Fast And Easy Method To Build Mobile Commerce Applications With StoreHippo

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  • Fast And Easy Method To Build Mobile Commerce Applications With StoreHippo

Why build a mobile commerce application is not a question of why anymore, but it is a question of how to do it in the fastest and easiest manner. 

If you want your online store to acquire and retain customers in the most effective manner, apps have to be your first hack to do it. The key here is to connect with customers on every possible touchpoint and provide a great user experience. And this is what results in more customers, increased sales, and recurring customers.

Before we dive into the topic of building apps for your business, let’s get some clarity on

What is a mobile commerce application?

Well, it is not a future trend anymore. It is the reality of businesses today and changing the way ecommerce businesses connect with customers. Simply put, it is entailing all the ecommerce transactions on your phone. It uses wireless technology to conduct the sales and services, information exchange, payment and other financial transactions over mobile. The ease of buying has made this the most preferred option for customers and experts predict that mobile commerce will account for more than half of ecommerce sales by 2021 (source).

If you own a business and wondering whether to invest in mobile commerce development or not, read on to know some critical advantages.

Advantages of Mobile Commerce Applications

  • You get wider reach because most of your customers are already using phone

  • Provide ease of buying to the customers as it is quite convenient to conduct business transactions on-the-go.

  • Helps you to target customers according to the type of device they use, their location, preferences, behavior, and proves to be an excellent marketing tool.

  • Utilizes real-time push notifications on mobile commerce applications to engage better with customers and offer better customer experiences.

  • Reduces business cost due to low carrying cost, streamlined business process, effective marketing tools, low order processing cost, and much more.

  • Personalized targeting and marketing opportunities to boost the sales.

  • Speed up the purchases as customers can access the products and services they want anytime in a few clicks.

StoreHippo is a one-stop solution to make your business available on mobile. Be it responsive sites, PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), to accessible apps, we offer you all. Get ready to leverage the m-commerce for your business. 

Fastest and easiest method to build mobile commerce applications with StoreHippo

Adapting to business needs is the need of the hour and using apps is the hottest trend ever. Going on mobile is not as difficult as it seems to be. You can build your apps in the fastest and easiest manner with StoreHippo.

5 Simple steps you need to follow to build your app on Android and iOS platforms

Step 1: Distribution platform registration

Register yourself on the Android / iOS store where you need your mobile commerce application to be visible to customers.

Step 2: Generation of signing keys

Next, you need to generate signing keys (signed certificates that are used to verify your user profile and allows you to publish and distribute your app on the respective platforms) 

Step 3: Upload “Signing Keys” on StoreHippo

Once the signing keys are generated, upload them on StoreHippo ecommerce platform

Step 4: Create your app with pre-built design and integrations

Build your mobile commerce application easily by entering your details like business description, title, package, theme, version, icon, splash images, domains, plugins, social logins, push notifications etc.

Step 5: Publish your app on Android/iOS stores

Now, you already have your app ready to use. StoreHippo mobile commerce development is as easy as pie. You can start promoting your app to billions of users across the world and boost your sales through this attractive sales channel.

Final words

Why is StoreHippo a one-stop solution for your mobile commerce application?

There is no doubt that m-commerce has become one of the most powerful consumer trends in business. The top reasons to adopt m-commerce is better sales, conversions, and profits. However, getting a ready solution is not as difficult as it seems to be. StoreHippo is a ready-to-use ecommerce platform to deliver best-in-class B2B and B2C businesses on mobile. It not only makes your online business visible on different devices but adds a completely new marketing and sales channel for your business. 

We are the pioneers of using PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) for ecommerce stores to make your website look and feel like a native app. The advanced features like real-time updates, multiple sub-stores, easy app development help you gain maximum benefits of m-commerce.

If you are still not reaping the benefits of mobile commerce application, make the ever-smartest move and enter into the mobile party today. Schedule a 14-day free trial to explore the advanced features offered by StoreHippo.

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Mobile apps are a handy and convenient way of making your brand known and retaining more and more customers. Every business should have a mobile app of their own and make it extremely engaging for customers. This article describes how we can set up mobile apps instantly and in a faster manner.

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