8 Tips to select the Best E-Commerce Platform for an Online Clothing Store

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  • 8 Tips to select the Best E-Commerce Platform for an Online Clothing Store

If you are tired of your monotonous job and want to be your own boss, starting an online e-commerce clothing store is the best thing you can do. You can either pursue it full-time in a strategic manner or take it as an option for passive income. Whichever way you proceed, E-commerce platform will always be the backbone of your online business. The best e-commerce platform can take your online clothing store to unexpected heights. However, one wrong decision can drain the value of your business.

The bigger concern here is how would you know if the choice you’ve made is right? What does a wrong choice look like? I wish it all came with a warning manual. But don’t you panic. This article is all about guiding you, to get the right platform for competent business.

Here are a few practical factors that will help you choose the best e-commerce platform for your online clothing store

1. Scalability without Compromise 

It may seem to be a minor issue but can turn out to be problematic in the long run. Scalability deals with the right sync of software and hardware configuration. Every platform has factors like system configuration, product quantity, user limitation, etc. that drives the performance of the overall e-commerce store.

Long story short, it all depends on how well your cart performs. Will the platform manage heavy unexpected traffic? How many products can the platform deal with, without compromising the overall performance? There are a number of factors to be considered. But what are the most vital features that make a solution the best e-commerce platform?

The answer is simple, the platform that will not only increases your online ranking but also helps you in growing your online clothing business is the ideal one for you. Let’s see what features should it have to support, sustain and grow your online clothing business:

2. Integration with Tools & Platform 

An online fashion e-commerce store needs a number of supporting tools and technologies like email marketing, shipping, and order management tools. They support the overall flow and enhance the platform efficiency by saving time.

If you wish to have an online clothing e-commerce store, you must search for inbuilt tools like billing, shipping, and filters. The best e-commerce platform should support the third party tools you want to integrate. These tools boost the business revenue and are very critical in terms of efficiency. Just make sure the cost of integration doesn’t affect your budget.

3. Simple is Trendy 

An e-commerce platform is a base for your online clothing business. It is important that all the features and functionalities you use, are easy to handle. Before selecting any service, makes sure your backend is user-friendly and easy to maintain. Try to avoid platforms that have complicated procedures and complex coding. Don’t fall for them even if they have convincing features. Settle for something that you will enjoy working on, rather than fuss about. If you are not a technical person, it is always a good idea to go for platforms that are based on DIY(do-it-yourself) principle and also offer support to assist you, even after delivering their services. The best e-commerce platform will have a simple process, giving you your space to run promotions, change content, upload products and customize the platform without much hassle.

4. Flawless Checkouts and Payment Gateways 

Always remember, the more steps you include in the purchase flow, higher is the probability ofshoppingcart dissertation. The market leaders understand this theory and follow a smooth checkout process. The key is to have minimum steps to complete the transaction before buyers change their mind. In order to pick the best e-commerce platform for your clothing store, you must try the checkout process first and choose a simple and spontaneous platform. Also while considering the platform, make sure it supports the payment gateway used in your business. You can also check features like subscription billing that allows you to smoothly charge the credit and debit card every month.

5. Because Security is Priority 

A secure payment process is a necessity you cannot close the eyesto. Your online platform is the reflection of all your efforts. Any security breach will not only affect the clientele but also hinder your brand image. If you have an online clothing store, you must be aware of the fact that it should have 128 bit SSL and a level 1, PCI compliant. It offers smooth experience to the visitors and executes the easy purchase. If you want the best e-commerce platform for your business, make sure it integrates with the leading payment processes for better financial management and security

6. Good Looks, Sell More 

When it comes to fashion, customers always get attracted to stores that look good. You will never buy that costly dress from a shabby store, will you? So why not step into your user’s shoes to customize and style the online store design theme according to the festive mood and occasion. This not only attracts customers but also portrays that you care evnough to keep your store updated with changing trends. The best e-commerce platform gives you a good site design theme with the flexibility to customize your store and increase your sales.

7. Discounts and Coupons 

Who doesn't like discount and sales? In fact, in most of the countries, the general public eagerly waits for seasonal discounts to go gaga over shopping. In such scenarios, your store must be prepared to offer discounts and sale coupons to stay in the mainstream competition. Choose a service that has a strong discount engine that reduces your effort. You should also have easy options to run flash sales, limited period offers and coupons to make your store look attractive and trendy.

8. Mobile Ready Platform 

Giving your clients the freedom to buy online using a mobile phone is empowering as well as necessary for survival. In order to offer a smooth user experience, make sure you have a mobile responsive platform. It must also have a proper mobile shopping cart and support mobile payment. In the mobile-driven world, you don’t want to face a tough time customizing your platform, do you?

Keep these major points in mind while picking the right e-commerce platform for your business. There are many options that include analytical tools in your platform as well. The best e-commerce platforms in the market give an insight on the browsing habits of your customers, most visited product, cart abandonment, etc. apart from general purchase histories.


There are several e-commerce platforms and services in the market. You just have to figure out which one is best suited for your online clothing business. Look for platforms that provide a proper balance between their prices and features. Also keep in mind the overall expenses like hosting fee, transaction fee, etc.

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You deserve the best e-commerce platform to flaunt those fabulous designs and fabrics! So if you wish to launch your online clothing store in no time and searching for help, contact StoreHippo. Book a demo or drop your query at [email protected].

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