7 Ecommerce shopping cart features that make visitors buy from your online store

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The ecommerce shopping cart of your webstore can hold the key to the success or doom of your new online venture. If you have entered the ecommerce market hoping to cash on the great boom in the industry, it becomes imperative that you offer the best shopping experience to your customers. 

Apart from a rich catalogue of products at competitive pricing, you need to ensure that you have an advanced cart software that aids your customers in quickly completing their purchase. With the average cart abandonment rate already being very high (between 50% to 80% depending on your vertical) you need to ensure that your cart software is smooth and hassle free. 

Shoppers on online retail store exhibit a selective behaviour and buy from the site only if the the site performance, product offerings and ordering process,  put together wins their confidence.A feature rich shopping cart not only boosts customers trust but also brings higher conversions.
To keep your customers coming back for repeat orders on your store your ecommerce shopping cart should incorporate the following features;

Device Independent

Online shoppers now a days prefer to use different devices throughout the day for searching, selecting and finally purchasing any product. If you want your business to do well you should be able to provide seamless cross device experience to your buyers. Your cart should be able to work without any break on all the mobile devices being used by online buyers for completing their purchase.

Multiple Payments Channels

A good cart should be able to provide your customers with multiple payment options which they can use as per their convenience. If you offer limited payment options to your customers you are limiting your sales as a direct result. Ensuring all your payment channels are secure for online transactions and you can offer a safe ecommerce shopping cart to your customer and gain their trust.

Simple Search Functionality

Shoppers keep navigating back and forth on any site while adding products to their cart. A good cart should facilitate easy search and navigation helping the buyers to complete their purchase fast.  If your cart takes too much time in search or navigation your customers might drop the idea of purchasing from you and move on to other stores.

Product Images and Review

Good product images with various views and the feature of product rating and review can boost your sales greatly. Customers give more value to the reviews of other customers and go through the ratings and reviews before making a final buying decision. By adding the product rating feature to your ecommerce shopping cart you can win customer confidence and get better sales.

Inventory Status 

Showing real time inventory status of your products to your customers can boost your sales by creating a sense of urgency. If a customer is genuinely interested in buying a product and sees that only 2 items are left in stock he would try to complete the purchase asap. On the other hand if you show your products out of stock you can save the customer’s time and give them the option to be notified when product is back in stock. This simple ecommerce shopping cart feature can win back many lost sales for you.

Discounts and Promotions

Tracking customer behaviour on your website can give you insight into the way your customers prefer to shop. By equipping your cart to send special discounts and promotions to interested buyers you can engage your customers better and also increase your conversions.

Simple and Secure checkout

Providing a secure checkout feature with your ecommerce shopping cart is imperative to win customer confidence. When users are sharing their critical financial information online they need to be sure that their data is encrypted and passes through secure points during the transaction. The checkout process should be simple and avoid multiple inputs of same information.


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