7 Features for Higher Conversions on your Toy and Baby Product Website

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  • 7 Features for Higher Conversions on your Toy and Baby Product Website

Have you ever felt like buying those cute cuddly toys, when you bump into them on the internet or while crossing a store window? If yes, you are not alone! Toys and baby products are designed to have that magnetic appeal. I could only imagine what children would feel if I feel so tempted.

Talking about the Indian toy industry, it has been lately trying to catch up with the Chinese market. The entire industry is almost worth 400 million USD. The global contribution goes up to 0.5 percent of the entire market worldwide.

The retail baby product market is quite new when compared to the toy industry. The online baby products came into the limelight a few years back with brands like Firstcry.com and Babyoye.com and since then there is no looking back. It has generated revenue of 23 billion USD in 2015 and it has grown by 67% in 2017.

With such figures, these industries assure exponential growth over time and a lasting promise to bring a smile on innocent faces. Keeping these facts in mind, the retail toy and baby product industries are the most growing businesses you want to invest your money into. With the urban lifestyle and changing shopping trends, e-commerce is the new mall everyone wants to enjoy while sipping tea in their cozy sofas.

If you look at it from a business point of view, you will realize that it is an evergreen industry. Your business will flourish as long as kids keep coming into the world. And that is obvious, isn't it? So if you are planning to start a new venture, toy and baby product is the best choice. But once you become a part of the market, you realize there is a lot of competition. New ideas and e-commerce trends are popping up each day.

To stay in the race and make your business flourish, we have listed 7 amazing features that you must include in your baby product and toy e-commerce platform for better profit and higher conversion –

Marketing and Promotion 

Like any other business, this business too, attracts promotional marketing strategies. Who doesn’t like a little discount or gift cards maybe! These are the initial strategies vendors use to attract potential customers.

To save time and work, instead of generating manual promo codes, choose an e-commerce solution. The solution must be designed to give a discount and generate unique promo codes while referring to the user’s past shopping record.

StoreHippo has an exclusive discount engine feature that enables you to save time and create discount offers without much hassle. So go ahead and plan another festive discount to attract more clients. StoreHippo will happily watch your back.

Cross-selling, Up-selling, and Product bundling 

There are many instances when you planned to invest a certain amount but the store owner managed to lure you into investing a little more. When it comes to toys and baby products, parents get a little sentimental. Every parent wants the best they can afford for their child. So, if you offer them a better option with a marginally higher rate, they will easily get convinced. That is up-selling.

Similar to up-selling, there is another term called cross-selling. When the store recommends a product that compliments the customer’s existing products, it is cross-selling. The product doesn’t have to be of the same category. With baby clothes in the cart, recommending a pair of baby shoes is cross-selling. The similar strategy goes with product bundling where you can make product combos and lure more conversion.

In your online store, you need an e-commerce solution that persuades the customers by frequently showing better products and offers related to their search. It not only gives options to the customer but also adds more monetary value to the order. StoreHippo offers such features in their e-commerce platforms. Escalating sales was never so hassle-free.

Dynamic Marketing Pages 

Let me put it this way - No matter how genuine we are, we end up judging food by its look, book by its cover and a product by its marketing page. It is very important how you design and put that page up. Make it engaging and vibrant for new parents and kids. It is the front face of your product.

With the help of specific platforms like StoreHippo, making a new and dynamic page is a cakewalk for every vendor and store owner. With its special drag-drop features, you can easily design an attractive and engaging page from the backend. The best part is that it is not at all time-consuming. In fact, you will enjoy doing it. So prepare yourself to make a vibrant marketing page this festive season. StoreHippo will get it going!

Hierarchical Categories 

It may sound boring, but trust me, categorizing your toy and baby products can save you a lot of time. The hierarchy of products not only help customers to explore the store well, but it also gives you easy hold over your own product section. Plus the overall store navigation and checkout becomes smooth.

StoreHippo helps you to categorize your baby product and toy store efficiently. Keeping the overall store navigation smooth and limiting the check out process to minimum steps will definitely fetch you better and higher conversions.

Multiple payment channels

If you have an online store, you must be aware of payment gateways. There are different methods of online payment you can explore. But before you choose just anything, go for a platform that gives you payment flexibility.

Your e-commerce solution should have multiple payment channels that support fast payments. Look for a solution that has multiple choices. It must have options for international payments and even ‘cash on delivery’ feature. Automatic reconciliation, customizable checkout flow, and adaptive payments are the major things one needs to consider.

StoreHippo is a platform that gives you payment options that include debit/credit card, payment gateways, and e-wallets. It has collaborated with more than 20 channels to provide a faster and better way of payment options for both customers and store owners.

Multi-Currency Pricing 

Everyone dreams of expanding their online business internationally. But it is not a dream anymore. It is not a difficult step to take. Just a few formalities and your store are set to take over the international market with ease.

While choosing a perfect solution, make sure it has a multi-currency pricing feature. This feature enables you to sell your toys and baby products in the international market and price them in foreign currency. The return and reporting, however, will be in your domestic currency for better management and handling.

StoreHippo has this unique feature in its platforms and stores. It can easily detect the customer’s IP address and show them the rates in their own currency. This feature not only saves your effort but also time.

Personalized Follow-Up

No one reads those long newsletters you send. People don’t have time. Keeping this in mind, make sure you are connected with your customers and potential leads over personalized follow up. You can call, SMS or drop an email. Make sure you sound like you are precisely talking to them.

StoreHippo provides an e-commerce solution that gives you an edge over the others by allowing you to send personalized follow-up emails, SMS, web and mobile push notifications. It also makes sure all the emails aren’t sent together, to avoid spamming. Abandoned cart follows up also ensures your customers will come back to complete the checkout.

Toy and baby product business is a vast industry. For better conversion, we need a better solution provider. This industry has a lot of scopes. As I already mentioned above, revenue is not an issue. Attracting online conversion is. To overcome that, you can go for an e-commerce solution that implements these features in its platform.

StoreHippo provides all the above features in their e-commerce solution. It gives customers, the flexibility to modify the solution as per their prerequisites. StoreHippo deals with an exclusive range of e-commerce services that not only gives perfect backup for a customer support system, and also sustains the business growth. To make your own baby product and toy portal, contact StoreHippo at [email protected] or call +91-80101 17117.

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