Are you confident your store is mobile ready? Think again!

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  • Are you confident your store is mobile ready? Think again!

Is your dashboard revealing some disturbing trends like increased number of incomplete orders and bounce rate? Are your sales going down month on month despite having the most competitive pricing, best sales team and digital marketing in place? Have had various brainstorming sessions still unable to identify the cause of the diminished performance of your online store?

If you identify with this scenario you are one among the many online retailers who have not evaluated the importance of making their online store mobile ready. Are you eager to tell me that your store is mobile responsive and works well on various devices?

But do you know that a mobile responsive store and a mobile ready store are different from each other like chalk and cheese?  Do you know that mobile responsiveness is just about the design layout whereas mobile readiness improves your site’s performance manifold?


Why performance of mobile ecommerce store is a game changer?

Initially, e-commerce was all about selling commodities and products online at the lowest possible rates. But, today consumer expectations from online retailers is much higher than it ever was. Retailers have to understand the emotional and psychological aspects of consumer behavior to stay ahead of competition. As per recent studies some of the interesting facts of mobile consumer behavior are:

•    Amazon discovered that every 100ms of latency made them lose 1% of sales
•    Google reports that traffic drops by 20% if a site takes .5 seconds extra in search page generation time
•    40% shoppers will turn to competitor website if it offers a better shopping experience
•    25% mobile shoppers will abandon their cart and move to competitor website for better shopping experience
•    A broker might lose $4 million in revenues per millisecond if the online trading platform is 5 milliseconds slower than      the competition
•    Google is backing mobile friendliness; mobile unfriendly sites might send your SEO ranking spiraling downwards
•    Despite best offers slower sites lead to customer defection and lower sales
•    Up to 70% of online sales of major online market players is coming from mobile sales
•    Mobile commerce is expected to grow 300% faster than traditional e-commerce and technology and
     site speed will be the main drivers for future success.

How to build online stores with decreased page load time and increased performance?

The above statistics makes it crystal clear how performance of online stores on mobile browsers and mobile apps is extremely important not only for success but for the survival of the business. Page load time significantly affects conversion rates and hence for better performance on mobile devices, faster page switch is very important.

E- commerce platforms built on traditional technologies using regular web applications need to send multiple request to the server for loading a given web page. With the first request, images, HTML and CSS get loaded in a given time duration.

But for every page switch, same amount of time is needed to load the next page. This significantly decreases the site performance and leads to customers migrating to other websites which load faster.

Modern technology using SPA (Single Page Application) offers a marked improvement over the page load and page switch time of traditional technologies. SPAs are web apps that load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page as the user interacts with the app. SPA gives an edge to any online store by providing the following benefits:

•    SPA makes websites up to 4 times faster, as most resources HTML + CSS + Scripts are only loaded once.
     Only data needs to be reloaded back and forth significantly reducing load time beyond first page.
•    SPA uses caching and local storage to improve speed of website
•    Page switch is very fast using SPA as templates are loaded in advance.
•   Apart from SPA use of CDN (Content Delivery Networks) can help in optimization of website and helps in faster delivery of meta data which does not change regularly.

It is evident from the above facts that to flourish in the modern e-commerce environment any website cannot take the risk of sticking with the outdated technology that is compromising with your online store’s performance and user experience.

Why good mobile performance is necessary for future survival of online business?

 Mobile commerce is surpassing e-commerce growth at the rate of 3:1 and hence mobile performance is a necessity to survive in the e-commerce arena. Reports by leading investment agencies forecast a massive growth of mobile commerce in future. It is expected that by 2018, and more than 50% of global online sales would be coming through mobile channel.

What does StoreHippo Offer

With the changing dynamics of e-commerce markets in favor of mobile commerce, it is imperative to use an ecommerce platform that offers remarkable advantages over decade old technologies. Traditional platforms and technologies do not ensure performance on mobile. If your platform is not mobile-ready and is only mobile-responsive, then it's time to switch.
In future most of the sales for online stores would be coming through mobile and hence merchants need a platform like StoreHippo that is mobile ready. We list for you the features that have made StoreHippo the most liked e-commerce platform by thousands of online business owners:

•    Performs efficiently on all devices be it desktop or any other mobile device like tablets or smartphones.
•    Enhanced user experience using mobile first SPA
•    Mobile ready themes that help create beautiful stores
•    Gives competitive edge to your business with mobile friendly stores
•    Device specific themes for best user experiences
•    Customized mobile apps for Android and iOS
•    Better ROI and conversions using various advance features

Customer Speak
“Ever since we switched to StoreHippo, our online store’s performance and conversions improved remarkably. Our bounce rate reduced drastically and we were able to convert better using various inbuilt tools and features of this amazing platform”
- Band Adda Team

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Myth buster post! Clarified my doubts about mobile readiness and responsiveness. I'll make sure that my site isn't just responsive, but mobile ready too! :)

By: Geet
Apr 08, 2016   Reply

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Very informative. I always thought that if a site is mobile responsive it fulfills the criteria of being mobile ready. This article clears so many misconceptions and presents facts which can help in boosting sales and traffic.

By: Sumit
Apr 08, 2016   Reply

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I was in dilemma whether to start a store or not. But after this useful information, now I am crystal clear about making one. Wasn't aware that poor mobile performance can affect sales so drastically. I'll be in touch with u guys asap :-)

By: Shoaib
Apr 08, 2016   Reply

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I'm have a business plan and we are looking for a reliable, fast and advance technology platform for launching our online business. Could you help with some of our queries/ pricing before we take the final call?

By: Kinshuk
Apr 08, 2016   Reply

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This SPA thing sounds really interesting. If whatever you have mentioned is true specifically about SPA then I think as a customer that our experience would be much better then.The loading time in some big e-commerce sites is so much that it becomes irritating.

By: Dushyant
Apr 08, 2016   Reply

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Very true. One more thing I would like to mention is that buyers on mobile are more impulsive. With my experience I have seen that marketing campaigns on mobile yield 30-40% higher ROI but another fact is that you lose the customers permanently if they're not happy with the mobile user experience. After all there is a big competition out there in the market.

By: Yash
Apr 08, 2016   Reply

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