5 Tips to instantly improve the conversion rate of your mobile site for ecommerce

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Mobile commerce has redefined online shopping and has rapidly changed how online shopping was perceived a couple of years ago. With more than 80% internet users using their smartphones for online shopping having a mobile site for ecommerce is not a choice but a necessity to succeed in the ecommerce battleground.

In 2010, only 5.2% of total online traffic came from mobile channel and resulted in 5% of total online sales. By 2015, the same figures jumped to 50% of total online traffic and more than 31% of online sales coming through mobile channel traffic. By the end of 2017, mobile channel sales will take up major chunk of  ecommerce sales and online sellers who do not align their business for mobile traffic are going to get out of the race.

However, merely having a mobile commerce site does not guarantee that  you will get higher traffic volume and conversions. There are still many gaps in understanding the typical shopping patterns and behaviour of mobile channel traffic which result in lower conversion rate for online retailers.

The layout, functionality, technology and design of a mobile site can have a major impact on conversions and success of your store. Let us go through some facts and figures that clearly indicate the pain points of mobile site for ecommerce;

  • 71% smartphone users shop online using their mobile.
  • 88% of mobile shoppers complain of negative online experience.
  • 29% of consumers get deterred by negative experience and wait for a year before revisiting that site.
  • 30% of consumers who have a negative experience on mobile site for ecommerce never visit it again.
  • 42% of customers will immediately go to a competitor site after having a bad experience on a mobile store.
  • 51% of mobile shoppers find mobile commerce sites difficult to use.
  • 46% mobile shoppers complain about images being too small or poor.
  • 26% of users find  mobile checkouts frustrating and time consuming.
  • 41% of mobile shoppers are not sure about the security of the mobile commerce site they shop on.

Working your way to higher mobile commerce conversions

The facts clearly indicate that a few improvements in the mobile site can greatly enhance your chances of success. Let us see the key points that can instantly improve the  conversion rate of your mobile site,

Best Mobile Experience

Providing a memorable shopping experience to the customers on your mobile commerce site can go a long way in improving your sales figure. Mobile channel customers usually do not complete a purchase in one go. They tend to surf the products, research on deals and offers and then finally make the purchase decision.

If a customer lands on your site and finds it slow to load or distort when viewed from different devices, the likelihood of switching to competitor increases manifold. Also, the data clearly indicates that one negative experience turns off the most loyal customers and they do not come back to your mobile site for ecommerce for a long while after that.

To remove such issues StoreHippo offers a reliable platform that is built grounds up  on mobile first technology. The SPA delivers high performance sites with reduced page switch time. Smooth UI ensures a seamless shopping experience which brings more traffic and conversions.

Content and Design

The design and content of a site go a long way in engaging and converting the traffic. The layout of the pages on best mobile ecommerce sites should be adapted in a way that it displays the most important information above the fold.

The design themes should be done aesthetically and ready to fit various device screen sizes.Uniform design across devices retain customer interest and help in converting better. Product images should be clear and provide a complete view of product to help the customers make their final decision. The content should not be hidden by pop-ups.

StoreHippo offers a rich library of design themes that are mobile ready and fit to every screen size. Stores built on top ecommerce platform StoreHippo benefit by the offering a mobile site that is aligned with the principle of good design and display on mobile devices.

Retargeting Users

A large number of users abandon their cart while doing research for their products. Retargeting such customers with personalised offers can boost the conversion rate of a mobile site substantially.  Also. allowing PUSH notifications with custom deals and cross selling offers are known to work better for impulsive buyers who are still researching their products on a mobile commerce site.

StoreHippo offers automated abandoned cart follow up functionality to convert the visitors who did not complete their checkout. The PUSH notification functionality is also available on the platform which helps in improving conversion rates from omni channel traffic.

Improved Search and Navigation

One of the most common grievances of the buyers on mobile site for ecommerce is the difficulty in moving back and forth and finding the products. Ideally, if a customer fails to find the product he is searching in 4-5 clicks the chances of moving to a competitor site increases manifold.

Simplified search and navigation greatly enhance the user experience by reducing the time taken for searching products. It not only improves conversion rate but also makes loyal customers that keep coming back to buy more.

StoreHippo offers faceted search that helps mobile buyers in searching and narrowing down on their desired products. Autocomplete and multi level navigation features on mobile commerce site powered by StoreHippo also help in improving conversion rate.

Enhanced Mobile Security

Latest reports clearly suggest that with the increase in mobile commerce, mobile frauds have also been on the rise. Hence, it becomes imperative to provide a secure and reliable mobile commerce site to your users which they can use for their shopping without risking their critical financial information.

Securing the mobile site with a robust  SSL is the first step towards ensuring customer trust. Offering a PCI Security Standard compliant environment on your site is another way of safeguarding client interests. Also, choose from payment gateways that are equipped to handle payment through mobile devices.

StoreHippo is built on mobile first principle and offers multiple payment gateways for your online business ideas. The team takes special care to providing a secure shopping experience across mobile devices and thus helping in improved conversions.


With a clear focus on providing the best shopping experience to mobile channel shoppers, the conversion rate for a mobile site can be improved dramatically. Powering your mobile site with the right tools and functionality using the top ecommerce platform, you can ensure a steady growth in conversions that leads to the success of your online business.

Use the tips and tools to improve conversions from your mobile traffic. If you have any more suggestions to enhance the user experience and conversions on a mobile commerce site, let us know in the comments below.

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