7 Tips To Improve Omnichannel Order Management For Your Online Business

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  • 7 Tips To Improve Omnichannel Order Management For Your Online Business

Not long ago, ecommerce brands were focused on a single channel for their business. With double-digit ecommerce growth, everyone was satisfied until the disruption named “ omnichannel ” occurred.

Meeting the needs of today's consumers

  • Personalized , localized, and engaging buying experiences

  • Unified experiences across every touch point

  • Convenient choice regarding where and how to buy

  • Fast and free delivery with consistent accuracy

  • Quick return and exchange of merchandise 

  • Search elsewhere if the desired product is not available on the store

These facts lead to two key takeaways: 

1. Ecommerce is changing at a staggering speed.

2. Omnichannel concept is worthy of attention for online businesses. 

Let's understand what omnichannel order management is and why it is important.

Rarely do we think about the complexity of order management when we hit the “Buy” button. After the click, an automated system or an employee makes careful choices to fulfill the order. It considers crucial questions like cheapest shipping routes, inventory location, shipping cost, choice of suppliers and warehouses, and more. This introduces the scope of omnichannel order management for online businesses. Omnichannel order management is the system that ensures that your customer purchases are handled, delivered, prepared for pick up efficiently.

7 Tips to improve omnichannel order management for your online business

If you are also looking to cater to the omnichannel demand, consider these 7 tips to improve omnichannel order management for your online business.

1. Updated and visible omnichannel inventory

It is important to update and upgrade the inventory on a regular basis but this is a complicated task and requires a lot of time and effort. With the help of omnichannel order management, you can update the inventory status in real-time and deliver the right products at the right time. The clear visibility of inventory across multi-channels by StoreHippo is one of the most beneficial features of the platform and ensures effective omnichannel management .

2. Accuracy, tracking & visibility of orders

Many brands make the mistake and deliver the wrong products to the wrong addresses. It causes a lot of distrust and dissatisfaction among buyers. When customer loyalty is compromised, it automatically reduces the brand reputation in the market. The automated ecommerce order management system helps you deal with such concerns and minimize human errors. It helps your online business to regulate orders more efficiently and accurately. For example, it can help you to track orders from multiple channels with greater accuracy and make significant improvements in your ecommerce business operations.

3. Smarter stock management

When your online business grows, it gets super important to improve your omnichannel inventory system as well. A large number of products are stored in the inventory and rely on the distribution center for order fulfillment. Thereafter, the real challenge of warehousing starts. But you can manage the hassles of warehousing operations easily with StoreHippo. The easy-to-use platform helps you to integrate the warehouse management software seamlessly. It provides efficient omnichannel order management and assists you in taking the right step in the right direction to scale up your online business. 

Embracing new channels introduce your products to a large number of customers. StoreHippo can help you manage warehousing operations by seamlessly integrating with warehouse management software. It provides an efficient omnichannel order management solution and assists you in taking the right step in the right direction to scale up your online business.

4. Real-time supply chain management

When you deal with omnichannel orders, there are various ends of the supply chain. It is important to consider that the chosen software is capable of integrating various parts of your inventory such as shipping, accounting, social commerce, etc.

When you select the right OMS and supply chain integration with your omnichannel inventory management, your online store can work more efficiently. StoreHippo helps you to track entire inventory details and activities in just a click and allows you to control your online business through a single centralized platform.

5. Managed return and exchange process

Over 81% of customers consider that they are more loyal to the ecommerce brands that have a generous return and exchange policy. So, appropriate management of return and exchange is worth your efforts, time, and money. You can forecast the customer behaviour in context to return and exchange to optimize the online experience. A good policy for return and exchange surely increases the trust and confidence of customers.

Make your customers feel safe and secure with the right selection of technology platforms like StoreHippo. It ensures excellent omnichannel order management while offering the managed returns and exchange process. With StoreHippo, you have easy access to order return and exchange options that can be processed in a few clicks.

6. Customer experience and satisfaction

Over 69% of buyers are less likely to shop with the online brand in the future if the purchased item is not delivered within the promised time. Managing the inventory and warehouse ensures consistent omnichannel order fulfilment. On the other hand, those customers are likely to be more satisfied with your brand and keep coming back when the orders are delivered in promised time. 

StoreHippo ensures superior customer experience by providing a consistent experience between channels and real-time updates on their order. From the time order is placed, dispatched, to final delivery, the ecommerce order management system provides real-time status updates and order assistance.

6. Full payment and invoicing support

When orders are created and fulfilled, the payment system gets supremely important for customers as well as enterprise stores. An OMS already comes with the promise of providing visibility into the inventory across your supply chain. But you need a fully-featured platform like StoreHippo to enable easy payments and share the relevant data with the financial systems. It provided extended support for payment and invoicing while processing the orders from different channels. StoreHippo integrates well with 60+ domestic and international payment gateways with advanced features like automatic currency conversion, location-based payment gateway, checkout flow and more. It also provides custom invoicing support for all your B2B and B2C orders in the preferred currency.

Why is StoreHippo the best OMS for your online business?

Now when you know the importance of omnichannel order management for online business, it is time to get going with the right technology platform. Soon, you will want to know how to take the first stride towards better omnichannel order management for your online store .

The straight steps to get you started are:

  • Take current details of inventory to know where you stand

  • Analyze your current inventory management

  • Think about how your inventory and supply chain operates

  • Analyze your current ways to do track stock

  • Analyze the gap and assess your omnichannel software options

The companies who stand against the tide of rising customer demands will get washed away. It is the time to adapt the right OMS like StoreHippo to fulfill the demands of customers. The platform helps customers to experience seamless order management experience across varied platforms, devices and channels. With StoreHippo, you can simplify and automate your order processing system to streamline the inventory and order fulfillment from multiple channels. Start your journey to efficient omnichannel order management by scheduling your 14-day free online trial store today.

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