8 Amazing Benefits Of Headless Commerce For Online Businesses

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  • 8 Amazing Benefits Of Headless Commerce For Online Businesses

You must have heard the famous saying – “Change is inevitable-except from a vending machine”. If you are dealing in the ecommerce market or wish to enter into the online business segment, you need to embrace the changes on every level.  And headless commerce is one of the most trending changes you need for your online store. Netflix, Amazon, eBay, have become the holy grail of ecommerce. And there is a strong reason behind their success – they update their websites multiple times in a single day to improve the shopping experience of consumer.

Today’s customers use multiple touchpoints to make purchases like web browsers, IoT devices, mobile applications etc. If you already have an online store or looking to start afresh, it becomes inevitable to adapt the ever-changing touchpoints and handle everything in a limited time. Now, if you are thinking about how the leaders are doing it, Headless commerce is your answer here.

What is a headless solution?

Headless commerce works just as it sounds. With customers connecting to various sales channels including web stores, mobile, tablet, desktop, Amazon echo, and lot more. The retailers have also started to look for options that allow them to make dynamic changes on their storefront without any downtime.

Unlike traditional ecommerce platforms that have their head tightly screwed, headless commerce decouples the head and presentation layer from the online store, making it headless. It helps in delivering any content quicker to any device, screen, and engage maximum customers with personalized content at different steps of their shopping journey.

Now, when the headless trend has started catching on, millions of online businesses have already gone headless to pave the path of success. Explore the benefits offered by a headless solution and decide for yourself.

8 Amazing benefits of headless commerce

1. Supercharge agile marketing

By theory, all marketing activities have to be agile but in practice, agile marketing is rare to find it. The traditional ecommerce often takes the “one size fits all” approach but this is no longer the case with headless solutions.

Whether you are rolling out a new product, expanding to a new geography, promoting the product across multiple sites, the headless solution of StoreHippo has you covered. It allows your marketing team to roll out dynamic campaigns in a matter of days instead of months.

2. Create a personalized customer experience

Personalization is no more an option for ecommerce but a necessary offering to succeed in the online business. Here, personalization does not only mean making recommendations, it is much more than that. Headless commerce allows you to customize the frontend of your online store and offer personalized user experience without making any backend changes. 

Unlike traditional ecommerce, you don’t need an IT squad to work on your changes. With headless platforms like StoreHippo, you can personalize the store and control the user experience as well.

3. Painless omnichannel strategy

This is one of the most vital benefits of headless commerce as it helps you to propel the content anywhere and everywhere. An ecommerce company requires to deliver the product videos, blog posts, and customers from multiple channels. New channels are emerging every second day in the ecommerce industry like Alexa skills, progressive web apps, refrigerators with screens (yes, they too exist).

With a headless platform, you don’t need to rebuild your platform to suit the channel-specific needs and publish across multiple channels. It’s the part of a single future-proof package that comes ready with StoreHippo.

4. Better sales conversion

With the headless commerce solution in place, it is not only about the changes you make on the online store but it is about conversions and results. For example, you can experiment with the back-end search solution while using your existing front-end search functionality. 

As a result, the headless solution allows you to experience multiple things at a time and optimize your online store for the best. It helps you to understand your customers better whilst improving your learnings faster than traditional ecommerce retailers.

5. Remain competitive

Rapid changes, adapting to the market conditions, offering new things – it is all required to remain competitive in the ecommerce industry. And the best part is you can do it all by yourself without any additional IT support. StoreHippo allows you to leverage the exceptional benefits of headless commerce. You can also make changes to the front-end of your website easily. 

Did you know that Amazon deploys updates on its website in every 11.7 seconds? This is only possible when the front-end is decoupled with the back-end and the entire system is not impacted by these changes. If you also want to remain competitive in the market and match the expectations of customers, headless is your way to success.

6. Payment flexibility with seamless integrations

By very nature, headless commerce works on APIs (Application Process Integration) which makes it easier to communicate with other functionalities like payments. You can expand your opportunities to reach more customers, integrate with new devices in a fraction of time, get the mode of payment flexibility, and much more.

7. Reduced go to market time

Nobody wants to waste time in building the multi-channel store for years. If you are looking forward to building your online store without any delays and hassles, headless is your way. It enables you to focus on building the front-end of your online store on different devices and touchpoints as the content can be delivered anywhere via APIs. It automatically reduces the go to market time when entering new regions, adopting new channels, and so forth.

8. Stay adaptive to accept the changes

Since headless commerce is already separated from the back-end, it creates an endless number of possibilities for customizations. To make any required changes on your online store, you simply need to make front-end alterations and you are done. You can make small to big changes on your online store like adding fields to customer accounts, implementing a checkout flow within a fraction of time with headless architecture.


Get ready to explore the headless future of ecommerce with StoreHippo!

Ecommerce is surely moving away from traditional and cumbersome methods to headless and agile platforms. The reason why it is creating so much buzz among the online business is that there are tremendous benefits of headless commerce. Whether you are a long term online business owner or hopeful to become an online entrepreneur, building an ecommerce website with a headless solution can be one of your most successful paths to higher success and better profits.

The headless solution offered by StoreHippo helps you to avail amazing benefits. Schedule a free online trial store to build your omnichannel presence.

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