Benefits Of A Multilingual Website

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  • Benefits Of A Multilingual Website

Internet has made the world a smaller place. Businesses are no longer be restricted by location. With the power of internet and IT, businesses can virtually reach any corner of the world. In this scenario, it makes complete sense for online retailers to have an ecommerce website that can be translated into any language. It would help them to reach a large number of potential customers in a cost effective manner. People all over the world need to buy various products and they would love to buy online if the website supports their native language. Can you imagine the incremental sales which will result by putting that little effort of providing a multilingual website for your customers? The strong emergence of e-commerce has brought forth this need. In fact the very essence of e-tailing is to cross physical boundaries and reach the potential customers. If your online business addresses the needs of an international audience, then it is imperative to have a multilingual website.

Hippo elaborates on the benefits of a multi-lingual website:

Focus on the Non-English Speaking Users

After English (27%), the most requested languages on the World Wide Web are Chinese (25%), Spanish (8%), Japanese (5%), Portuguese and German (4% each), Arabic, French and Russian (3% each), and Korean (2%). As the usage of internet is fast growing in European, African and Asian countries like Hong Kong and Japan, the number of non-English web users is also increasing. To tap these customers, you need to build a website which speaks the language of the target market. English may be the universal language but it does not work for everyone. The general principle is that ‘the language of selling is the language of the customer.’

                          Internet users by language

Create a New Customer Base

The number of online buyers is increasing all over the globe. People live in diverse geographical regions, speak different languages, belong to varied cultures but everyone has a common need to buy products. There exists a huge potential to tap new online customers if you offer the websites in their natives languages.  A multilingual website is an easy way to create a lasting impact on the online consumers. The customer base increases considerably when you communicate with the potential consumers as a company with a professional attitude. In fact this is an opportunity for online retailers to attract more traffic to their stores and expand their reach. Remember- "Once an opportunity has passed, it cannot be caught." Anonymous.

Cost Effective Marketing Tool

Creating a multilingual website certainly has the distinct advantage to communicate with a global audience and yield more revenues. The cost of running a unilingual website and a multilingual website is pretty much the same. You need not create different websites for each language. Thus, it is a cost effective brand building exercise and helps the entrepreneurs to meet their marketing objectives.
Increase Sales and Generate Revenues

Your sales are bound to increase if you present your website in other languages. Non-English speakers will be more than happy to purchase products from a website which supports their native language. It automatically builds a customer connect; in fact a consumer is three times more likely to carry out a transaction when you sell new product and services in their native language since they will be able to navigate, understand and interact with the website.
Beat Competitors
Having a multilingual website is a tool which gives you an edge above your competitors. To beat the cut throat competition in the market, you need to differentiate from the rest. Take the lead by having a multilingual website and establish your company with a firm foothold.

Customer-centric Approach
A multilingual website shows that you care for your customer. The extra effort that you put in builds a bond with the customer.
They feel that you think about their culture and comfort level.  It is human psychology to desire personalization and customization. If you meet this need, people are likely to be inclined to do business with you. A multilingual website not only improves your chances of conversion, but also increases overall customer satisfaction. Simply making the customers feel that you care about them makes a huge difference. ‘Don’t build links; build relationships’- Rand Fishkin.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines are the tools which lead people to your site. In many countries like France, Japan and China, the default search engines are not Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN. These countries have home grown search engines which are successful because they are in native languages. Such niche search engines are essential to tap those markets and your company will be found in home grown search engines only if you have a website in that language. In order to access and explore opportunities in these markets, you need to have a multilingual website.


Customers are likely to trust you more if you offer a website in the language they are proficient in.  They will repose more confidence in you knowing that you are willing to make the investment for their comfort and convenience. That kind of confidence, trust, and respect will be translated into increased sales and bigger revenues in the long run.

Global Outlook

A multilingual website gives an international image to your company. It is a proof-of-the-fact that you want to go global and deal with international clients. This gives a good impression to visitors on your website and you will be considered a serious player.  International firms are usually associated with more efficiency and improved quality of products and services.

Improved Learning Curve

A multilingual website has other implications as well. It gives you a better learning about the tastes, attitudes and buying behavior of the people residing in different parts of the world. This learning will make you more equipped to understand consumer behavior and approach; and thus you will be better placed to add more growth platforms to your existing business.

The Indian perspective

Closer home, the Indian ecommerce focus has now shifted to tier 2 & 3 cities and smaller towns. People residing here wish to buy brands which are not available locally and thus are more than willing to take the ecommerce route. These people are often not fluent in English language; so you can tap smaller Indian towns and cities with a multilingual website.

How StoreHippo can help?

StoreHippo is a new age m-commerce platform which offers the option to create websites in multiple languages. StoreHippo is committed to serve every nook and corner of the world by offering e-commerce stores in Indian or foreign language, the
choice is yours!


Multilingual websites are likely to become a part and parcel of any ecommerce entity. It will help you to get more customers and achieve greater success in today’s competitive web space.

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