7 Benefits Of Building A Multilingual Marketplace Website In India

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  • 7 Benefits Of Building A Multilingual Marketplace Website In India

Want to grow the reach of your enterprise marketplace to customers across India? 

Looking for something simple that can help you connect with your diverse audience base? 

What if we say, one single change can connect your brand with your clients like none of your competitors can?

Not sure what?

Well, well, we are talking about a multilingual marketplace website

Not sure how this simple addition of multiple languages will benefit your enterprise business?

To help you understand its importance better, here are some multilingual ecommerce trends:

  • ~2.4x growth expected in the number of ecommerce users in India from 2021 to 2027
  • 68% of the buyers prefer to interact with businesses in their native language 
  • 64% of the people are willing to invest more just to get products or services offered in the native language
  • 75% of customers would like to buy from enterprise marketplace selling in their native language
  • 43.63% of the total population in India speaks Hindi, followed by Bengali and Marathi

Source: Statista, Internet World Stats

Convinced how going multilingual can help you achieve better conversions and higher ROI? You can easily tap into the new markets in India and build a loyal customer base with your multilingual enterprise marketplace. With a marketplace that communicates in multiple languages, you open your brand to business opportunities in the global markets as well. All you need is an ecommerce solution provider that can help you either build an online marketplace in India that supports multiple languages or convert your marketplace website into multiple languages with its powerful features. 

Why should enterprises go for a multilingual marketplace website in India 

The Indian ecommerce industry is booming with sellers and brands today. There are more than 19,000 ecommerce companies in India and it’s tough to cut through the clutter. But, with the right technology at hand and the right marketing strategy in mind, you can create your own space in the Indian ecommerce world. 

Let us look at 7 reasons why you should build an online marketplace in India in multiple languages:

Widens customer base

Did you know that over 38% of the internet users in India browse the websites in Hindi, 5% in Kannada and 27% users in English? Yes, you can tap into the different language groups of customers by offering multiple languages on your enterprise marketplace website. The more languages you offer to your audience, the more at ease they feel making a purchase, thus increasing your customer base manifold. 

Generates customer confidence

Are you a customer-centric brand? Let’s find out. 

Do you show content to your customers in multiple local languages? If yes, you are sorted. And if not, now is the time you reconsider the decision. When you offer a multilingual marketplace to your customers, you make them feel connected to your brand and to the products and services you offer. While spending time on your enterprise marketplace website, your customers trust you as a seller and by word of mouth promotions bring in more buyers to your business. 

Doesn’t that sound like an interesting way to increase your customer base? It sure is.

Enables informed checkouts 

Lack of complete product details is one of the biggest reasons behind cart abandonment in India. Customers love to understand and evaluate the product before making their buying decisions. And to be able to evaluate their intended purchase on your enterprise marketplace platform, buyers need to have images from various angles, 360-degree product view, videos, complete product descriptions etc.

But what happens when you provide all the detailed information in a language that is foreign to your customer? You find yourself looking at abandoned carts again. Here comes to your rescue a multilingual marketplace website, where you can cater to customers speaking a multitude of languages. You can offer your marketplace website content, information on products and services, checkout processes, etc in the language of your customer’s choice. 

Boosts order volume 

It is a common behaviour that people tend to buy more when they find products and services being offered in their native language. Well, why not capitalize on this very known fact? 

When you offer the ease of shopping to your customers, meaning access to content and information in multiple languages, they tend to buy more often. With a multilingual website, you offer your customers the goodness and convenience of online shopping in their native language. An informed decision leads to an increase in order frequency. 

Reduces returns and refunds

A quarter of all consumers return between 5% and 15% of the items they buy online. How do you ensure less returns and refunds for your enterprise business

Have you thought about making your customers understand the product better? A customer who has understood the product and features well is less likely to make a return as opposed to a customer who had difficulty in understanding the product description. Now the question here is - how to ensure your customers are able to apprehend your product well? 

The answer is simple, build an online marketplace in India that is easily readable and understandable. Offer your content in multiple languages and watch your returns and refunds minimize. 

Offers an Indian outlook

Ecommerce has today spread its wings in tier II and tier III cities in India, where people are increasingly involved in online shopping. By offering multiple languages on your website, you put out an impression that you are a customer centric enterprise looking out for their customers. 

However, the small town people are not very fluent with the English language which is offered by most and all brands. When you offer a multilingual website that reflects an Indian outlook, the customers feel closer to their home and culture. By putting them first, you can tap the Indian customer base with much ease.

Helps rank high on SERPs 

The search engines look for relevance and context of the content you put on your enterprise marketplace platform. The tried and tested cheat codes of all time to rank higher on the SERPs is to create content in multiple languages. Much to your surprise, even the same content, just in a different language can help you yield better results on the SERPs. 

It's time you create a multilingual website and get better SEO results whilst you also cater to your customer’s needs and demands. 

How does StoreHippo help build a multilingual website in India?

Building a multilingual website for your enterprise business is not really an uphill task with StoreHippo. It offers powerful features that make it easy to convert the website into a multilingual marketplace website. With its easy-to-use multilingual solutions, you can translate your enterprise marketplace website into 100+ different languages including RTL languages like Urdu, Hebrew etc. You can also automate the translation process and create a multilingual website in just a few clicks. StoreHippo allows you to improve your mobile app conversions by supporting the user's native language in the app as well. 


It is no doubt that reaching the far-flung markets has been easier than ever with such comprehensive solutions right at your fingertips. You can explore the diverse domestic ecommerce markets and connect to local buyers and sellers as you build an online marketplace in India that is multilingual.

StoreHippo’s comprehensive solution facilitates online selling in multiple languages without the need of any additional apps or plugins. You do not have to face the technical glitches and hassles of bug fixing on your enterprise marketplace website and start selling in multiple languages in no time.  

Are you ready to take your enterprise marketplace to the corners in India and achieve better conversions? Explore the StoreHippo multilingual marketplace builder by starting your 14-day free trial now.


1. Will it be very difficult to create a multilingual enterprise marketplace in India?

No. It totally depends on the choice of your enterprise marketplace builder in India. With StoreHippo ecommerce solutions, it is not at all difficult to create a multilingual enterprise marketplace. StoreHippo comes with built-in support for 100+ languages including Right-to-Left languages like Urdu. With the automatic translation control from StoreHippo, you can translate your website into multiple languages and your customers can choose to shop in their native language.

StoreHippo is a SaaS-based ecommerce platform that helps you build an online marketplace in India in a fraction of time as compared to building your marketplace from scratch. StoreHippo supports a variety of business models like B2C, D2C, B2B, B2B2C, or any hybrid business models for your brand.

2. Will it be possible to create a customized marketplace website for different regions of India?

Yes, you can create a customized marketplace website for different regions in India and cater to different audience groups. Built on a decoupled headless architecture, StoreHippo comes with various tools and features to help you create a customized marketplace based on the unique needs and requirements of your business. You can also create a chain of customized marketplaces, based on locations or audiences right from your admin dashboard with StoreHippo. You can also customize the shipping solutions, and digital payments, or personalize the pricing on different sub-stores, etc with the StoreHippo marketplace website builder. You can also create unique designs for your marketplace for different locations of India. 

3. How can we build multilingual mobile apps for different buyer segments?

When you choose StoreHippo as your service provider, you can build multilingual mobile apps quite seamlessly. StoreHippo is built on a mobile-first approach that comes with a built-in mobile app builder. You can create multilingual Android or iOS mobile apps right from your admin dashboard at zero additional costs and without having to worry about coding. StoreHippo enterprise marketplace solution comes with multilingual support for mobile devices and also offers mobile solutions for different users like admin, vendors, delivery boys etc to help them handle their business on the go. StoreHippo helps build PWA multilingual websites that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices and in areas with poor internet connectivity.

4. Are there marketplace website builders in India that offer built-in marketing tools?

Yes there are. A 360-degree marketplace website builder in India like StoreHippo comes with a host of marketing tools. You can implement multi-level discounts on your multilingual marketplace with StoreHippo’s powerful built-in discount engine. With StoreHippo’s notification feature, you can also send out personalized notifications about offers and discounts to engage, attract and convert buyers. With the built-in comprehensive SEO engine from StoreHippo, you can rank your enterprise marketplace higher on SERPs and create unique URLs, meta descriptions, meta tags, etc. You can also offer personalized content to your customers in their native language using the built-in blog engine from StoreHippo. You can however also integrate StoreHippo with your choice of paid marketing software. 

5. Is it possible to offer customer support solutions in multiple languages?

Yes, it is possible to offer customer support in multiple languages when you choose StoreHippo to build an online marketplace in India. Customer satisfaction is the top priority for StoreHippo, we help you offer advanced customer support solutions on your marketplace. With StoreHippo’s support for 100+ different languages including right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew, you can engage with your audience in their native language by offering multilingual website content. You can connect with your customers through automated tools and features like SMS, push and email notifications, social media integrations, live chat, chatbots, etc. You can also integrate with the customer support software of your own choice.

6. What tools and plugins will be needed to manage inventory and orders on my marketplace website?

You do not need extra apps or plugins to manage your inventory with StoreHippo. To help you manage inventory and orders on your marketplace website, StoreHippo comes with a hassle-free inventory and order management system. The well-rounded, automated, and feature-rich OMS and inventory management solutions offer a smooth functioning of business operations. The built-in OMS helps you streamline your order and inventory planning with its advanced, automated, and simplified order processing on your multilingual marketplace. The efficient order management system provides a rich insight into the business helping you to draft strategic business growth plans. 

7. What security features shall I look for in my enterprise marketplace solutions?

When you build a marketplace in India, look for features that help you keep your customer's transactions and other sensitive information safe. StoreHippo enterprise marketplace builder helps maintain security on your marketplace with its PCI-DSS-compliant ecommerce platform. With StoreHippo, you get access to high-end security measures that help you protect your customers’ data and other sensitive pieces of information. You can build a PCI-DSS-compliant ecommerce marketplace website in a few easy steps. StoreHippo offers multi-level security features and tools like audit logs and free SSL certificates. StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions come with 60+ pre-integrated payment gateways that help you offer a secure and frictionless checkout process as well. 

8. Do my vendors need technical training to sell in multiple languages when using a top marketplace website builder?

It depends on your choice of marketplace platform. As you build an online marketplace in India with StoreHippo, your vendors do not need technical training to sell in multiple languages with StoreHippo. The easy-to-use intuitive vendor dashboard from StoreHippo helps even novice sellers to seamlessly sell on the ecommerce platform. StoreHippo ecommerce solutions offer a separate vendor account for each seller to help them manage and perform their day-to-day business operations. The central dashboard offers a complete view of order summary, sales report, etc in just a few clicks.

However, if your vendors still face difficulty in understanding, StoreHippo enterprise marketplace builder offers a rich help center with detailed answers to all your questions. 

9. If I want to expand my multilingual marketplace website outside of India, how do I deal with shipping and payments across borders?

If you plan to expand your business outside of India while using StoreHippo ecommerce solutions, you need not worry about shipping and payments in the global markets. StoreHippo enterprise marketplace solutions come with built-in support to manage both shipping and payments. You can integrate with StoreHippo’s 60+ domestic and international payment gateways to create a frictionless payment process. And with StoreHippo’s multi-currency support, your customers can seamlessly make payments in their native currencies. You can also enable IP-based auto switch or set different currencies for different locations on your marketplace website. 

You can also manage global shipping with StoreHippo’s global shipping solutions. You can choose to integrate with StoreHippo’s 30+ shipping partners and streamline quick deliveries to global customers as well. You can also connect with local vendors from global markets for quick deliveries. With StoreHippo’s built-in delivery boy management solutions, you can also onboard your delivery boys to ensure hassle-free global deliveries on your multilingual marketplace.        

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Creating a multilingual marketplace in India is a game-changer for business growth! These benefits are spot on!

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The benefits of building a multilingual marketplace website in India, as outlined in the blog, are definitely worth considering for businesses looking to expand their reach and tap into new markets.

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I had never really considered the benefits of building a multilingual marketplace website in India, but this blog post from StoreHippo makes a compelling case. Thanks for opening my eyes to this opportunity!

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Multilingual marketplace websites diversify your target audience and gives you a wider set of people to cater to. This article explains the benefits of having a multilingual website very well. Really informative article, keep it up.

By: Ritesh Sehgal
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