Breaking Barriers. Becoming Entrepreneurs. Women take the lead with e-Commerce!

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  • Breaking Barriers. Becoming Entrepreneurs. Women take the lead with e-Commerce!

These days we often see women competing and even outdoing men in many fields. There is no dearth of successful women entrepreneurs in India, and they can handle business with as much ease as they handle their home. The emergence of e-commerce on the Indian business front has led to the growth of new stream of online women entrepreneurs. Whether you are a woman wanting to take the entrepreneurial plunge or a running a business from home, today women are increasingly turning to e-commerce and the Internet as a way to earn income, save time and costs while meeting their family responsibilities.

The spurt of online shopping has in a way proven to be a boon for women entrepreneurs, who have broken into the male-dominated e-commerce business and sell anything from apparels to cosmetics and jewellery to toys. An online marketplace model gives women the flexibility to conduct their business from the comfort of their home, at their convenience. It even enables them to take their venture pan India without having to worry about marketing, advertising, business related meetings & travelling. Running an online business doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as it saves many overhead costs like setting up your retail shop, paying rent, employing staff & helpers, electricity costs and so on. E-commerce is a cost effective and convenient tool which provides an efficient method to connect buyers and suppliers from around the world and reach your target audience without any need of actually traversing the distance. 

E-commerce enables women entrepreneurs to access a whole gamut of opportunities, gain visibility for their products/services, and also compete with others – right from the comfort of their home. The B2C (business-to-consumer) sector offers many possibilities for women entrepreneurs with the distinct advantages of low investment and few skill requirements. Online ecommerce platforms like StoreHippo offer readymade online storefronts for e-tailers, handle all the technical issues, provide social media integration, SEO ready content, online marketing, integration with payment and logistics providers and also offer 24 hour assistance, making it easy for women entrepreneurs to set up and run online stores.

Women e-retailers excel in setting up online retail outlets for various product categories like jewellery, lifestyle, fashion, handicrafts, designer/ethnic products, cosmetics, food sector, home décor, furnishings, toys, games, books and stationery items, etc. Women entrepreneurs in India face challenges like culture bias, lack of acceptability, lack of public safety, balancing home and family pressures, but e-commerce has helped them to face and overcome all these challenges and accomplish achievements.

Ecommerce is an effective tool which has empowered women in the Indian business landscape and opened new avenues for them. Even women living in tier-2 and tier-3 cities can open their online stores and contribute towards economic growth and development. E-commerce has enabled women entrepreneurs to gain access to valuable business information, find new markets, partners, marketing products and services, and securing large orders through networking.

Women entrepreneurs are also forming virtual associations, networks and forums, which in turn provide support and guidance to new women business owners. Ecommerce has brought forth a pro-active entrepreneurial culture for women, and there is no looking back for them!

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