Choosing the right multi-store marketplace software - Key features to consider

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  • Choosing the right multi-store marketplace software - Key features to consider

In the era of rapidly changing markets building a multi store ecommerce set-up for your online marketplace is a move worth considering.

However, planning to pivot your business model is no child’s play. Agree?

With each step, there is a challenge ahead and a decision to be taken that has the potential to make or break your business. 

Well, now that you have decided to take the multi-store ecommerce route, you need the best multi-store marketplace software for your business. 

But how do you define what’s best for your business and for your customers at large?

Let us first understand the needs of your customers and the online marketplace trends in recent years.

  • 24% of retail sales worldwide to be done via e commerce by 2026
  • 10.4% is the expected growth rate of the global eCommerce by 2023
  • 80% of consumers shop online at least once every month
  • 50% of the buyers shop more on mobile devices than in-store
  • 86% of consumers will use at least 2 different channels for a single purchase 
  • 89% of ecommerce companies are investing in personalization

Source: Statista, Hostinger 

The figures above showcase the complete picture of how buyer habits have evolved over time and what are some of the must-have features that these new-age modern buyers look for. It thus is imperative for any successful multi vendor marketplace to take into account online shopping trends and customer behavior.

Key features to consider when choosing the right multi-store marketplace software

Along with leveraging market insights to grow stickiness on your website, you also need the right multi-store marketplace software that helps you in targeting your buyers better. The inherent features of multi store enhance customer engagement, help with targeted reach and foster brand growth.

However, to achieve all of the above and more, you need a feature-rich multi-store ecommerce software at your disposal.

Wonder what these key features are that you should be considering when choosing your ecommerce solutions

Keep reading the space to find out the must-have features in your multi-store marketplace:

Single Dashboard

When you planned to create a multi store marketplace for your enterprise marketplace, did you consider the amount of effort your team will require to manage each store? Wonder how easy it would be to manage all the sub-stores with a central control? 

Well, at StoreHippo, you can operate all the sub-stores easily with a common central dashboard. You can easily perform bulk business operations and do the following:

  • Easily set up different product catalogs for various sub-stores using the common database
  • Seamlessly integrate different payment and shipping partners for each store using a single login
  • Hassle-free management of product inventory, orders, shipping etc
  • Quick and easy access to all the sales and analytics reports for easy understanding of the each store’s performance

The StoreHippo multi-store marketplace software comes with an inbuilt order and inventory management system to help businesses allot different inventories to each sub-store. The advanced in-built tools help automate and simplify the end-to-end order management system saving your time and making the processes faster.

Unique Store Designs 

As you create multiple sub-stores for your business, you certainly want to create unique store designs to be able to attract your customers. After all, you can’t have a similar design on all of your sub-stores, that will create a boring image of your marketplace website and fall short of engaging different buyer segments.

StoreHippo multi store ecommerce solution comes with 100+ device-optimized themes that enable you to customize each store and provide an engaging shopping experience to your customers. You can create similar or entirely different-looking storefronts for each sub-store with the rich design themes library from StoreHippo. You can customize the design as per your business type and optimize the designs for faster load time. 

The easy drag-and-drop feature from StoreHippo enables even novice users to seamlessly create professional-looking designs without the need for coding. You can easily create multiple designs and switch between them as and when required. You can also cater to different buyer segments with the multilingual themes supported from StoreHippo. It helps you change all static content and action buttons in any preferred language of your target audience.  

Comprehensive Multi Vendor Solutions

When you go about onboarding vendors on your multi vendor marketplace, the entire process of onboarding and managing them for further business operations can be quite a task. Add to this the complexity of having multiple stores which might share the vendors or have completely unique vendor network. While choosing your ecommerce solution, you must ensure that the entire vendor onboarding, management and payouts process is quick and easy for both the vendors and the admins. 

StoreHippo comes with an end-to-end vendor management solution that helps you seamlessly onboard multiple vendors on the platform. It creates separate vendor accounts for ease of doing business and offers a user-friendly admin dashboard. 

The vendors can quickly register on the platform with a simple registration process and upload bulk products using CSV with the easy product management solutions from StoreHippo. You can easily segregate and manage vendors for different sub-stores.

Despite giving vendors freedom and control over their business, the complete approval flow control stays with the admin who can approve or reject the vendors’ products in just one click. You can easily manage your store-specific vendors on the multi store ecommerce platform with the comprehensive multi-vendor solutions from StoreHippo. 

Mobile ready solutions 

Did you know that mobile devices account for 80% of online orders? Yes, mobile commerce is the ultimate catch, and it CANNOT be missed. 

With a smartphone in every hand and with the internet reaching the deepest corners of the globe, ecommerce is more of m commerce now. And so, choosing the right multi store marketplace software must include mobile-ready solutions for your enterprise brand.

StoreHippo is built ground-up on a mobile-first principle offering complete mobile solutions for your enterprise business. It comes with an in-built mobile apps builder that helps build Android and iOS apps directly from the dashboard without any coding. Brands can also create multiple mobile apps for their multi-store ecommerce business. 

Also, to help you run your business on the go, StoreHippo also creates apps for admins, vendors, delivery boys etc. The stores built by StoreHippo are PWA stores that look, feel, and run like mobile apps even on entry-level devices, and work in poor internet conditions.

Multi-Channel Engagement

53% of retailers are adopting tools that assist them to sell through various channels. Wondering why? The increasing demand for omnichannel solutions has led enterprises to offer multi-channel engagement to their customers. And you can not lag behind. 

StoreHippo comes with a ready-to-use omnichannel ecommerce solution for the multi-channel selling needs of your multi-vendor marketplace. The omnichannel solutions help you add multiple touchpoints quickly using the same backend logic and APIs and help create consistent buyer experiences across all channels. 

You can centrally control all your sales channels and improve operational efficiency with omnichannel solutions. As you engage with your customers on multiple stores, using multiple channels, you can get access to rich customer insights and create nuanced marketing strategies to boost sales by using the data driven insights combining the best store-product-channel mix.

Easy Personalizations

60% of shoppers say they are more likely to be repeat customers when offered personalized shopping experiences. Now who wouldn’t want to cash in on this, right? In the modern age of hyper-personalization, you need multi-store marketplace software that lets you personalize your content, pricing, payment, etc for your customers in each store in your multi-store network.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

StoreHippo helps you offer an extremely personalized buyer experience to boost sales on your marketplace sub-stores. With the decoupled headless architecture, you can offer a seamless and personalized buying experience in your sub-stores. 

You can implement multi-level personalizations like customizing your shipping solutions, digital payments, offering multilingual content, personalized offers, discounts, etc. with the StoreHippo ecommerce solutions. You can customize each store’s product, pricing, overall look, and feel, etc on your multi-store ecommerce platform. 

SEO and Marketing Tools

While choosing the right ecommerce software to build multiple stores for your marketplace website, you need to consider the marketing features and SEO tools that come with it. Without the right features, taking your enterprise ecommerce brand to the audience becomes challenging and tiresome. You need to plan unique strategies for each of the sub-stores to attract and convert customers.

StoreHippo comes with in-built SEO tools that are easy to use and speed up your SEO optimization processes. You can use the inbuilt tools to strategically implement SEO best practices to rank higher on SERPs. You can create unique URLs for pages, meta titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, keywords, etc right from your admin dashboard. You can boost your multi-store ecommerce business’s organic footfalls using StoreHippo’s inbuilt SEO tools. 

You can also implement multi-level discounts and create personalized coupons for your customers using the powerful built-in discount engine from StoreHippo. It comes with a host of  marketing tools to help you build highly personalized marketing strategies, recover abandoned carts with real-time personalized email and push notifications, etc. You can seamlessly create blog posts for your website to engage with your audience as well as leverage SEO for better SERP results.  

Multiple Payment Gateways 

As you succeed in offering a frictionless payment process to your customers, understand you have gained their trust! Yes, the key to a happy customer is a safe and easy checkout process on each sub-store of your multi vendor marketplace. Customers feel satisfied and content when they are given the option to choose from a variety of payment options. A happy customer means frequent orders thus boosting your conversion rates. 

Does your marketplace software provide you with easy integrations to a variety of payment solutions? If not, it's time to look for a solution that gives you the freedom to integrate multiple payment gateways into your marketplace website’s stores. 

StoreHippo offers a host of digital payment solutions for your enterprise ecommerce brand. You can choose from over 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways to provide your customers with ease of shopping on your multi-store ecommerce marketplace. You can also offer location or device-based multi-currency payment support to your customers. 


Choosing the right multi-store marketplace software does not come easy. With the ecommerce market growing leaps and bounds and with customer expectations changing every minute, it is indeed tough to stay on top of all marketing trends. However, with the right software at your disposal, you can manage to adapt to the changing environment and keep your customers happy. 

StoreHippo multi-vendor marketplace software is a full-fledged solution that offers 300+ inbuilt features. It is a cutting-edge ecommerce solution that comes with a mobile-first approach and various other enterprise-grade features to help your multi-store ecommerce business reduce cost, improve efficiency and acquire customers seamlessly. It is a SaaS-based platform that helps you to seamlessly integrate with multiple software of your own choice and offers 360-degree solutions to future-proof your marketplace website. 

All set to ace your marketplace game with the best multi-store marketplace software? Explore StoreHippo enterprise solutions by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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