7 Simple Ways to Market Your New B2C Ecommerce Store

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  • 7 Simple Ways to Market Your New B2C Ecommerce Store

Worried about Your New B2C Business Growth?

Today, new B2C business owners like you and me, are smart enough to start online stores and opt for an e-commerce website to reach the end-users. Stores that were limited to bricks and mortar shops are now easily accessible through technology. The customers can easily shop whatever they want through the comfort of their homes and offices.

But once your long-awaited dream of having an e-commerce store for your business comes true, what next? Even though you have done a thousand things to give that much-needed push to your e-commerce space as a new entrant, we believe there is still scope for drastic growth.

The bigger question here is – Are you doing everything you can for your new B2C online store to get going? If you are aiming for consistent profit (which of course all your competitors are), there is much more you can do to upscale your business. As they say, "In the E-commerce industry, enough is just not enough."

Effective marketing strategies and endorsements are essential for your business to grow. The right moves can attract new visitors at the same time retain the old ones, raising conversions and sales numbers. Catching up to the market trends today says a lot about your online business.

According to the stats, the retail e-commerce in India has grown up to 25% in 2018 and is expected to upscale with time. With so many giants already ruling the market, creating a new brand identity may seem a herculean task to any of us. But trust me it is worth the shot. (Source: Statista)

The promotion may seem a bit tricky in the beginning, but the more you understand customer patterns and traffic medium, the more you will improve. Here is a list of strategies that are popular and reliable and will make you sail through rough seas of competition in the B2C industry.

1. Email marketing – Make your emails too good to be spammed!

There is much more to B2C email marketing that just spamming around without any strategy. Customers today don’t want lengthy content and unwanted data. They need crisp, precise and clever emails that are relevant to their needs and interests. The content in your email be eye-catching and offer value like discount offers, coupon codes, etc.

Send an email that stands among the others, even if it is not opened. The customer should have the urge to open and read the email. Since it is your job to make sure the emails are serving their purpose, make sure you implement these tips in your email.

  1. Divide content into sections.
  2. Personalize your Message
  3. Stir the reader’s emotions
  4. Timing is important
  5. Use discounts to your advantage

In B2C email marketing game, e-mail promotions can come handy in updating the customers regarding their purchase or even up-sell them. Make sure your coupon codes and discounts have a limited duration offer for quick purchase. Also make sure you highlight your USP and benefits like free shipping, BOGO, etc.

Get a platform that offers email customization. StoreHippo not only allows you to do that but also helps you to white label the emails that go out. You can use the custom email gateways to sync user mailing lists for sending marketing campaigns for your B2C business.

2. SEO – You want that Google Ranking, don't you?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for any online business to flourish. Make sure the efforts you put in by doing SEO are engaging more and more end-users. The result is sales and that is what matters. If the SEO doesn't bring traffic to your store, it is of no use.

In such cases, you must revise the strategies you were implementing and study the changing customer behaviour. Apart from that, other factors like a new platform, algorithm updates, and industry trends also influence SEO results.

E-commerce in India is more challenging in terms of competition and regional diversity. But SEO gives you the flexibility of endorsing your products without any hurdles. Here are a few tips that will improve your SEO game.

  1. Go for High-Quality Landing Pages
  2. Use A CMS
  3. Mobile-First Approach
  4. Optimize Metadata
  5. Fix Duplicate Content Issues
  6. Security For The Website

StoreHippo acknowledges the importance of SEO and thus includes comprehensive SEO tools in all of its plans. It not only provides the facility of dynamic landing pages but also is mobile responsive, content responsive and provides utmost security for your B2C website.

StoreHippo is known for its clean configurable URL schema for all entities for smooth SEO. The title, keywords, and meta-description for all entities are editable. Sitemaps are also automatically generated and can be customized along with different SEO friendly themes.

3.Dynamic Landing Pages – Click with your Customers!

Have you searched results based on certain keywords or clicked a Google ad before? Where do these pages take you to? Obviously to the landing pages of the products you have shown interest in. The word dynamic makes a lot of difference when used for a landing page. It is not just a compilation of informative content; it is much more than that.

Dynamic landing pages change depending on visitor requirement, data, location and time. This makes the landing page unique for each visitor, experimenting with different campaigns at the same time depending on the potential customer.

You must be wondering if it is even possible for e-commerce in India. Well, these pages blend data mining with analytical codes to reciprocate based on visitor’s interest. So when certain data and other factors sum up, the end-user can see what is best for them.

Making a dynamic page is not rocket science. With the right platform, you can easily be a pro in bringing more conversions through these pages. StoreHippo allows you to create custom pages for your store and gives you the flexibility to customize them, be it static or dynamic.

4.Blogs and Reviews – Because Content is the King of Marketing!

For once just overlook what you think about blogging. However saturated the internet may seem with content, there is nothing called enough. Blogging is a very important marketing strategy that can make or break your B2C business.

As an online store owner, you want heavy traffic on your website day in day out. The more people visit your site, chances of sales conversion are more. A blog increases your brand engagement and gives you a platform to connect with your potential and existing clients.

You can publish blogs on new features you have implemented in your website, or any new USP you want to share with the end-user, and much more. Blogs also help in SEO where keywords are targeted and hyperlinked to your online store. It can be used to create SEO backlinks that will ultimately increase your visibility online.

E-commerce in India gets to deal with a lot of FAQs and queries considering the population and diversity of the region. Apart from the regular articles, having comprehensive FAQs in the form of blogs can be a great step. You can answer customer queries in detail along with screenshots and pictorial depiction and eventually show that you care about your customers.

StoreHippo offers CMS to edit and update your content, and also manage the product reviews. You can write and post, an unlimited blog for your B2C store and draw traffic. StoreHippo has inbuilt functionality of having multiple images between your content and observing the view count for all articles once posted. You can also share posts on social media channels to reach wider audiences.

As Oscar Wilde said, "There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Go ahead and get to your audiences to add value to your B2C business.

5.Loyalty Program – For Loyalty can only be Earned!

When we talk about a B2C business structure, the end-user buys the product for their personal use. There is a lot of emotions involved in this decision especially if we analyze the e-commerce in India. Influencing the crowd emotionally adds to regular and loyal users.

This is customer retention. It is the most important part of marketing. Your store caters to certain finite customers. According to the principle of Pareto, only 20% of your customers contribute to 80% of your sales. If considering the market competition, there is a hustle between stores to grab that 20% of clientele. In such cases, this strategy has a firm grip in holding your customers and making consistent sales.

If you introduce a customer loyalty program, chances are that customers will spend more than usual. The longer the customers benefit from the program, chances are that they will be more brand loyal to your B2C e-commerce store

If you still haven’t thought about setting up a loyalty program, trust me, you are missing out on a massive business expansion prospect. Any online e-commerce business can start a loyalty program. Even though setting up a reward program involves a lot of effort, it is worth it.

StoreHippo offers solutions that will easily support your plan of action. You can effortlessly enable the loyalty wallet from the store by installing a loyalty app. You can then specify what kind of rewards you want to provide to your customers. If you want your business to grow, this marketing strategy is a must for building your brand and improving customer satisfaction.

6. Affiliation Marketing – Remember, Partnerships aint that Bad

As you already know, emotion is one of the driving factors of B2C e-commerce marketing. Being a service provider your main focus should be how the customer can benefit from your store.

In affiliate marketing, you can partner with different affiliates to endorse your products online. Unlike charging for clicks or views, affiliates only charge on a commission basis, based on the actual sale of the website. This entire concept was inspired by referral programs. Only here your referral is being promoted by the affiliates and the amount you would have given a discount on the referral is their commission.

It is one of the top marketing strategies implemented for e-commerce in India. In such businesses, customers are least interested in a complicated sales pitch and cut to the chase. Affiliate marketing is all about focusing on what customers can benefit from your store and in returns how you can earn brand name and sales numbers together.

With StoreHippo, this marketing strategy will seem like child's play. Eager about knowing how it works? Well, first the affiliate is registered to the store. The admin then sends the affiliate referral link to the affiliate. The affiliate promotes your B2C store using the link. If any purchase is made on the store through the link the affiliate receives the commission as per defined in Affiliate ledger rule.


7.Chat Support – Because a Happy Customer is a Customer for Life

If we talk about the customer-centric business, in particular, it is very different from B2B setup. You must be prepared for helping out everyday consumers, focusing on their behavioural analysis like “when”, “how”, and “why they are shopping for their products.

Apart from that, customer satisfaction is the main focus in such B2C business models. Finally, it all comes down to the basics – smooth experience, personalization, and fast response. Support tools like live chat and self-service are also very significant when it comes to answering queries on time.

Use multiple channels to engage your end user. Integrate third-party chats solutions to offer live chat on your site that answers customer queries in real-time. StoreHippo is compliant enough to integrate with different third party support tools to give you and your customers a great experience


Now that you have the talisman to concur the B2C e-commerce industry, make sure your new online store get the most out of it. It is all about reading the moves of your customers - where they come from, what they expect, why they left. If you get good at this, nothing can stop you from excelling. As Jack Ma has rightly said, ”In carrying out e-commerce, the most important thing is to keep doing what you are doing right now with passion, to keep it up. ”

StoreHippo is an e-commerce platform that understands all your B2C needs. You can easily execute the above-listed marketing strategies with the help of StoreHippo's inbuilt tools and solutions. It offers astounding features that not only enhance your user experience but also make a huge difference to the end-user. For free demo and consultation, call +91-8010117117 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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