Hippo's Take: Five Reasons Why M-Commerce is Important in India

While it’s evident that the Indian stage is set for an e-commerce explosion, an equally important fact  is the immense potential of the country for mobile commerce. India as 930 million mobile users as opposed to 160 million internet users. Of this 160 million, 86 million access the web from internet. Looking at these monumental figures, the Hippo spent an afternoon listing the five best reasons why you should jump onto the mobile commerce bandwagon:

1. Better Reach:
In a developing economy like India, most people cannot afford to buy high-end devices like laptops and expensive smart-phones. According to an Avendus study, there were more than 36 million smart-phone users in India, but over 431 million internet enabled mobile users, as in 2013. Moreover, marketing experts can score extra brownie points because they can get a wider target audience for advertising.

2. Marketing on the Go:
Mobile devices give your consumers freedom to shop on the go. Say, somebody visits a brick and mortar shop to buy something and thinks about the attractive discounts available on an online store instead. At this juncture, most people end up using their mobile phones to compare prices and products on different sites to reach a decision.

3. Better Security:
Mobile platforms are less threatened by viruses than computers. Even if a deception occurs, tracking of credit by GSM/GPRS/GPS is comparatively easier and swifter. This escalates the credibility and makes the usually skeptical Indian population feel more assured and comfortable.

4. Mobile Payment:
Mobile payments are now opening up a whole new world for an economy that is still finding its feet. People can now transfer cash from their mobile phones without the need of ATM and debit cards; the only prerequisite being a bank account. This reduces the cash dependency of economically backward people. This freedom offered by mobile payments makes buying easier and convenient.

5. Low Tariff, High Revenue:
The tariff of mobile data in India is the cheapest in the world. The 3G connectivity for mobile has also improved over the last few years. This low tariff means more people accessing internet through mobile and an expansion of m-commerce stores in the future.

 Now, unlike most other e-commerce platforms, StoreHippo offers you a truly mobile-ready interface that not only looks mobile-ready, but is functionally mobile-friendly as well. Check out the Hippo's previous and future blogs to know more about our mobile-ready technology.

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By: Benjamin
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Great. Reading this is quiet helpful and informative for a person like me, who is about to start an E-commerce venture..which can be termed as M-commerce. Thanks

By: Akshay
Nov 14, 2014   Reply

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Hi,it was great and quite informativve

By: rajesh gwalani
Aug 09, 2014   Reply

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