8 Features To Keep Customers Loyal To Your Multi Vendor Marketplace

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  • 8 Features To Keep Customers Loyal To Your Multi Vendor Marketplace

The popular multi vendor marketplaces like Amazon business make it look very easy to manage an online marketplace. Customers search for the desired products, click on it, no matter who the vendor is, and the product arrives on their doorstep.  

Everything is done from a single website. Looks too easy, right?

But this ease, magic, and fluid customer experience does not come as easy as it looks. It is important to ensure that your technology is right, tools and automations are working fine, and most importantly, your customers keep coming back to you again and again. 

Did you know that customer loyalty is credible up to 12X of the first purchase? It clearly shows that loyal customers are the lifeblood of a multi vendor marketplace

Now, the concern is – “how to drive the best-in-class customer loyalty?”. Generally, it depends on the set of vital features of an online marketplace that turn into invaluable customer loyalty. Certainly, you want your customers to register, spend more, and keep coming back to your website.

Top 8 Features of multi vendor website builders that keep your customers loyal

1. Mobile-first solution to capture m-commerce boom

Be it retail or wholesale, mobile phones have become the closest gadget for people. And the popularity of smartphones has made the m-commerce a perfect platform to interact with customers. So, it surely makes mobile-first solution as one of the most important features and reaches the potential customers in their comfort zones. A right multi vendor website builder like StoreHippo allows you to leverage a competitive edge to your online business and keep your customers super loyal to the brand. Also, the PWA (Progressive Web Apps) settings help you to make your online marketplace look and work like native apps and work seamlessly on multiple devices. You can also build mobile apps on Android/iOS without any additional cost.

2. Easier navigation, faster loading and checkout

Make online ordering a fun experience for your customers, even on slow internet connections. The shopping experience of customers gives them enough reasons to come back to your online marketplace again and again. The easier it is for customers to move from one point to another, the better are your chances of converting the sales and turning profits.

This is where the role of multi vendor website builder comes into the play. Like, StoreHippo offers easy navigation and fast loading speed to empower the user experience. And these essential features lead to a fast checkout system too. Cherry on the cake is that it helps in reducing the chances of carts being abandoned.

3. Personalized marketing to give them reasons to come 

Winning and retaining the attention of customers is not as easy as it seems when you build a multi vendor marketplace. There are many more businesses who are working hard to personalize their marketing and customer relationship strategies. Amidst this fierce competition, do you think that adopting one-size fits all approach will suffice?

No, personalization is the way to acquire customers, improve their experiences, and enhance their entire journey. Confused how to drive personalization? Well, StoreHippo offers best-in-class features and tools to help you personalize your marketing strategies to encourage customer loyalty. Some of the ways to personalize with StoreHippo are behaviour-based product recommendations, complementary production suggestions and geo-location targeting. It also enables you to drive personalized email marketing campaigns based on the browsing behavior of users. 

4. Secure and trusted payment options

Online payment security is one of the hottest topics for customers, especially when it is about the ecommerce industry. Even if your multi vendor marketplace offers high-quality products and services, promotes it well in the market, it is vital to offer a high-end payment security and multiple payment options to gain the trust of customers. StoreHippo provides a secure payment connection, offers Secure PCI-DSS approved payment gateways, regular data backups, and more to make the online marketplace trustworthy for your customers.

5. Product reviews to encourage more trust

It is very unlikely that an online shopper will not research before buying the products from any website. If a customer does not find enough details, testimonials, and reviews for your products or brand, it will be very difficult to encourage customer trust. In a nutshell, the reviews and testimonials have a strong connection with customer loyalty.

StoreHippo lets you take review, rating, and feedback seamlessly on your website. This feature of a multi vendor website builder helps you to build trust and credibility for the product as well as the site.

6. Excellent customer support

Customer support seems to be the last thing you see in the life cycle of customers but ideally, it is the first thing you should consider to acquire and retain customers. And this can be a super power for your multi vendor marketplace.

Building an online marketplace is not a one-time job. You need to serve your customers for lifetime as it can be very frustrating for customers and probably, they will never come back to you. Just like StoreHippo offers multiple communication channels to your customers, offer live chat, dynamic forms, etc. 

7. One-stop shipping solution

This feature is an indispensable asset for your ecommerce business. An easy to use multi vendor website builder can save the vendors from all the shipping worries and keep customers loyal with an integrated shipping solution. StoreHippo offers a one-stop solution to all your shipping needs. It offers quick product delivery for enhanced customer trust, provides regular updates, offer discounted shipping, and much more.

8. Easy Product Management

The multi vendor marketplaces have a broad catalogue of items that makes the task of product management very difficult. The messy management of products and inventory can lead to dissatisfied customers and soon after, they will start looking for options. 

If you want that all the products are well updated on the website, and gain maximum traction, the product management features offered by StoreHippo is your go-to option. It offers single-click stock updates of multiple products, reminder settings to inform about restocking of products, product sorting options on the basis of availability, price, best-selling items, and much more. Start listing and selling products way too easily with us.


Why is StoreHippo the best multi vendor website builder to drive maximum customer loyalty?

Now, when you know the top features required to make customers loyal and gain better business profits. The next step is to choose the right website builder to support your multi vendor marketplace and drive maximum customer loyalty. StoreHippo offers an easy, quick, and best solution to run your multi vendor-marketplace in the best possible manner. Our full-fledged solution offers 300+ inbuilt features, built on next-generation technology with mobile-first approach along with all the aforementioned features to keep your customers loyal. Check out the features of StoreHippo today by starting your 14-day free trial now.

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