7 Technology Trends that will Shape the Future of Ecommerce in 2021

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  • 7 Technology Trends that will Shape the Future of Ecommerce in 2021

Are you stepping into the ecommerce business? Are you clueless about how to make your ecommerce website future-ready? Need some insights and guidance before starting real work? Then look at these 7 technology trends that are revolutionizing the future of ecommerce in 2021.  

To adopt the below-mentioned technology trends, a future-ready ecommerce website builder is necessary. Make sure your builder supports the latest ecommerce developments.

You will not be able to implement these trends unless you have feature-rich, technology-driven ecommerce software that lets you make changes to your online store at any time. 

Let’s explore the 7 technology trends that will shape the future of ecommerce in 2021

1. Mobile Commerce

Mobile shoppers are the most demanding buyers. Now they want a fast shopping experience where they could complete a search and purchase a product in seconds. If your site is not fulfilling their demands, they will change their minds and shift to your competitor’s site. 

Wonder How to make them stick to your ecommerce site? The answer is building a mobile-friendly website and a smartphone app. To build the same, focus on the below technologies-

  • Mobile ready online store

Do you know? A poorly designed mobile website results in less conversions as it hinders the shopping experience. If you want to risk your conversion, then start creating  a mobile friendly site.

When you create a site using   StoreHippo, the site automatically becomes mobile-ready because  we use the latest ecommerce technologies that deliver an incredible mobile shopping experience. Hence, you can eliminate heavy loading and maximize checkouts at a  faster speed. 

  • Mobile wallets

Electronic wallets simplify the payment process. Online services like PayPal, Mobikwick, and Google Wallet allow for easy electronic transactions right from your mobile. StoreHippo has 50+ pre-integrated payment channels which you can activate on your mobile commerce website.

  • Build a Mobile App

StoreHippo allows you to build fully-functional mobile apps right from your dashboard without any additional cost. Plus, making an app on StoreHippo does not demand coding knowledge as it is easy to use. 

  • Optimize Image and Videos

Optimize your image and videos so that they load quickly even on low internet networks. You can do this by reducing the image resolution and size without compromising the picture quality.  You can use online tools for compressing your media.

  • Choose a mobile-friendly Theme

StoreHippo offers 100+ themes that are mobile-responsive which means they load quickly, fit mobile devices, and enhance navigation.  

2. Personalized Shopping Experience 

Good knowledge of your customers will help you in drafting a personalized approach towards selling your products. Do you know? 78% of customers ignore your promotional messages/emails that aren’t personalized. That’s huge!

Now the question is how to personalize customer shopping?

StoreHippo software gives 3 option to personalize

How to do this? From the StoreHippo dashboard, you can create personalized notifications. For this, you have to divide the customer data based on their purchase history, search behavior, and browsing patterns on your website. Afterward, you can send personalized notifications on the latest arrivals, discounts, etc based on their preferences.

Another way is cross-selling and upselling where the website shows product recommendations below the product viewed or at the time of checkout. Example: customers who viewed this also viewed these(products), customers who bought this also bought this, etc

3. Omni-Channel is the future of Ecommerce

Understand omnichannel as ROBO i.e. research online buy offline. How to adapt to the omnichannel approach? For this, you need to identify the points where your customer gets in touch with your store. For example- customers can discover the store by seeing your ads, social media page, newspaper ads, visiting offline store, website, local listing, etc.

Giving a stunning customer experience at every touchpoint is called the omnichannel approach.

With Headless commerce, you can  personalize your omnichannel retail experience and sell better to your customers. Headless refers to decoupling the frontend and backend of the website. This means whenever a buyer clicks on the 'buy button', the frontend  makes an API call to the backend to process the request.  

Headless architecture also helps developers to perform necessary changes required to one element, without interrupting the entire website structure. 

With StoreHippo, you can give  incredible user experience across various channels and devices, by establishing multiple touchpoints where customers come in contact with your brand. It offers 250+ API endpoints to create unforgettable omnichannel buying experience. 

4. Voice Search

With Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple highly pushing their virtual assistants such as Google Voice Search, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Siri, buyers are adopting voice search to research and purchase any product online.

In the coming years, voice search will be the top technology trends in e-commerce. Google has marked that more than 20% of mobile device queries are based on voice. 

To adapt to the trend, StoreHippo has complete SEO support by which you can optimize your products and category pages for voice search. You can add keywords related to your product that people use to find products like yours.  

For example- In an online shoe selling marketplace, you can add keywords like best women sports shoes, Nike shoes for men, etc using StoreHippo SEO tools. Generally, when people use voice, their keywords are long and specific. Such as, 'best men formal shoes for the office. 

5. Image Search

Image search lets your users search by uploading an image or typing a keyword, in the search engine. Top image search engines that support this technology are Google lens for mobile users, Google Image search, Pinterest visual search tool, etc. They first read the image by looking at the ‘Alt text’. Alt text is a description/title of an image that search engines use to show relevant results for a specific keyword. 

How do ecommerce owners adapt to the trend?

Image optimization is the answer. In StoreHippo, you can optimize images with inbuilt SEO tools-

  • Go to your products pages from the StoreHippo dashboard and check the image ALT tags

  • Make sure, for example if the image is about men black t-shirt, the image description should be like ‘black t-shirt for men’

6. Quick and easy checkout processes

Just imagine a buyer landed on your website, added an item to the cart, and proceeded to buy the same. However, when he notices a long and manual sign-up procedure, he leaves your site and shifts to the site that lets him purchase a product with a one-click sign-up.  

This is not only the one, there are 8 more reasons for the cart abandonment

Such as lack of payment options, compulsion to create an account, lack of security in transactions, trust issues in submitting credit card information,  inflexible return policy, etc.  How can you provide quick checkouts with StoreHippo?

  • StoreHippo has 60+ integrated payment gateways that have all the payment options you could imagine

  • You can enable one-tap sign-up or log-in by giving the option to directly sign in from Facebook or Gmail or mobile number

  • For payment security, StoreHippo software offers a free SSL certificate which protects your site from hackers. Hence, you can secure the customer's sensitive payment details from spreading and provide safety assurance

7. Advance Filtration

Customers love customization on every step. And filtering is not limited to - customer top rated or price low to high or prices high to low; it is beyond. Advanced filtration is providing top-level customization in product colors, size, fabric, brand name, price range, buyer gender, and body measurements, etc. 

StoreHippo offers advanced filtration technology which you can activate on your ecommerce website. Through this, you can weed out the buyer’s confusion and help them in making instant checkouts.

Final Takeaway 

Out of the 7 trends, the most important ones are- Mobile commerce, personalized experience, and headless commerce. Why? Because mobile internet buyers have increased after Covid 19 and will increase more in 2021. 

Plus, customers’ shopping behavior has also changed. Before coming in touch with the brand, they need pampering and attention. This is where you need to personalize your product selling process. 

Third, customers are not restricted to one shopping channel. Instead, they prefer multiple channels and want a seamless checkout experience across all the channels.

This is the future of ecommerce! Ready to become future-ready? Want to try these trends before implementing them on your online store? Sign up for a 14 days free trial of StoreHippo ecommerce platform to experience these ecommerce advancements.

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