8 Things you Never Checked in the Top Ecommerce Platform in India

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  • 8 Things you Never Checked in the Top Ecommerce Platform in India

Today, India is considered a fast-growing emerging Asian market with optimistic ecommerce growth projections. India’s retail ecommerce CAGR is projected to reach 23 percent by 2021. Add to this the enterprise-level businesses and other wholesale ventures and you will see the figures skyrocketing!

Unfortunately, it’s only the things at the frontend that enjoy the limelight, such as the huge number of websites that have triggered this growth. But what about the top ecommerce platforms in India on which this entire show runs? 

Choosing the right solution – this could be the most important decision that you will be taking during the initial stages of your business development.

But like all other entrepreneurs who have had the drill, will you face the same old problem. What could be the right option for your business? To combat this problem, it’s important to get deeper and look for features that are unique and help your company grow quickly. 

With this blog, we help you find 8 things that you never checked in the top ecommerce platform in India.

Here is a list of questions you might want to ask your solution provider. This will help you get a clear idea about the kind of features your online store builder is equipped with.

  • Will the inherent tools be easy to use?
  • Will the type of platform you choose benefit the customers?
  • Can the software support all or any type of business?
  • Can you also avail of PWAs along with mobile-responsiveness?
  • Will you be able to grow your business in the long-run?
  • Will you get enough security features to protect your website?
  • Can this best ecommerce software provide easy integrations?
  • Will there be any hidden cost as you move forward?

Now since you know what kind of questions can be helpful to let you make a smart decision, let us look at each of them one by one.

1. Ease of Use 

You can always hire a web developer and build your online store from scratch. However, in this case you will be dependent on tech experts for internal modifications. Web stores built through conventional approaches hardly offer DIY tools to manage the business flow as per need.  

As compared to this, a top ecommerce platform in India comes with self-manageable tools that are easy to use and allow quick changes. 

StoreHippo, one of the most prominent names amongst online solutions, offers a gamut of DIY tools that are as easy as clicking a button. Whether you want to tap into the global market with the multicurrency feature or customise invoice templates for different customer databases, all is just a few clicks away. 

Take for example, it’s drag and drop feature to modify website designs and give your store an all new feel in a matter of seconds! 

2. Customer-centric

The best ecommerce software considers the key aspect of your business - customer service. Since online businesses have to exceed customer expectations big time, over traditional stores, it’s important that they are equipped with features that make navigation worth remembering. 

A site that is complicated to follow, provides a disjointed user-experience or has tedious checkout flow is likely to displease its customers. Hence a store builder should offer all the necessary tools to smoothen this process. 

StoreHippo, the top ecommerce platform in India with its rich theme library offers appealing storefronts that enhances customers’ browsing experience. It also offers custom features to manage various filters for pricing, colour variants, sizes, etc. so that visitors can find their relevant products easily. 

Moreover, it provides custom checkout processes along with various options of payment so that customers’ journey from the first click to the checkout button becomes an experience in itself. 

3. Flexibility

There are a variety of solutions in the market that excel in building either a retail storefront, a wholesale website, a multi-seller model and so on. But very few top ecommerce platforms in India will have a classic combination of features to provide all the above. 

Think of the right store builder as a multi-cuisine restaurant. It doesn’t make sense to go and have different delicacies at different places right? 

StoreHippo is equipped with a whole range of features that can cater to any kind of business model. Whether you need a marketplace with multiple storefronts, vendor dashboards, individual inventories or a retail store with customer wishlists or enquiry forms - this best ecommerce software has it all. 

With StoreHippo, a desirable business model with customised business flow is conveniently possible without any tech backup or hidden cost. 

4. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are a great way to increase mobile first indexing and drive more traffic to your storefront. In recent years, the trend of PWAs to bridge the gap between mobile webs and native apps have brought significant profits to business owners. 

PWAs provide added convenience to the users by enhancing the browsing experience with faster page speed. The accessibility to these apps even at entry level mobile devices or offline mode together with ‘add to home screen’ feature helps in customer engagement in a big way. 

StoreHippo, the top ecommerce platform is one of the earliest solutions to excel in this technology. It offers excellent apps with cross device compatibility along with increased speed of up to 4 times more than just a mobile site. 

5. Scalability

Browse through the internet and you will find a lot of web stores that started small and then moving forward became one of the household names in the online world. The secret behind these business successes is their store builder’s capability to support growth. 

You might have begun your online journey with a simple web store but chances are that at a later stage you might want to use the best ecommerce software to convert a simple retail store into a mutli-vendor marketplace or set up an ecommerce enterprise. 

With StoreHippo, this is easily possible. The platform allows you to add unlimited products, vendor listings or feed customer data on your web store as you expand. 

It is also capable of handling endless searches while offering a 100% server upload time. Not only this, but it also offers a range of features like multi-store management and multilingual and multicurrency features to help you do business internationally. 

This top ecommerce platform in India is designed considering - what will a business need 5 years down the line. It considers futuristic needs of business expansion and offers relevant support 

6. Security

Say you parked your brand new car on the street and leave it there without locking and keeping the keys on the car seat. Will the car be there when you get back? Not a chance!

Similarly imagining having a website built with the best ecommerce software that is your dream venture but is highly unprotected. It will definitely not survive in this era of the global issue of cyber crime. 

Security requirements must be in place to protect customers and companies alike from threats such as credit card fraud, scamming and malware. Hence make sure your web stores have valid SSL certifications and all your payment gateways are PCI compliant. 

You can also go for added security features such as compulsory logins instead or social logins or single admin logins along with Google Captcha. StoreHippo, the top ecommerce platform in India ensures your site is protected using the above mentioned mandates and your information remains secure. 

7. Easy integrations

What do you think is the right approach?

Having a store builder with an integrated system of all the necessary features or having best-of-the-breed software solutions and connecting them? 

Of course the latter as if provides more options, a systematic workflow and lesser plugins and cost.

Right from payment gateways to email and SMS companies, StoreHippo allows easy integrations and lets your business operations run smoothly. It also extends an excellent CRM to constantly engage your customers and help you create interactive marketing strategies.  

This best ecommerce software comes with an added advantage of its shipping aggregator platform, ShipKaro that covers all your logistics needs and connects you to global carriers at very affordable prices. 

8. Costs

Lastly, capital investment can be worrisome if you are unaware of the hidden costs that website development involves. With traditional approaches or a solution with an average number of features, it is quite possible that you end up spending a fortune to build your web store. 

StoreHippo, the top ecommerce platform in India offers you all the necessary features to build your business at one go. It’s a worthy one-time investment with no additional or hidden cost for plugins, services or upgrades. 

Right from having Android and iOS apps without any extra cost to choosing your desired web theme - it’s all covered in the one time fee. 

Make the wise choice

In the online world, everything is interconnected and has a chain reaction. The website builder you choose today can determine your growth five years down the line. 

Hence choosing the top ecommerce platform in India such as StoreHippo could be a wise decision on your part. Together with exceptional functionalities, you will also get the support of the best team of experts to manage your website. 

It takes a robust partnership with a leading industry name to shine out and become a brand. Why not take our 14-day free-trial and conclude this yourself? Reach out to us at ….for further questions and queries.

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