8 Savvy Ways To Market Your B2B Ecommerce Store

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  • 8 Savvy Ways To Market Your B2B Ecommerce Store

In today’s fast paced market, the B2B phenomenon is increasing like never before. The global B2B ecommerce market values over $21 trillion, representing more than 83% of all Ecommerce markets. B2B businesses are increasingly looking to adopt digital channels. And this move is driven by the huge success of Amazon business, eBay, and a lot more.  

Having an online presence for wholesale businesses is no more a choice now. Yes, you actually need an online store to stay competitive in the industry. With the right planning and technology, nothing can stop you from building a B2B ecommerce store for better business growth. 

Why build your B2B ecommerce store?

With your wholesale online store, you will have complete control over the shopping experience of customers. But this is not a “build your store and customers will come” situation.

If you have already got your products listed, provide high quality images and descriptions on your online wholesale store, it is the time to market your B2B ecommerce store and get sales. 

Let’s understand 8 savvy ways to market your B2B ecommerce store

1. Catch maximum customers with mobile-first approach 

Mobile has become the most important part of the ecommerce marketing strategy. Mobile marketing has largely been a B2C tool but now, it is considered to be very effective for B2B marketing as well. B2B buyers are just as glued to their mobile phones as B2C consumers. It is indicated in a recent study by BCG that:

  • 80% of B2B buyers use mobile at work

  • 50% of B2B search queries are made on smartphones

  • 60% of B2B buyers consider mobile as an important factor in a recent purchase

The adoption of mobile technology has outpaced many conventional marketing techniques today.  A personalized buying experience using mobile apps is one of the smartest marketing hacks for wholesale businesses. For example, when a B2B buyer has the convenience of checking their frequent orders, custom quotations with reorder options right on their mobile, it will be a highly convenient shopping experience. 

With the mobile-first approach of StoreHippo, you can also leverage the power of mobile commerce. It gives you a host of features and tools to make your customers’ mobile buying experience memorable. It helps your B2B customers to research and compare products, make custom B2B enquiries, make online payments, and complete their orders directly from mobile ready sites and intuitive mobile apps.  

2. Personalized marketing to boost online sales

Today, every customer expects a personal touch. Thus, personalization has become the evolution in the B2B ecommerce market. Unlike B2C ecommerce, it is very challenging to personalize the B2B shopping experiences. But an ecommerce platform with specific B2B features can offer the next level of personalization by digging into their behavioral and attitudinal attributes.

StoreHippo allows you to set up and manage your personalization needs with the features like displaying personalized pricing and inventory based on the different customer locations. The wholesale business owners can easily implement customized pricing based on login, IP address, sales, order volume etc. The customized shopping experience can be the best key to improve online sales.

3. Easy ordering system for enterprise-level customers

Every customer wants to get their orders ready for delivery at the earliest. But the whole ecosystem of your online store should work in tandem to do it efficiently. The large business owners struggle to process bulk orders and streamline the order fulfilment process. Here comes the role of the best ecommerce platform that helps in managing the end-to-end ordering system. 

The easy order management features of StoreHippo includes everything from order routing, shipping labels to returns, inventory and vendor management, and a lot more to fulfil bulk orders without any hassles. StoreHippo enterprise platform provides a seamless order management system to manage order deliveries, deliver your wholesale orders on right time, and gain customer trust over the globe.

4. Seamless shopping experience to awe your customers

We all know how customer experience mould the reputation of your brand but the buyer experience counts even more. In B2B ecommerce, buyer experience has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past few years. The idea of online shopping for B2B customers has also changed over the time. Now, they expect more personalization, seamless checkouts and payments, custom enquiry responses, and much more.

Here comes the role of B2B e-commerce platform that supports everything, from front-end to back-end of your online store. Just like StoreHippo offers B2B specific features to awe your B2B buyers. Some of the core features like headless commerce and omni-channel user experience are very potent for the success of B2B online stores. The key features like custom pricing based on customer base, easy processing of bulk orders, facility to sell on multiple channels help you to stay competitive in the industry.

5. Global solutions to reach international customers

Going global has become a new normal, be it B2C or B2B ecommerce store. And expansion is one of the major business goals of an enterprise business. But it requires a strong back-end to support your business goals. 

With the rising expectations of B2B buyers, delivering products globally to an international segment has become very important. Earlier, going global was very challenging. But a full-fledged enterprise platform likeStoreHippo comes to the rescue here. It offers all the necessary features like multilingual and multi-currency support, multi-store option, and a lot more to make your B2B online store successful.

6. Seamless payment and faster deliveries to keep your customers satisfied

To make the online journey successful for your customers, payment gateway and shipping solution integration is a must. In an era where two-day shipping and minutes of payment has become the norm, B2B companies have to find ways to push out the orders even faster. This can be done with effective order automation through Ecommerce platforms like StoreHippo. 

The enterprise e-commerce platform helps you to create dynamic forms. The form builder functionality helps in creating and customizing the forms like delivery specifications, seller registration etc. You can also add custom forms to gather the specific client requirements. These features automatically speed up the B2B orders by narrowing down the order fulfilment time. Offering convenience to customers, a fast and secure way to pay online, seamless shipping experience leads to win customer loyalty and grow your business like never before.

 The best ecommerce platform like StoreHippo lets you choose the right payment gateway and one-stop shipping solution for your online business. With StoreHippo, you get an exhaustive payment gateway list of 60+ domestic and international payment gateways to offer flexible payment options to clients. With StoreHippo, wholesale businesses can also add store specific currency, language and payment modes to target their customers better. In addition, the hassle-free shipping requirement is also fulfilled by StoreHippo. The B2B ecommerce companies need to ship large volumes of orders, offer discounted shipping, automate and streamline the overall process. With the right features in place, closing deals can become easier and more convenient thus increasing conversions.

7. SEO semantics for B2B e-commerce stores

Without any doubt, the search engine marketing and optimization plays a key role in ranking your website online. And the algorithms of search engines like Google are getting smarter every passing day. So, it gets extremely important for you to take care of SEO optimization for your B2B ecommerce website.  The online searches hold utmost importance for online wholesale stores as 70% of B2B searches beginnings online. It indicates that SEO and content is highly important for B2B marketing and ecommerce.

The good news here is that content has become very crucial in the purchase decision of B2B buyers. With almost all businesses being transacted virtually, digital content is one of most viable ways of finding leads, converting them, boosting your sales, and growing business. 

The B2B buyers regularly consume online content like B2B thought leadership articles, social media content from multiple channels. So, it is of utmost importance for your online store to support SEO features and be friendly with social media integration. These enhance your search capabilities and enhance your possibilities of online success. Just like StoreHippo offers an SEO-friendly ecommerce platform along with the inbuilt online marketing tools to promote your business.

8. Wholesale and retail pricing for different user groups

The business requirements are never ending and why to stop when you can leverage the B2B as well as B2C business at the same time. All you need is a comprehensive B2B ecommerce platform that offers state-of-the-art features for both B2B and B2C requirements and can outpace your business growth like never before.

As pricing is one of the key aspects for success of any business. B2B pricing is also very critical for online business success. The best ecommerce platform should offer personalized pricing features that allows the wholesaler to adjust prices and make special deals to each and every client. Also, there should be the functionality to offer a certain pricing to a segmented customer group. Apart from bulk-pricing a successful wholesale business should also have the options for retail pricing, minimum order quantity, pricing overrides where price changes based on different scenarios. StoreHippo offers all these features to ensure the success of online wholesale business and help you easily set up retail and wholesale prices.

Why build your B2B ecommerce store with StoreHippo?

StoreHippo offers a ready-to-use ecommerce solution with all the above-mentioned capabilities to handle all your wholesale business challenges. The comprehensive B2B ecommerce solution comes ready with 300+ inbuilt features and tools to build, run, market and grow your business to new heights of success.

Equipped with essential B2B features like advanced search, customizable entities and forms, personalized wholesale and retail pricing, pricing overrides, and many more, it offers the most comprehensive B2B ecommerce solutions for modern enterprise businesses. The mobile-ready solution is designed ground-up on the mobile-first principle to help reach the modern B2B buyers who are glued to their mobile devices. You can build your mobile apps right from the dashboard and all StoreHippo stores are PWA making them work like apps when opened in a browser. It also offers easy integration with custom ERP, CRM, accounting software etc and gives integrated payment and logistics solutions.

Are you also looking to explore these features of StoreHippo? Schedule a 14-day free trial today to take your B2B ecommerce business to the next level.

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