Absolute Must-Have Features in Top Ecommerce Platform in India (2020)

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  • Absolute Must-Have Features in Top Ecommerce Platform in India (2020)

What do you think happened in the last couple of years along with rapid digitalisation? Customers who once purchased from brick-and-mortar stores started getting online. A lot of them ditched desktops and jumped to smartphones for browsing. Bank payments replaced digital wallets and a lot more! 

With rapidly changing digitalisation, customer behaviour patterns changed drastically. We quickly saw Indian households bidding farewell to traditional ways of shopping. So much so that reports reflect that towards the end of this year, Indian digital spending will be close to $100B. 

The ever-increasing web stores supported by top ecommerce platforms in India lay in the backdrop of this consumer shift. Since customers are the backbone of any business, it is important to power your online business with a solution that is technologically equipped with the right features. 

Let us look at the absolute must-have features in an online solution that can provide your customers with an unmatched experience and make your website a benchmark in the Indian ecommerce market.  

Expansion Support

Customer behaviour patterns tend to change quickly. The best ecommerce software can stand by your side to help you adapt to this shifting consumer trend and gain business traction. 

It is quite possible that your once-upon-a-time, loyal customers suddenly turn towards another web store if you are not able to suffice their needs. This is possible if you have minimum SKUs or you are unable to grow because of the limited features of your online solution. 

StoreHippo boasts of offering a gamut of features like multi-store management features, bulk uploads, multicurrency and multilingual support to help you expand your business. You can easily add different storefronts and manage them from a single dashboard, create unlimited merchant listings, product categories or verticals. 

This is one of the top ecommerce platforms in India and offers self-manageable tools to handle endless searches and customer data. It also provides 100% server upload time during peak traffic to the storefronts. 

Mobile-friendly Website

Did you know that Walmart increased mobile sales by 98% after optimising its mobile site? The point is that whether you have just a handful of pages or multiple, creating a mobile-friendly experience for visitors will boost sales and potentially your SERP rankings. 

StoreHippo online solution builds your website with the mobile-first approach so that all your content intuitively adapts to any device. This facility provides the most user-friendly experience. This best ecommerce software also offers Progressive Web Apps for added ease and better browsing experience even in the offline mode. With StoreHippo, you can also have Android and iOS apps without any additional coding or cost. 

Custom Options

What if you can get technology and DIY tools on the same website builder? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful combination? Look for a platform that is technologically quite advanced yet provides easy-to-use features that you or anybody without a tech background can easily operate. 

StoreHippo the  top ecommerce platforms in India provides customised features so that your web stores look more tailored. StoreHippo’s unique tools such as custom invoice templates, custom quotes for B2B or B2C shoppers, pricing overrides and customised checkout flows help you tweak your business flow as per your requirement. 

The use of custom features in the best ecommerce software gives you an upperhand to manage your business flow as per your requirement in comparison to any other generic store builder. The overall experience for the user as well as the owner becomes more specific and personalised. 

Add-on High-tech Features

While personalisation is a key differentiator to win your customers, you also need added functionalities to beat the cut-throat market competition. With the online world swarming with web stores it’s important to convey to your customers that you have something extra to offer them. 

The right kind of technology comes to aid when we talk about high-tech features in the best ecommerce software. StoreHippo not only provides 360-degree support to manage your business end to end but also offers some added features to help you stand apart from the crowd. 

It offers extensive features such as content and product management, logistics integration, location-based marketing and omnichannel support.  These features ensure you manage your day to day processes easily, incorporate expansion and produce better ROI going forward. 

Multiple Integrations

There are many criteria upon which you can decide whether the said solution is the right choice. Besides offering a range of options, the top ecommerce platform in India should also provide multiple integrations. 

This ensures that all your internal processes are well interconnected for a smooth business flow. Be it product or content management or automated shipping flow, easy integrations allow a seamless workflow across multiple channels. 

StoreHippo lets your website easily integrate with the right kind of marketing tools to render indirect sales support. It also connects you to its shipping aggregator platform that brings you in touch with multiple carriers at negotiated rates along with automated shipping processes. 

Also because of its ability to integrate your web store with more than 40 payment gateways and an exceptional CRM to engage your customers, it’s considered the best ecommerce software in the market. Not only this, but it also supports integration with several SMS and Email providers so that you can send timely notifications and updates to your customer list. 

Security Features 

Online businesses are always a lucrative target for cybercriminals. Hence, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect customer information and maintain their privacy. All this begins with a secure website builder. 

You must always check for SSL certifications and PCI compliant payment gateways while deciding the store builder. This protects your website DDoS attacks and spammer threats. 

With its sophisticated security features, StoreHippo helps to safeguard your customer information. While it offers social logins for easy access, this best ecommerce software also provides two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. Features such as compulsory logins and single admin login ensure that customer card data or digital wallets remain secure. 

Rich Theme Library

The primary goal of any website design is to provide simple and straightforward navigation to its users. At the same time, the storefronts should be attractive enough to engage the customers to close the sale. 

A lot of business owners fail to create such a desirable website because their online solution is not able to offer a rich theme library of functional designs. 

The top ecommerce platform in India, StoreHippo offers you an endless range of themes with easy drop and drag features for self-designing. You can also mix and match the themes or switch between them with the awesome developer-friendly platform. 

How to make an ideal choice for an online store builder?

Irrespective of the fact that you are a small venture or a unicorn startup, ultimately you will need a website builder to launch your business. Your search for the best ecommerce software should also include;

  • Migration support from a redundant solution to a  new one
  • Expected level of support to manage any business model - big or small
  • Features to tap into the international market 
  • No additional or hidden cost once during the course of website development or later
  • Excellent backend support to resolve glitches or disjointed experiences

With the changing market dynamics and customer purchase patterns, it’s time to rely on a solution that balances your business needs and customer expectations. 

StoreHippo, the top ecommerce platform in India helps you create a customer-winning strategy through its future-proof features, designed in accordance with a customer-centric approach. We are happy to extend our 14-day trial store to introduce you to our unique offerings. Reach out to us at ….or leave your comments below. 

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