7 Trends to make your enterprise ecommerce business stand out

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  • 7 Trends to make your enterprise ecommerce business stand out

In today’s competitive and dynamic landscape, every business is vying for attention!

With the enterprise ecommerce industry exploding in 2024 and beyond, your brand can rule the hearts of the customers only if you are aligned with your buyer’s expectations. 

Well yes, creating the best enterprise ecommerce platform doesn't suffice. You need to be unique in your offering to stand out from the crowd.  

The future of ecommerce has certainly moved up from bare personalization and quick deliveries. 

Wonder what’s next for your enterprise marketplace? 

Struggling to catch your customer's eye?

Don’t know how to cut through the noise?

Fret not, you are just in luck!

StoreHippo brings the top 7 ecommerce trends to help you build an online store that will stand out from the crowded ecommerce marketplace.

To set the tone for growth, here is a sneak peek into enterprise ecommerce industry insights adopting which can help your brand stand out in 2024:

  • $350 billion is the estimated Indian ecommerce market size by 2030
  • $ 200 billion is the estimated opportunity of India’s B2B online marketplace by 2030
  • $ 51 billion is the expected global D2C market size by 2024
  • 95% of all purchases are estimated to be done through ecommerce by 2040
  • 42.3% of brands’ second main sales channel was B2B2C
  • 73% of shoppers prefer different channels during their buyer journey
  • 64% of consumers worldwide buy directly from brands

Source: Statista 

With the astounding growth predictions for ecommerce in 2024, your brand needs the best enterprise ecommerce solutions to chart a clear pathway to your customers' hearts. The immense growth potential in the ecommerce industry gives an opportunity as well as a challenge to enterprises. But with the right combination of solutions designed to leverage ecommerce growth and trends that shape the shopping habits of your customers, you can ace the ecommerce game and drive growth in no time.  

7 Trends to Make Your Enterprise Marketplace Stand Out in 2024 

Since the realm of ecommerce is exploding with opportunities, going ahead in 2024 and beyond enterprise marketplaces need to be adept at handling the ecommerce shifts. In today’s ecommerce world, it is not only about opening and managing the best enterprise ecommerce platform but also about being flexible enough to cope with the ever-changing ecommerce trends.

Let us have a detailed look at the top 7 ecommerce trends that help you stand out in the over-crowded ecommerce market.

Tech that keeps you future-ready

Your large-scale enterprise business comes with its unique needs and requirements. To stand out in 2024 and beyond, you need to adapt to the market scenario that requires you to remain agile and customer-centric to the core. As you plan to build the best enterprise ecommerce platform that is tailored to the needs of your customers, you need advanced creative control and cutting-edge technology to help you stay future-ready. Building a futuristic enterprise marketplace that helps you stay attuned to dynamic market trends is the need of the hour. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions is a fully hosted and managed enterprise ecommerce solution that offers advanced enterprise-grade features to future-proof your business. The StoreHippo comprehensive solution is powered by a next-gen MEAN stack that helps build cutting-edge ecommerce enterprise solutions. Built on MACH architecture, StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions enable enterprise brands to experiment, innovate, and scale without having to compromise on the site’s performance. 

Operational agility 

To hack growth in 2024, you need to offer a smooth buying process to all your customers. As B2B enterprise ecommerce businesses entail long processes and multiple rounds of negotiation, 75% of buyers prefer digital self-service and remote human contact to in-person communication. When you offer self-service features, it hugely cuts down the dependency on sales representatives and helps buyers enjoy quick purchases. You can automate the order processes, shipping solutions, order management, follow-up emails, etc to create the best enterprise ecommerce platform.

StoreHippo offers a host of B2B features to help you streamline and automate the sales processes as you build an online store for your B2B enterprise business. When you introduce self-service on your enterprise marketplace, your customers get more control over the buying process which gives you a winning edge over your competitors. Here are a few features from StoreHippo that help you automate your B2B business:

  • RFQ, differential/multi pricing, customizable forms, tiered pricing, credit management, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), tax engine, etc. to help automate and introduce self-service and create the best enterprise ecommerce platform for your business
  • Automated chat support via chatbots, a customer admin panel to interact with customers on your enterprise marketplace
  • Features for real-time delivery tracking, easy cancellations, and refunds, etc. to help buyers stay informed about their orders

Hybrid business models to win markets

To expand your business in 2024 and beyond, you need to experiment and diversify to hybrid business models. When you build an online store on an ecommerce platform that has built-in capabilities to support various business models like B2B, B2C, D2C, hyperlocal, multi vendor, multi store, etc, you can pivot to hybrid business models seamlessly. Ever thought of combining hyperlocal commerce with your existing business model? Sounds like a good idea, right? But wonder if going hybrid with hyperlocal businesses is good for winning markets? 

  • 56% of shoppers aged 18-34 expect same-day delivery options 
  • 61% of consumers are willing to pay more to have their products delivered on the same day

We bet you get the answer right?

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions come with built-in support for diverse business models. The battle-tested ecommerce solution helps enterprise brands build hybrid business models and go to the market in record time. You can also pivot to different business models or combine the features of the two or more with the inherent flexibility and scalability offered by StoreHippo. To seamlessly pivot to a hyperlocal ecommerce business model, you can start a chain of location-specific sub-stores with the most advanced features from StoreHippo’s multistore enterprise ecommerce solutions. With the built-in delivery management solutions from StoreHippo, brands can enable quick delivery and better customer satisfaction. 

Omnichannel brand presence

Did you know :

  • 90% of customers look for a consistent omnichannel buying experience, and
  • 60% of all e-commerce sales around the world happen on mobile devices

Well, customers love brands that are present everywhere. They tend to engage with a brand on multiple platforms before making a final purchase, with a special focus on mobile channels. When you build an online store and create an omnichannel presence for your brand, you engage, target, and convert buyers better. By being present across multiple platforms and making mobiles your primary sales channel, you can not only boost your engagement but also increase your conversions manifold.

StoreHippo ecommerce platform comes with easy omnichannel solutions that help brands create seamless user experiences on multiple channels. StoreHippo comes with 300+ API endpoints to help you create new customer touchpoints using the same backend logic and APIs. With StoreHippo, you can also centrally control all your sales channels and overview the business performance of all sales channels from a central dashboard. As you create the best enterprise ecommerce platform with StoreHippo, you can also create Android or iOS mobile apps directly from your admin dashboard. With StoreHippo, you do not need to indulge in heavy coding or incur additional costs to build mobile apps. You can also create a chain of enterprise ecommerce mobile apps for your multistore ecommerce business. StoreHippo also comes with mobile apps for various users like admins, vendors, delivery boys, etc. to help them handle business on the go. When you build an online store with StoreHippo, you also create PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices with poor internet connectivity. 

Use AI to your advantage

It's 2024, and the age of Artificial Intelligence is here. With the huge impact AI is set to have on the ecommerce industry, it becomes imperative to leverage AI to your advantage. With AI tools growing to become a part of our everyday lives, enterprise brands are increasingly inclined to build an online store that helps them harness the power of AI and create extremely personalized buyer experiences. AI can be seamlessly used to target customers and offer a customized shopping experience using customers’ past purchases or browsing history. Your Enterprise brand can also implement AI and send recommendations and personalize the customer experience to build stronger relationships with your customers.

StoreHippo is built on a headless API technology that helps enterprise brands seamlessly integrate with the tools of their choice. With StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions, you can integrate with the best-in-breed AI or other advanced solutions to give an edge to your business. You can also manage your day-to-day business with hassle-free and quick integration of third-party software like CRM, ERP, accounting, etc. With StoreHippo, you can also Integrate with multiple delivery partners, payment channels, chatbots, live chat, etc. StoreHippo helps you integrate with top-tier ecommerce software to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. 

Streamlined fulfilment

With the modern age customers looking for same-day delivery, you can make your enterprise marketplace stand out by streamlining your fulfilment cycle. Customers look for brands that ensure easy deliveries and easy order tracking features. As you provide timely and hassle-free delivery of orders, you become the best enterprise ecommerce platform to shop on. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions come with 30+ pre-integrated shipping solutions that help you offer a seamless flow of deliveries on your enterprise marketplace. With StoreHippo, you can integrate with multiple shipping solutions to create a seamless supply chain. You can also optimize the shipping charges by choosing the best fit for your enterprise brand. StoreHippo also enables you to integrate with a local delivery partner of your choice for an efficient delivery solution. You can manage your fleet of delivery boys with StoreHippo’s built-in delivery boy management solution to ensure timely deliveries. 

Personalize post-purchase interactions    

Well, when we build an online store we have always talked about a personalized shopping experience. But have you heard about post-purchase personalized interactions? Well, personalization has always been a core ingredient of your recipe for building a successful enterprise marketplace. With multi-level personalizations, customers stay hinged to your brand and help boost your conversions. You can nudge your buyers towards their next purchase by sending out personalized notifications and offering multi-level discounts.

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions are built on a decoupled headless architecture that helps you implement multi-level personalization on your enterprise marketplace. You can segment your buyers and cater to their unique needs based on different factors like locations, products, audiences, etc. You can also offer multi-level discounts on your marketplace and send out personalized notifications to the target audience in real-time. StoreHippo helps you recover abandoned carts and push the customers further to make another purchase. You can also customize your shipping solutions, logistics partners, payment methods, etc. for a seamless and personalized shopping experience.


No one can deny that the competition in the ecommerce industry is overwhelming. To build an online store and to establish your brand in the minds of your customers are two separate things. The building block is to first understand the market, know the competition, connect with the customers, and then offer something unique that brings your customers back to your enterprise marketplace. 

StoreHippo helps brands build the best enterprise ecommerce platform with its 300+ enterprise-grade features. The 360-degree robust ecommerce solution provider helps businesses go to the market in record time. You can create conversion-oriented enterprise ecommerce solutions for your high-volume businesses seamlessly with StoreHippo. The advanced features and tools from StoreHippo help you handle complex ecommerce business models like B2B, B2B2C, D2C, etc., or create any hybrid business model. 

Are you all set to make your enterprise ecommerce business stand out in 2024 and beyond? Explore the StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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