How an attractive web design made these websites a success in no time

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  • How an attractive web design made these websites a success in no time

A picture is worth a thousand words -  Agree? Don’t you?

We humans are hardwired to remember pictures and faces better than written words. Images create our memories and hence they build a great recall value when used appropriately in e-commerce website design.

The look and feel of any website is the first thing that makes the visitor explore it further. Your homepage and its stunning design theme can dramatically   improve the page views and overall sales of your online business.
Beautiful webstores are known for evoking greater customer trust. Clear and sharp product images increase the value and reliability of your website and helps in spreading the word of mouth thus increasing the popularity of your online business.

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Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey or already having a successful online store, an attractive and responsive web design can take your business to new heights without too much effort.

Have a look at the gallery of some of StoreHippo’s  stunningly beautiful  store designs and get inspired to create one of your own:


The attractive web design of this webstore dealing in designer bags forces the visitors to stop and explore their product catalogue.  A riot of colors and out of the box designs of each product tells a story of its own.
Storehippo platform has helped them showcase their latest products in a captivating design format which has increased their business manifold.


This site is a virtual museum and draws the connoisseurs of arts in droves thanks to the beautifully done website design. 64 Arts is the studio of affordable art designs and displays traditional as well as modern and abstract paintings, reproduction paintings and much for art lovers.

The Vanca

The cool design of this store has helped them promote women’s western wear on their webstore as well as across multiple marketplaces. Their latest collections and product catalogues are updated at frequent intervals. The flexible StoreHippo platform allows this fashion e-commerce website to attract more visitors owing to the beautiful design and look of the store.


Give clarity to your vision with the attractive offers and exceptional design of this webstore that deals in providing top notch vision care. The attractive web design displays many a cool shades and you would certainly fall in love with some of them.

Happy Planting

This webstore has a refreshing, soothing, green feel about its design. Even if you are not a plant lover the awesome display of ornamental, medicinal, bonsai and many others plants will tempt you to add a little bit of greenery to that empty corner in your home.

International Youth club

This site can be summarized in one word- Wanderlust. One look at the site and you feel the adrenaline rush that gets you packing your bags to summit new heights.

The site promotes sustainable tourism to preserve India’s environmental heritage.  The responsive web design of the site using StoreHippo platform has helped increase their membership manifold via the mobile channel.

Inspired aren’t you? So stop pondering and give a refreshing new look to your webstore with StoreHippo’s attractive themes. Open your online store with us today and begin your entrepreneurial journey with a store having attractive web design.

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A beautiful design is the first thing to like the website.... first you like the look of the website and then you look at the products.....

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