Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs

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  • Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs

“Women Entrepreneurs get less funding”

Kriti Aggarwal, Director of StoreHippo, in an interaction with DQ Channels magazine gave the following inputs:

The Challenges of Being a Woman Executive in a Top Role:
It is a challenge to maintain a work-life balance. I revere work and at the same time wish to focus on my family and home. It is a challenge to maintain my emotional balance in order to avoid a clash with busi- ness functions.

Educational Background:
Masters in Textile and clothing

Family Background:
A business class family with roots embedded in ethics, loyalty, and firm commitment to work along with a practical cum professional outlook.

Working in Male-Dominated Field of IT: 
At times it is a challenge since some men are still not ready to accept women at higher ranks/position. It hurts their ego and traditional out- look.

Does a Glass Ceiling Exist?
Yes. It does. Women entrepreneurs are not looked upon highly by many men and they are given less funding by investors/banks.

Reading, Yoga, Cooking, walking.

Future Plan:
To play a more constructive role in my business concern and also do CSR activities.


• Wake up at: 6.00 am
• Morning activities: Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, Sending kids to school, catch up on mails and get ready for office
• Leaving Office at: 9.30 am
• 1st half in office: Planning, strategizing marketing activ- ities-both online and offline, conducting scrum meetings, ensuring that the design of our websites and social media sites is up to date and well maintained
• Lunch: 2 pm
• Post Lunch: Going through Mails, brain storming on busi- ness development.
• How you spend your evenings: I go home in early evenings, touch base with office on the net and mails, spend quality time with my kids-their school work, food, health needs and other requirements. I go for daily walks to maintain myself and have a touch with nature.
• Sleep time: 10 pm

High Five

• Your Fitness Mantra: Yoga, walks
• Your De-stressing Mantra: Sudarshan Kriya-I do it daily
• Where you like to shop? Online portals and malls too!
• Your favorite holiday destination: Switzer-land and Venice
• 5 things you cannot live without: Family,Yoga, Mobile, Sudarshan Kriya and books

'Inputs in DQ Channels magazine by Kriti Aggarwal, Director of StoreHippo'

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