7 Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate 2021

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  • 7 Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Is increasing mobile sales the biggest goal for 2021? Yes?

Then, this forecast will pump your energy to work harder towards your goal- In 2021, the sales done through mobile phones will amount to 73% of global e-commerce sales.

B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses: It's the best time to adopt mobile commerce. The earlier, the better. Because early adopters are always rewarded.

Why are we stressing so much about adopting mobile ecommerce? It’s because of the following statistical analysis done by the industry professionals-

  • 71% of in-store shoppers who use smartphones for online research say their device has become more important to their in-store experience (Google).

  • 65% of clicks on paid Google search results come from mobile devices

  • The global m-commerce revenue is expected to reach $3.56 trillion by 2021 – with an average y-o-y rate of 33.8%. (Appinvent)

Convinced? Need direction on how to go forward? Then head on to the next section to learn advanced strategies for your online store.

Top 7 mobile commerce strategies for your online store

1. Mobile Payment Wallets for Instant Checkouts

Mobile POS payments surged 67.5% amid the COVID-19 crisis. Even more, data shows that the average transaction value per user surged from $1,097 in 2019 to $1,500 in 2020. In the next four years, this figure is expected to jump by 50% to $2,254 (source)

Almost 1.5 Billion People Will Use Mobile Wallets in 2021.

How can you make your site rich with mobile wallets? 

StoreHippo has a cluster of 50+ payment gateways that include both international and national payment solutions. You can choose the mobile wallets which are popular among your target audience and location. 

Some famous pre-integrated wallet options you will get are - Paypal, PayTm, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. You can activate them at a click. 

2. Mobile Ready sites for a great shopping experience

3 seconds - This is the ideal loading time for your mobile ecommerce site. Are you giving this to your customers? If confused then check your site loading speed using tools like GTmetrix or Google page speed. And if you are new, then find the best ecommerce site builder that supports m-commerce. 

Create mobile-ready sites instantly with StoreHippo

StoreHippo lets you construct high-performance, fast-loading sites that keep the customers stuck to your site and purchase at a faster speed. All the mobile sites powered by StoreHippo work like apps that let your buyers buy seamlessly on their browsers. Additionally, we deploy mobile-first technology MEAN stack and SPA for creating superfast mobile sites.

3. Mobile Apps to retain customers

Having a mobile-friendly website is necessary. But when we add a mobile app to a mobile website, the equation will become like this-

Mobile app + Mobile friendly website = Larger Audience Base and Faster Purchases

Also, the revenue generation from mobile apps is going to be over $935 billion by 2023, as revealed in the latest study by Statista. Additionally, a study by Techjury, showed that a smartphone user interacts with 10 apps per day and 30 apps per month.

Create Smartphone Apps With Storehippo At Zero Cost

To make your customers attached to your brand, StoreHippo allows you to make Android and iOS apps straight from your dashboard at 100% ease. You neither need a big development team nor coding skills for making an app. Just go to the dashboard of StoreHippo mobile ecommerce site builder and start creating one.

4. Progressive Web Apps(PWA) for returning customers

You have created a high-converting website with high-quality product images and user-friendly information. But what if your ideal buyer is not able to see or load your website due to a low internet connection. How will you tackle this? Need help? Read ahead!

To avoid such issues, StoreHippo has the simplest solution called PWA sites. PWA is a technology that lets your users shop from your website with low internet strength or even offline. 

Thus, you can capture more buyers who might have left your site due to poor mobile internet. Thanks to PWA!

Buyers can add your PWA site to your mobile home screen at a click without downloading your ecommerce app. 

5. Omnichannel experience

How to ensure a fast shopping experience across various channels? You need an omnichannel experience strategy to create memorable purchases whether done on websites, apps, social media, or physical stores. And the most common device used to shop on various channels is a smartphone. 

To enable faster checkouts, brands need a headless CMS(content management system). Headless CMS delivers customized content to any channel or device in minutes, via frontend APIs.

Create an omnichannel experience with StoreHippo

StoreHippo uses a headless approach to deliver tailored digital experiences on multiple customer touchpoints. IT uses 300+ API to offer frictionless buying and selling experiences to both online store owners and customers. 

6. Mobile-Friendly Themes

Choosing a theme can be daunting. As you have to answer questions like- 

Whether it works efficiently on mobile and desktops or not? Whether it is going to attract new audiences or not? Does it have premium features to support future goals? 

To make your selection faster, consider the below qualities to finalize a theme

  • Mobile responsive themes: Your theme should adjust to the size of the mobile screen. The theme layout and appearance should become flexible as per the screen size.

  • Lightweight Themes: Themes should be easy to navigate and faster to load on mobile devices. As mobile has less computing strength than desktops. Hence, mobile devices take time to deliver web content.  This problem disappears when you use a mobile-friendly theme.

Luckily, all the themes available in the StoreHippo ecommerce platform are mobile-friendly. Thus, you don’t need to research so much as all work flawlessly on mobile, tablets, and desktops. StoreHippo has a library of 100+ mobile-friendly themes with marvelous design/layouts. You can select the one as per your requirements. 

7. Extreme personalization

Do you want customers to keep purchasing from you? Start personalizing their  mobile commerce shopping experience.. Let's find out its benefits.

  • Push notifications: When a customer downloads your mobile app, you can send relevant notifications based on previous purchases, browsing patterns, location, etc. 

What are the benefits?

You will see higher buyer engagement with your app, enhanced user experience, and more returning buyers.

StoreHippo lets you create and send personalized notifications to your customer, where you can customize offer/pricing according to each customer's demographics, shopping history and app usage data. 

  • Product Recommendation: 56% of buyers are likely to return to a site that gives product recommendations, whereas 45% will shop from the site.  

Once a user downloads your mobile app, the app will automatically track the user device, location, preference, interest, etc to personalize shopping. 

So start personalizing with StoreHippo, the best ecommerce site.  

Final Takeaways

Ready to rock in 2021? With these mobile commerce trends, you can easily surpass your competitors in terms of annual revenue and monthly sales. 

Businesses should start investing in mobile-friendly sites and apps, as smartphone users have increased from 3.2 billion in 2019 to 3.8 billion in 2020

To support your business in capturing mobile users, StoreHippo has inbuilt m-commerce technologies that will help in enhancing the shopping experience. 

Get started with a 14 days free trial of StoreHippo ecommerce website builder to build mobile-ready sites.

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