Cardinal Sins which can Ruin your Ecommerce Website

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  • Cardinal Sins which can Ruin your Ecommerce Website

Just launched your ecommerce website and are waiting for the sales chart to go up? Showcasing the most awesome products at the best prices in the market still not getting the desired traction? Wondering if your customers even know about your business?

Take heart and hang on because…...

Odds are that someone is searching the web right now for the products that you are selling. 

Sounds great, yeah! 

However, what have you done to ensure that when these buyers land on your online store they end up buying as well? A customer landing on your ecommerce website might not always mean a conversion. Abandoned checkouts are the bane of the ecommerce system.

Wonder why customers skip your site in favour of your competitors? Need a check to ensure you are not committing these major mistakes that might be the turn-off for your customers? 

Read the following, and pledge to never ignore these essentials which can turn into deadly sins for your business success.

The Hippo’s wisdom says so…… 

1. Inconsistent Impressions

It is imperative that when you build an online store and start marketing your business, you create consistent and representative profiles. Your marketing pitch should match your brand values across all channels. 

You should be astute enough to sense what information would best represent the spirit of the business. The digital footprints you create with your content must portray your brand’s value proposition. If not done properly you might be undermining your own efforts with contradicting content tonality and pitches. 

Make sure that your marketing and sales teams are aligned and they use your content to push the best features, products and services of your ecommerce website. StoreHippo offers you a powerful blog engine and ease of creating dynamic landing pages to create a consistent brand impression for your audience.

2. Insincere Inputs

It is natural to feel great about your products and take pride in your offerings. But there is a fine line between self-promotion and false claims that can be easily busted in our connected digital world.

One fictitious or exaggerated post by the page manager is sure to invite unbridled troubles for your ecommerce website. It is best advised to abstain from putting any false information on your online store or any other digital platform.

You should be especially careful about designing your social media posts. Your Facebook or Instagram page is your brand’s face in the online world. Thousands of customers come to know about your brand on these platforms. 

Engage your customers across digital platforms through posts, quizzes or giveaways that bring more traffic and value to your brand. Create a planned content strategy that helps your brand reach new markets through genuine and sincere posts. With StoreHippo you can build an online store and integrate it with a host of social media platforms to create a solid brand presence.

 3. Shoddy Design 

What leaves an indelible impression on your customers? 

Well, you guessed it right, it's the design of your online portal. A shoddy design for your online face spells disaster like nothing else. Your site design speaks volumes about your brand and right from the symmetry, colour combinations, white spaces and other visual effects go a long way in establishing your brand reputation.

Wonder how you strike the perfect balance where the design of your ecommerce website goes to complement and promote your offerings?  

Since nobody understands your brand better than you, how about perfecting your design yourself. Not skilled enough? 

Not a problem at all!

StoreHippo brings for you a rich themes library along with easy drag and drop feature. You can now mix and match your themes and drag-drop elements to create the most stunning online portal.


4. Ordinary is Unacceptable

Why should a customer hop and shop on your store if you are offering what a dozen 

other ecommerce websites also offering?

Innovation can be your savior if you are vying with other players in your league.  To conquer the online battle and to get a greater traction you need to plan your products and offerings in a smarter way than your competitors.  Anything commonplace should not be at your place. 

And how exactly can you do this?

Ensure that you offer the best of products packed in smart marketing strategy. The words “discount”, “sale” and “FREE” can get you more orders than you planned. Use the psychological marketing hacks like creating scarcity and a fear of missing out to make your promotions a success.

Seems like a bit too much to do? StoreHippo has it sorted for you!

Use the powerful discount engine to plan a variety of campaigns. Use product bundling and upselling to boost the order size on your ecommerce website. You have the tools, all you need now is a dash of innovation and variety in your action plan.


Building an ecommerce portal is your best chance at giving your business an additional sales channel and the opportunity to reach new markets. However, to succeed in the competitive online world you need to avoid the potholes that can completely ruin your online presence.

When you build an online store, pay attention to avoid the above proverbial cardinal sins to write your own success story. Already have your ecommerce store? Need to fine tune your online presence to avoid these mistakes? Power your business with StoreHippo ecommerce solution and explore the 300+ inbuilt tools to redefine your business. Start your 14-day free trial right away!

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