An Introduction of Indian E-commerce Logistics providers

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  • An Introduction of Indian E-commerce Logistics providers

Storehippo, your very own mobile ready e-commerce platform has always aimed to provide hassle free and streamlined solutions to make your online presence a smooth ride. In our effort to iron out the difficulties of online business we have been trying to find the solution for the various pain points faced by our customers.

It’s no secret that shipping has always been the biggest pain for majority of online merchants.

Logistics has the potential to make or break your business. If you do not have a smooth e commerce delivery service, eventually your customers would get frustrated and abandon your brand for your competitors.
Timely order fulfillment forms the backbone of business growth. In our previous write up we have stressed upon the importance of reviewing and choosing your delivery partners with utmost care.

Over the years StoreHippo has tied up with some of the top ecommerce shipping and fulfillment companies in India. We offer pre-integrated logistics to all our clients and process over 3 lakh orders per month through our platform.

To help our clients decide the most suitable shipping channel for their brand we are going to publish a series of detailed inputs about the popular shipping agencies being used by StoreHippo clients.
To begin with let us check the background and freight rates for all the major courier partners.

Blue Dart

Blue Dart is a well-recognized name among e commerce logistics companies. It is a bit expensive than the other providers but has an overall better rate of order delivery and reach across India. Their reach can be compared to the penetration level of India Post which has the widest Pan-India coverage. Hence, despite being a bit pricey, many of our clients prefer to go for the services of Blue Dart.

Shipping Rates:

First 500 gms455055
Additional 500 gms455055

 ** The services of this provider is not integrated with us currently. However, you can create at account with them and get it integrated into your admin panel. 


FedEx does not offer the extensive coverage given by Blue Dart but it has some unparalleled service that cater to various logistics needs of small, medium and large scale clients of StoreHippo e-commerce platform.

They offer three domestic services for India namely, FedEx Economy, FedEx Surface and FedEx
Priority and Standard overnight. The best aspect of their service is their international quality of service. Also, if you plan to expand your business overseas in the long run, you can use the same Fedex account for international deliveries as well.
Shipping Rates:
1)      FedEx Economy (Flat Rate Across India)
Less than or equal to 1 kg= Rs. 50​ across anywhere in India + FS +ST
 More than 1 kg= Rs. 30 per kg​across anywhere in India (Inclusive of fuel surcharge) + ST for eg‐ ( up to 1 kg= Rs 50 + FS + ST , 2 kg = Rs (30x2) + ST , 3 kg= Rs (30x3) + ST….)
Delivery time frame‐ 3 to 6 days.
COD Collection Charges= Rs. 50 per waybill

2)      FedEx Surface (Based upon Pickup and Delivery Area)
Between Rs. 64‐120 for upto 10 kg depending upon pickup and delivery location
 Delivery time frame‐ 3‐6 days COD Collection Charges= Rs. 50 per waybill
**Please note‐ if your shipment is more than 3 kg it is better to use FedEx Surface. For example‐ If your package is 5 kg then according to FedEx Economy it will cost 5x30= Rs 150, whereas using FedEx Surface it costs between Rs 64‐120 up to 10 kgs.

** The rates have been updated on 1 April 2020

3)      FedEx Priority and Standard overnight (Flat rate across India)
Rs. 40 per 500 gram across anywhere in India (inclusive of fuel surcharge) + ST for eg‐ ( 500 gm = 40, 1 kg = Rs 40x2.....)
Delivery time frame‐ 1‐2 days
COD Collection Charges= Rs. 50 per waybill

** The rates have been updated on 1 April 2020


Delhivery, offers Omni channel fulfillment services that help your business overcome e commerce logistics challenges. The best aspect of their service is the customized service that suits the typical business needs of merchants and business owners from diverse e-commerce industry verticals.

                                                             Forward Delivery and RTO Pricing
WeightWithin CityRegional SurfaceMetro­Metro (Air)Other Cities (Air + Surface)
Upto 500 gmRs. 25Rs. 30Rs. 35Rs. 45
Additional 500 gm or part thereofRs. 15Rs. 20Rs. 30Rs. 40
RTO (Every 500 gm)Rs. 15Rs. 20Rs. 30Rs. 40
Fuel Surcharge                                                              25 Per Cent

COD Charges‐ Rs. 35 or 1.5% of value, whichever is higher

** The rates have been updated on 1 April 2020


Aramax has been the most economical and comprehensive e commerce delivery service, for online entrepreneurs. It offers fast courier service and has international quality delivery. Some of the leading marketplaces in India also use them for their delivery. They offer express service which is really fast and can be used for time critical packages.

DestinationUpto 500 gmAdditional 500 gmEvery Additional 500 gm
Within City/NCRRs. 35Rs. 20Rs. 20
Rest of IndiaRs. 50Rs. 25Rs. 35

 B) Terms of Carriage:

1. Chargeable weight shall be actual or volumetric whichever is higher. By Air: L*B*H / 6000 in cms.
2. Fuel Surcharge 37% applicable. (VARIABLE)
3. COD charges minimum Rs. 50/‐ or 2% on invoice value, whichever is higher.
4. Service tax shall be applicable as per government notification.

** The services of this provider is not integrated with us currently. However, you can create at account with them and get it integrated into your admin panel.

Keep looking for our future articles that will detail the comparative services and merits demerits of each of these logistics partner for ecommerce.
Feel free to share your experiences and inputs on the topic in comments below.

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An insightful read indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Mayank, thanks for appreciating our blog on An Introduction of Indian E-commerce Logistics providers. If you need our help setting up your store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the StoreHippo blog! Team StoreHippo -

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Hi i'm looking for a logistics partner , my firm works only within the state of tamil nadu and the city of chennai. Each package we are planning to deliver is about 2-4 kgs each. and im looking spend about 80 -120 rs on each package for delivery. could you help me find a good logistics partner

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Thanks for sharing Valuable information,very useful information

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Thanks for sharing, was looking for this kind of logistics rates from a long time, but didn't get any. Can you please suggest the best of them in terms of services?

By: Kushal kumar
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Hi Kushal, Thanks for appreciating our work. Logistics is the backbone of eCommerce and we understand the importance of it. Every logistic provider is having edge over another, so its very tough to decide the winner, still you can provide me your contact details so that will give you clear overview about them or else drop me mail at: [email protected] Vishal -

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