is really making a difference in this hard time and has turned out to be a lifeline for many people. With the right technology in place, they have quickly made major changes in their business models. It has helped people to get household essentials, groceries, and other supplies without moving out of their home. 

Just like Swiggy has launched a Hyperlocal Delivery Service “Genie”, your business can also survive well amid lockdown. Zomato has also launched a new feature “Zomato market” to expand its business in delivering daily needs and allied services. 


Now, when the lockdown has extended and also, there is a high possibility that the social distancing will be continued for a longer time. The primary aim here is to deliver last-mile services to the households during the COVID-19 lockdown.  

The crux here is - 

“There will be a huge demand to order food online and essential delivery services to support the social and business life.” 

Manage Crisis-driven Demand with a Flexible Ecommerce Solution  

1. Contactless payments with Multiple Payment options 

Online food delivery is skyrocketing from the last few years with solid Delivery models and technologies in place. But during the COVID crisis, the situation has gone upside down and left the restaurants with only two options: they can close their operations and wait till the proverbial storm passes or stay active in hyperlocal ecommerce with online deliveries. But are you ready to adapt to the current climate of social distancing and being contactless? 

Since cash exchange can potentially become a transmission channel for viral infection, the online food companies have already started avoiding cash exchange. Also, the delivery partner will drop the food outside the door and confirm the customer to pick-up. Contactless payment has gained immense popularity amid the outbreak of COVID-19 as this technology lets consumers make purchases without any physical connection. Get your delivery game ready with contactless payments while providing greater flexibility of multiple payment options to your customers.  

2. Keep your costs low with Integrated Logistics services

Most of the brick-and-mortar stores are moving online during the lockdown period. Also, the customer demands have also increased for online food delivery, household supplies in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions. You must have seen the common update on every second  ecommerce application that says:

 “Due to the sudden increase in demand, your order might get delayed. We are working hard to ensure timely deliveries.”

 So, the nudge factor here is logistics. It plays a tremendous role in the Hyperlocal ecommerce market. While many of the retailers have their fleet, their first preference is to work with ecommerce platforms with integrated logistics services. Keep your costs low and customer satisfaction high with Integrated logistics services while offering improved and timely deliveries.  

3. Fuel your online store with Multi-Store features

COVID-19 is disrupting the online market even if the essential services, grocery, food, and pharmacy are available during the lockdown, getting these things on your door is a major problem. Wherever there is a gap, there is a business opportunity.  

Offering a one-stop solution that provides multi-store Hyperlocal Grocery Deliveries, food, and other essential services can do the job for you. Just find a turnkey multi-store solution and you are done. Creating a hyperlocal ecommerce store can help you control your online business and multiple stores from a single dashboard.

4. Increase your ecommerce brand recognition with a Multi-Vendor Marketplace

With the ecommerce markets getting inflicted drastically during the COVID-19 crisis and the effects of this pandemic is going to stay for long. It is a high time to ensure frictionless experience in your ecommerce store. 

But don’t worry, you need to face its negative effects forever. Using a Multi-Vendor platform can help you manage everything on-the-go and be the industry star. A multi-vendor marketplace serves all your needs by listing multiple sellers on your website, selling a variety of products, and earning more profits.

5. Higher conversion rate with a Mobile-Friendly Platform

Ordering through mobile is not only easy and attractive but also saves a lot of time for customers. A mobile-friendly online platform can help you attain a higher conversion rate even in these scary and turbulent times.

Being a food aggregator, the fortunate thing you should know is that – people still need to eat during this pandemic to survive. Currently, most of the people are following the isolation practices, they are moving towards online mobile platforms for most of their necessities. So, why not provide them with a friendly platform to order food online? You can engage and convert more customers with a seamless mobile buying experience during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Get your online store up and running in a few hours. StoreHippo can help you move your business online and ace your online food business during this hard time. Schedule a DEMO to explore more such features to scale up your business.

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