7 Challenges Of B2B Ecommerce Website Development

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  • 7 Challenges Of B2B Ecommerce Website Development

B2B ecommerce is seeing rapid growth and it has even outpaced the growth and development of B2C ecommerce over the years. 

This growth is surely backed up with many strong reasons like a B2B ecommerce solution gives you a new sales channel, allows you to reach the global market. Just like the retail industry has ushered in luxuries of same-day deliveries, anywhere deliveries, online payments, easy returns and refunds, ease of making transactions, and much more. Now, it is the perfect time for wholesale businesses to catch the fast-moving online businesses and develop a state-of-the-art website that serves the purpose of today’s generation. 

Why enterprise businesses are lagging behind the times when it comes to ecommerce? Probably, they face more business challenges than retailers like complex processes and sales channels, multiple product lines, and more. 

Until last decade, wholesale ecommerce businesses were flourishing with old technology and processes but not anymore. A lot has changed in enterprise ecommerce since then. A well-planned B2B ecommerce website development is mandatory to achieve success in today’s competitive era.

If you want to ride the next wave of ecommerce growth of wholesale businesses, you need to understand the challenges, why it matters, and ways to address them.

Top 7 challenges while developing B2B ecommerce business and ways to address them

1. Finding the perfect technology 

Due to the rapid technological changes in business-to-business ecommerce, it has become very challenging to find a future-proof technology. A perfect technology for ecommerce is the one that works for your enterprise business now and scales up with the growing business requirements in the future.  

It is important to adopt a flexible and scalable solution that can handle the enterprise-level order volumes, multiple vendors, customers, and payments etc. Also, a mobile-friendly B2B ecommerce solution is a must-have if you do not want to miss out on sales.

2. Adding multiple brands and products on a single portal

Starting an ecommerce business for your high volume business looks cool in the beginning but managing the huge back-end operations without a right platform can be very challenging. When you deal with an endless number of brands and products, it can become very frustrating to sort and organize them well on the ecommerce portal.

That’s the reason you need a fully-managed solution to kick off your B2B ecommerce website development successfully.

3. Time-consuming customizations

Enterprise business does not work as smoothly as retail ones. It requires multiple customizations like unique business flows, systems, requirements, and a lot more. Most of the time, you do not get enough time to make these changes. And getting stuck with these time-consuming customizations can cost really high to your business.

4. Customer specific pricing

 “Customers are always the king” and a business always needs to outmatch their expectations. Dealing with large scale business means dealing with client relationships. If a B2B ecommerce solution cannot offer unique pricing, deals, need-based promotions, it can become a major challenge. Look out for a powerful solution that provides customer-specific pricing features and helps drive better sales.

5. Implementing seamless Integrations

A wholesale business is all about the ecosystem and not only the sole business operations. It always needs a solution that facilitates seamless and rapid integration with the existing systems and open to new ones as well.

If you partner with a ready-to-go B2B ecommerce solution, it can help you integrate with all your back-end legacy systems like CRM, ERP in real-time. Also, it offers smooth integration with logistics, payment gateways and other important functionalities to boost your business processes.

6. Lack of global solutions

As an ecommerce business, going global has become the new normal. And that’s what is the ultimate goal of an enterprise business. But you need a reliable platform that can support your business goals. It should offer extended features like multilingual and multi-currency support, multi-store option, and a lot more.

Considering these challenges in the initial phase of B2B ecommerce website development is very helpful to find the right platform. These barriers can be easily managed with a customizable platform with go-global features and solutions.

7. Implementation of B2B and B2C models together 

The arena of business requirements never ends. And why to stop when you can leverage the benefits of implementing B2C with B2B business. A comprehensive solution that can offer state-of-the-art features for both B2B and B2C requirements can outpace your business growth like never before.

To be successful in the enterprise business arena, you need to fulfil the ever-changing demands of customers and address enterprise-level challenges throughout the buying cycle. The most interesting fact here is – you can get it all at a much less cost and efforts with a B2B ecommerce solution.

Dealing these challenges is easier with StoreHippo

StoreHippo offers an in-built ecommerce solution with all these capabilities to handle your wholesale business challenges. Let’s have a look at some of its features that can help build, scale, and grow your wholesale business. 

  •  Multi-store Management to help you manage multiple product lines on a single portal with micro-sites.

  • Multi-seller Marketplace to onboard and manage vendors, distributors, retailers for different varieties of products and services.

  • Mobile friendly solution to give an extra oomph to your online business. It also offers PWA stores to make your business look and work perfectly on multiple devices.

  • Global solution and features like multi-currency payments, multi-lingual stores, multi-currency invoices, taxes etc. to convert your site into a global B2B ecommerce solution anytime you want.
  • Wholesale and retail configurations to help you manage your B2B as well as B2C ecommerce website on a single portal.

  • Third-party application integrations to enable seamless business operations. You can integrate easily with pre-integrated payment gateways, logistics solutions, existing systems like ERP, CRM, accounting software etc.


Make your B2B ecommerce website development as easy as pie with StoreHippo

Knowing the challenges of business helps you deal with them in a better manner. The turnkey enterprise ecommerce solution offered by StoreHippo is all you need to tackle all of your ecommerce challenges. It offers 300+ inbuilt features to make your online business processes hassle-free and boost the growth at different stages of your business lifecycle. 

Explore the top features offered by StoreHippo platform by starting your 14-day free trial and be the next change in the industry.

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