7 Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Mobile Ecommerce Solution For Your Fashion Brand

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  • 7 Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Mobile Ecommerce Solution For Your Fashion Brand

If we need a single word to describe the fashion industry, that would be dynamic! Continuous change, rapid development, and perpetual evolution have always been the trend.

Keeping up with this relentless change, online fashion brands must evolve themselves in the m-commerce space to stay in the running.

With more than 66% of fashion consumers turning to their mobile devices to buy, compare, research about products, fashion brands can only ignore mobile sites and apps at their own peril. ( Source: Think with Google)

Mobile has become an ideal platform to bridge retailers' in-store and online experiences. Mobile apps and websites have become the perfect avenue for brands to deal with buyers directly, expand in the niche markets and increase their sales.

This gives you all the more reason why you need the best mobile ecommerce solution that facilitates a strong mobile strategy for your business and develops mobile-rich experiences for your customers.

7 Things to consider while choosing the best mobile ecommerce solution for your fashion brand

1. Functionality and ease of use

Suppose a shopper wants to buy men's sneakers from your fashion store. But finding where the shoes are on your app have proved to be an arduous task for him. What do you think the shopper will do? Yes, he will leave your app in frustration.

Usability is the ease through which a consumer can read, navigate and interact with your app. When building mobile apps, usability should be of vital importance to you. Difficult navigation will result in a higher bounce rate and a lower conversion rate. Select the best mobile commerce solution that is heavily concerned with functionality, ease of use and strives to improve the user experience whenever possible.

Built on the mobile-first principle, StoreHippo offers mobile sites that just look, feel and work like apps on all devices, i.e., mobiles and desktops. It allows you to make aesthetic, user-friendly,  Android and iOS mobile apps straight from your dashboard.

2. High speed loading on mobile

As a fashion store, you have to upload videos and various product images on your mobile site, thus bulking up your page. So naturally, this may cause a higher loading time on your mobile site. 

But 53 % of buyers may leave your site if your mobile site or apps takes more than 3 seconds to load on their mobile devices(Source). This suggests that users now want a faster mobile user experience from brands. And when faced with higher load time, they may simply switch to your competitors.

The best mobile ecommerce solutions will include optimizations for mobile devices. Using SPA, Content Delivery Network or Progressive Web Apps, you can load your site faster, even when offline. Therefore, it will help you in higher conversion, longer customer’s time on your site, and better SERP rankings.

Using MEAN stack and SPA technology, StoreHippo helps you create a faster mobile ecommerce site. The advanced technology is used for building lightweight web applications and mobile websites that will efficiently and quickly load your fashion page.

3. Customizable store design

In fashion, aesthetics and appeal are everything when you want to attract your audience. The design of your mobile website or app is the face of your store. Your mobile website meets your target audience right where they are at, with the information they are looking for on their mobile devices.

Using a customized mobile ecommerce solution tailored to your fashion store-specific needs and unique processes can help grow and drive your business. Whether you want to customize your products, discounts, theme, checkouts, templates, designs, or payments, your app or mobile website should be able to do all that and more. The best mobile apps will let you customise various sections to engage your style-conscious audience for higher conversion.

StoreHippo makes it possible to customize everything that matters to you and mobile apps shoppers. From direct social selling, automating full-scale campaigns, developing personalized buyer journeys, providing intuitive payments and check-outs-StoreHippo strives to meet your needs at every step.

4. Scalability

Scalability is important in mobile apps or PWAs to execute operations efficiently. No matter how big or small the traffic volumes are, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity of customers’ demands. Events like the national holidays, festivals, annual sales can demand a lot from your m-commerce solutions depending on their purpose. Your fashion app or mobile website should be able to handle visitors without crashing or slowing down.

The best mobile ecommerce solution should help you to expand your business with growing customer demands as and when required. It should be scalable on-demand to make more room for traffic, without you uprooting the already existing software and shifting to a new one every time the business needs change. That way, you wouldn’t have to put extra investment or place your mobile site “under maintenance” every time you get more visitors.

StoreHippo has been designed for the high-growth business that is going to scale in future. Built on advanced technology with a holistic set of B2B and B2C features; the best mobile ecommerce solution is inherently scalable and easily adaptable to both increased and decreased traffic load.

5. Integrations

Do you want your m-commerce solution to respond to market needs quickly? For instance, there is the latest trend in fashion, and you want to update your app according to it. But rather than developing the source code, which could take months, you can use m-commerce integrations to meet your store demand.

The best mobile ecommerce solutions should seamlessly enable you to add plenty of tools to your app to run your business. By quickly integrating your mobile website or app with financial, shipping, accounting, and marketing tools, you can not only save time and money but also boost your customer experience and employee productivity.

StoreHippo, helps you get the best of your m-commerce channel. With easy integrations from the platform, you can add multiple third party software like email marketing tools, live chat, CRM, unified notifications to your fashion app to create new sales opportunities and provide an improved user experience.

6. Security

Mobile apps and mobile sites are always a hot target for cyberattacks. For hackers and thieves, they are a treasure trove of financial and personal data. Last year, the online fashion company SHEIN was a victim of cyberattacks. Hackers infiltrated the system to access encrypted emails and passwords of 6.42 million customers. For any business, the cost of a breach includes the loss of data and customer trust, which can be hugely damaging.

The best mobile ecommerce business solutions should have SSL certification that makes the website safe to browse and shop. PCI Security Standard compliant mobile sites secure customer sensitive information like credit card transactions.

StoreHippo, the best mobile ecommerce solution, offers dynamic layers of security as well as uncompromising fraud prevention, information security standards, and compliance frameworks.

7. Digital and mobile payments wallets

More and more people are using mobile wallets as a new, safer and convenient way to make payments.

Growth of global mobile wallets

Consider some of the facts here;

  • $327 Bn was the value of global mobile wallets in 2017

  • $1.2 trillion was the value of global mobile wallets in 2019, thereby seeing a surge of 266 per cent

  • $1.8 Bn trillion is the expected value of mobile wallets by 2024

This suggests the high popularity of mobile wallets because of their convenience, speed, and added security.

Adding mobile and digital wallets on your mobile site or app will enhance your growth potential as an online store. The best mobile ecommerce solutions with digital and mobile wallets will help you lower your cart abandonment and improve conversions. In addition, by simplifying the checkout process for your customers, you add more profits to your sales revenue.

StoreHippo allows retailers to get access to more than 60 domestic or international payment gateways. As a result, your customers can avail multiple payment options like a digital wallet, mobile wallet, net banking, COD, etc., for secure, hassle-free and speedy payments for goods and services.


After a massive response from fashion ecommerce, retailers are betting on m-commerce as the next big thing. In a world where mobile has become omnipresent, consumers enjoy the app experience to shop for their favourite products.

Right from being able to navigate your fashion store, searching for branded products, using discounts and referral codes, to the ability to wishlist items, consumers now want to purchase anytime and from anywhere. Mobile apps seek to provide these new-age consumers with an enhanced shopping experience.

StoreHippo enables you to build mobile-friendly sites and apps right from the dashboard, with no additional cost. With a gamut of features offered, StoreHippo is undoubtedly the best mobile ecommerce solution provider. Start your free trial now to elevate customer experiences on mobile.

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