7 Ways to Boost Sales with Mobile Commerce Applications

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  • 7 Ways to Boost Sales with Mobile Commerce Applications

Are you still wondering why m-commerce has become the next big thing in the ecommerce industry? How has it become the best way to satisfy customer desires? And how is it boosting sales like never before?

So, yes there are plenty of reasons behind it!! 

  • A smartphone is not only a device but a means to change the entire digital world. It is not just a passing fad that will be forgotten in a few years but it is an ecosystem that is going to stay forever.
  • Mobile commerce development is not only the natural progression of ecommerce but a bigger picture of digital lifestyle.

Mobile commerce applications are the digital channel to connect buyers and sellers. With the launch of App store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) in 2008, m-commerce has registered an immense growth and then, never looked back. 

It is super convenient for users to place order, make payments. So, everyone has a dozen stores, goods, and services right in our pockets. 

Well, it is not just enough to have an accessible online store or website, but it is important for you to know the ways to boost your sales.


Let’s explore the top 7 ways to boost your sales with Mobile Commerce applications

1. Personalized marketing and promotions

“One-size fits all” approach does not do the trick for today’s generation. Imagine you visit a coffee shop for your morning coffee mix and you get a cup ready and waiting for you before you even reach the counter. Even your name is spelled on the coffee cup.

Isn’t it a blissful moment for you? And it also makes you more likely to visit the same coffee shop again and again. Let’s be clear. Today’s customers want personalization and they look forward to it every time. Whether it is just a personalized discount, informative notification, recommendations timed for the moment they need it.

The gist is that the users expect mobile commerce applications to understand their needs and make their shopping experience as seamless and easy as possible. StoreHippo offers a mobile-first approach, custom promotions based on order, devices, user behavior, marketing automation, and much more to boost maximum sales.

2. Flexible payment options

Payments are the key ingredient of your overall digital strategy. If you already have a mobile app or trying to get one, a flexible payment system is one of your initial business mandates.

Adding multiple payment options may seem simple to you. But managing the business payments, handling security concerns, and implementing the right technology is actually not easy by any stretch of imagination. You need a one-stop mobile commerce development platform that keeps your entire app easy to use while providing multiple payment options like internet banking, debit card, credit card, UPI, cash on delivery to increase your sales tremendously. Just like StoreHippo helps you to offer flexible payment options to make the checkout process simple and increase convenience of buyers to place orders.

3. Stunning design with responsive navigation

Whether it is an ecommerce website or a mobile commerce application, the look and feel of your website is always the primary factor to drive more sales. Afterall, a beautiful website with useful search and responsive navigation is all what every customer will love to experience online.

For example, a mobile app showing the beautiful banner of “Spring season sale” just at the right time and providing a clear direction to the customers rather than confusing them. It shows a glimpse of your product page on the homepage of the application. It counts as one of the most crucial steps towards getting more clicks and ultimately, increasing your sales. 

Make a difference with one of the best mobile commerce development platforms, StoreHippo that helps you to ace the online business game. StoreHippo offers a user-friendly and compatible ecommerce website with hundreds of design themes and advanced features to build the best version of your ecommerce website.

4. Real time follow-ups for incomplete orders

How about retargeting the abandoned shopping cart orders, sending automated follow-up

mails, and encouraging customers to complete their orders. Yes, you can do it all with StoreHippo.

You can get complete information about the customer and order with the audit log for abandoned cart orders. It helps you to understand the customer behavior and accordingly set the workflow and plan further marketing campaigns. It surely does not mean that you have to do the manual tasks to catch these customers. You can do it in a few clicks and make it visible on your mobile commerce application to boost your sales.

5. Social collaboration to encourage referrals

Word of mouth or referral is one of the most valuable strategies to acquire new customers, and increase the brand awareness and loyalty. It makes the whole process of word of mouth easier and better.

However, creating a buzz through referrals can get difficult even if you have a great number of satisfied customers. And the best way to do it is to have your resources and strategy in place. A seamlessly integrated ecommerce platform like StoreHippo helps you to engage loyal and new customers with social collaborations, encourage referrals, and generate best sales on mobile commerce applications.

6. Mobile push notifications

The push notifications that are personalized, timely, and actionable can boost your sales like nothing else can. A real-time push message segmented on the basis of users, and personalized on their needs creates a sense of urgency and increases your sales in a substantial manner.

The best part is yet to come!!

It is not a simple push message. The modern mobile commerce development platform like StoreHippo offers a delightful experience to drive customer engagement and sales conversions backed by real-time customer insights.

7. Detailed Analytics to understand user behavior

The modern-day users are elusive creatures and ruled by many different moods and modes. They can abandon the orders for smallest of the issues and behave

in a totally unexpected manner. But still, tracking their behavior marks one of the most important steps to boost your sales.

Fortunately, it is possible to understand the user behaviour without any hassles. With the powerful tool like StoreHippo, you can understand your users better than ever before, improve your mobile commerce application, and increase your sale conversions,


Build your Mobile Application with StoreHippo to boost your ecommerce sales

Well, we have already seen the top ways to boost your app sales but you do not need to work on it through disparate systems. Especially, when you get all of these features, and much more on the next-generation technology

StoreHippo is all set to take all your mobile commerce development pains while providing mobile apps (Android / iOS), PWA (Progressive Web Apps), and device specific marketing tools. The host of extensive features offered by StoreHippo will prove to be highly useful to build an awesome marketing strategy, boost your sales, and maximize the business benefits. Schedule a 14-day free trial to explore the platform by yourself and get ready to stay ahead of competition. 

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