5 Ways Headless Commerce Will Change Online Selling In 2021

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  • 5 Ways Headless Commerce Will Change Online Selling In 2021

Having a digital presence involves a lot of things regardless of your business domain or industry. It can be a website, social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.), digital advertisements, online reviews, business listings, and much more.  

Most of the businesses already have a few of these going into 2020, but as we enter in the time of headless commerce in 2021, it is even more imperative to make the most in this digital era. 

Is a business website enough to sell online?

So, a website is a prerequisite for online presence but it is not the whole thing. Modern ecommerce has transcended the world of online selling. It has brought many new concepts, trends, technologies, and more. Even though it is not possible to adopt each and every technology, one of the most trending technologies in online selling is “Headless commerce”.  It has been adopted the most and generated the most buzz in the industry.

So, what exactly is the headless concept?

Are you still wondering why ecommerce retailers have been buzzing about headless ecommerce?Wonderinghow it is shaping the future of online selling in 2021? 

In a nutshell, headless is an ecommerce solution that stores, manages, and delivers without any front-end delivery layers. It simply means that you can make significant changes to the frontend processes through headless commerce while keeping the backend processes like payment and orders fully intact.

And this buzz has been even louder with the gradual shift towards omnichannel commerce. Today, the consumers consume content and make purchases through multiple touchpoints including smartphone, desktop, tablet, Amazon echo, and many more. With this shift, the e-tailers have started leveraging the benefits of headless solutions to modify the presentation of their site without altering the database and backend processes. 

Top 5 ways headless commerce will change online selling in 2021

1. Quick adoption of emerging experience-led technologies

Customers are empowered like never before with plenty of experiences to search information, compare, buy and own products. Similarly, the companies have endless data to market, sell, engage, and serve their customers. Here, the common factor is “Experience”.

“Did you know that over 64% of people find customer experience more important than price?” - Gartner

It clearly indicates the online selling companies need to offer valuable shopping experience and evolve with the emerging experience-led technologies like headless commerce. As headless already decouples the front-end and back-end processes, it is super quick to experiment new things and learn with emergent technologies. Headless allows enhanced flexibility as you can directly integrate with additional systems like ERPs, CMS, or internet of things (IoT) through APIs specifically designed for creating experience-led commerce. And the best part is that you can leverage all these benefits of headless commerce centrally with StoreHippo and let you offer a much better customer experience. Get going with the next wave of experience technologies and put your online business ahead of the competition.

2. Builds a consistent integrated experience

Rolling out new updates to attract and retain the customers sounds to be an easy task. But it is actually not when you have tons of ecommerce data and information. Just like Myntra rolls out a new sale every week, you will also need to catch the customers without disturbing your entire backend system. Isn’t it?

Even though the customer needs continuous changes, you have to offer a consistent customer experience to them across all channels and devices. Since the backend already has the data about customers, orders, payments, frequency of purchase, individual preferences, etc, it uses the power of personalization on websites, social channels, mobile apps, and more. And this can be done easily with the headless commerce solution.  

When the front-end system is decoupled from the back-end, you don’t need to roll out new updates to the entire system but just a part of it. And StoreHippo let you do just the same. You can deliver what your customers want without altering the important back-end processes with the headless commerce. It also improves the integrations by connecting the ecommerce functionalities like online payments through APIs. In practice, you simply need to select the right API for the job you want to get done without worrying about system feasibility or disruptions on the entire platform.

3. Take advantage of agile marketing

Unlike the one-size fits all approach of traditional marketing, now is the time of agile marketing. With headless commerce, you can get the support of new technologies, get specialized content for different markets whether you are rolling out a new product/service, or manage dynamic marketing, manage campaigns for different brands, divisions and portfolios.

StoreHippo allows your marketing team to stay ahead of the competition with the most advanced marketing trends and technologies. The headless solution supports the new technologies as and when they arise that helps in designing new marketing campaigns and improved customer experiences. This puts your marketing team to the driving seat, launch multiple campaigns at a time, leverage the most advanced marketing automation features, and get best results of marketing campaigns with all other amazing benefits of headless commerce solution. 

4. Go Omnichannel to get ahead of the competition

Without any surprises, this is the era of personalization. According to a survey conducted by Epsilon, over 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with the companies that offer personalized experiences. 

But the irony here is – Personalization does not happen at one channel. You need to go omnichannel and engage customers wherever they are.

Legacy platforms usually allow a little room for customization. They come with a predefined component for user experience. On top of that, they can only deliver the content to one or two communication channels like web stores and mobile apps. The headless commerce system offered by StoreHippo lifts these constraints and allows you to design and manage user experiences with complete freedom. You can create multiple front-ends attached with the centralized back-end. And ultimately, this flexibility leads to a better brand interaction and customer engagement.

5. Reduced cost with high-end flexibility and scalability

Just adopting emerging technologies is not enough in this dynamic world of ecommerce. You need to learn how to adapt the trends in your business. Like the current pandemic has forced most of the businesses to go digital, and take more risks than they were comfortable with. And ecommerce sellers already have to deal with many challenges like peak season traffic, massive public relations, organisational chaos that affect their business cost and revenues.

To adapt to the everyday new changes, you need a flexible, and scalable ecommerce platform for your online business. The instant capabilities of an ecommerce platform to prevent the bursting during traffic spikes can make you a seasoned player in the ecommerce industry. Here you can leverage the benefits of headless commerce that offer uninterrupted and flawless services even in the highest traffic surges, Headless makes it super easy to add bandwidth to the payment systems and carts during the peak season and offer you to reduce the capacities in low season thereby optimizing your business cost. 

Technology itself does not give that extra edge. A headless commerce solution is required to adapt to the dynamic changes of the online world. With the headless solution of StoreHippo, you can get state-of-the-art architecture that helps you build new capabilities, flex, and scale according to the customer and market priorities.

Final words

Prepare yourself for the headless future with StoreHippo.

Ecommerce is meant to be dynamic and it will always keep on changing. It’s your business that needs to walk with the trends to match the speed. But there is one thing that has become a staple in the industry and changed the online selling in 2021 – Headless commerce.

Now when you already know how headless is changing the ways consumer shop, enhance buying experience, reduce business cost, boost marketing and personalization, offer enhanced flexibility, act as a springboard for innovation, and much more. It is a no brainer to wait to adopt an ecommerce platform with a headless solution. StoreHippo offers a one-stop solution to all your ecommerce and online selling needs with the advanced headless commerce solution. If you also want to outpace the competition and explore the headless solution, start your free online store trial today.

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