5 Tips to instantly improve the conversion rate of your mobile site for ecommerce

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  • 5 Tips to instantly improve the  conversion rate of your mobile site for ecommerce

Unless you are living in a cave, you must be aware of the phenomenal growth of mobile commerce in the past few years. From contributing a meagre 5% of total online sales in 2010, this ecommerce channel is expected to account for 72.9 % of all retail e-commerce by 2021. Also, the transaction value of global sales through smartphones has grown from $50.92 billion in 2014 to $693.36 billion in 2019, which is more than 13X growth in just 5 years. (Source: Statista https://www.statista.com/statistics/557951/mobile-commerce-transaction-value-worldwide/)

Exceptional! Isn’t it!

As an online business owner, you must have already prepped your site to take advantage of this natural and inevitable progression of ecommerce. However, just being mobile commerce ready does not guarantee that you will get higher traffic volume and conversions. To gain an edge over your competitors you need to understand the nuances of the typical shopping patterns and behaviour of this special customer segment.

Ready For The Boom

To help you up to your game and stay ahead of the race, StoreHippo brings a complete guide to boost your mobile site conversions. To begin with, let us gain an understanding of some simple facts that affect the customers’ buying behaviour and preferences.

The layout, functionality, technology and design of your website can have a major impact on conversions and success of your store. Let us go through some facts and figures that clearly indicate the pain points of a mobile ecommerce website :

  • 80% of smartphone users shop online using their smartphone
  • 88% of smartphone shoppers complain of a negative online experience
  • 29% of consumers get deterred by negative experience and wait for a year before revisiting that site.
  • 30% of consumers who have a negative experience on a mobile ecommerce website never visit it again.
  • 42% of customers will immediately go to a competitor site after having a bad experience at a mobile store.
  • 51% of online shoppers find sites difficult to use on their smartphones.
  • 46% of online shoppers complain about images being too small or poor their portable devices.
  • 26% of users find mobile checkouts frustrating.
  • 41% of mobile shoppers are not sure about the security of the mobile ecommerce website they shop on.

Working Your Way To Higher Conversions

The facts clearly indicate that a few improvements in the online store can greatly enhance your chances of success. Let us see the key points that can instantly improve the  conversion rate of your mobile site,

An Unforgettable Experience

Providing a memorable shopping experience to the customers on your mobile ecommerce website can go a long way in improving your sales figure. Mobile channel customers usually do not complete a purchase in one go. They tend to surf the products, research on deals and offers and then finally make the purchase decision.

Also, once they are happy with your site they are reputed for redeeming their coupons to make more big-ticket purchases compared to regular ecommerce buyers. This means, you automatically have a better chance at conversions if you manage to keep your mobile ecommerce website updated for your customers.

However, studies into customer behaviour clearly indicate that if customers find your site slow to load or distort when viewed from different devices, the likelihood of switching to competitor site increases manifold. Also, the above insights clearly indicate that one negative experience turns off the most loyal customers and they do not come back to buy from your brand for a long while after that.

To remove such issues StoreHippo offers a reliable ecommerce platform that is built grounds up on mobile first technology. The SPA delivers high-performance mobile ecommerce websites with reduced page switch time. Also, all stores built on StoreHippo are PWA, which makes them look, feel and behave like mobile apps. PWA stores work very well on entry-level devices and even on slow connections. This helps in reaching out to a wider customer base which further improves your traffic and conversions.

Customers love a frictionless buying experience that makes their buying journey smooth and uneventful. Help your customers by creating an awesome UI on your mobile ecommerce websites and see your sales skyrocket in no time.

Content and Design

The design and content of a site go a long way in engaging and converting the traffic. The layout of the pages on online sites should be adapted in a way that it displays the most important information above the fold. This is important as you have less than 5 seconds to impress your customers. If you confuse them with complex content or design they are most likely to move on to a simpler site.

Also, the design theme of your mobile ecommerce website should be done aesthetically and ready to fit various device screen sizes. Uniform design across devices retains customer interest and help in converting better. Product images should be clear and provide a complete view of the product to help the customers make their final decision. The content should not be hidden by pop-ups.

StoreHippo offers a rich library of design themes that are mobile ready and fit to every screen size. When you create an online store powered by StoreHippo ecommerce platform you get a mobile site that is aligned with the principle of good design and display on devices of all size. This makes your sites more appealing to your buyers and they keep coming back to buy more.

Retargeting Users

A large number of users abandon their cart while doing research for their products. They might also abandon their cart if they are waiting for some discounts or simply want to compare your products with your competitors. On average, every 7 out of 10 ecommerce shopping cart is an incomplete checkout.

Retargeting such customers with personalised offers can boost the conversion rate of a mobile ecommerce website substantially.  If you used multiple unified notifications to follow up with such customers you have a better chance of gently pushing them towards checkout. Also, allowing PUSH notifications with custom deals and cross-selling offers are known to work better for impulsive buyers who are still researching their products.

StoreHippo ecommerce platform offers automated abandoned cart follow up functionality to convert the visitors who did not complete their checkout. The PUSH notification functionality is also available on the platform which helps in improving conversion rates from omnichannel traffic.

Improved Search and Navigation

One of the most common grievances of the buyers on mobile ecommerce websites is the difficulty in moving back and forth and finding their products. Ideally, if a customer fails to find the product he is searching in 4-5 clicks the chances of moving to a competitor site increases manifold.

Simplified search and navigation greatly enhance the user experience by reducing the time taken for searching the products. It makes your site stickier, improves conversion rate and also makes loyal customers that keep coming back to buy more. However, to get these benefits you need to create an online store that has simplified search and navigation. You would be able to assist your customers to make a faster checkout if you also have hierarchical product categories, product catalogues, brand-wise page etc. on your online store.

StoreHippo ecommerce platform offers the faceted search feature that helps mobile buyers in searching and narrowing down on their desired products. Multi-level product categories, streamlined navigation features on mobile commerce websites powered by StoreHippo also help in improving the conversion rate.

Enhanced Security

Latest reports clearly suggest that with the increase in mobile commerce, mobile frauds have also been on the rise. Hence, it becomes imperative to provide a secure and reliable buying experience to your users across devices they might be using to complete their purchase.

Securing the mobile site with a robust  SSL is the first step towards ensuring customer trust. Offering a PCI Security Standard compliant environment on your site is another way of safeguarding client interests. Also, choose from payment gateways that are equipped to handle payment through mobile devices.

StoreHippo ecommerce platform is built on mobile first principle and has the complete setup to offer a secure buying journey to your omnichannel customers. It offers FREE SSL and multiple PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways for your mobile commerce websites.

Strong one-way encryption is used to protect critical and sensitive client information. Extra care is taken to secure all client data by implementing authentication and authorization module for your backend as well. The team takes special care to provide a secure shopping experience across mobile devices which boosts customer trust and helps you get better conversions.


With a clear focus on providing the best shopping experience to online buyers, the conversion rate for your online business can be improved dramatically. Powering your mobile ecommerce website with the right tools and functionality using the StoreHippo ecommerce platform, you can ensure a steady growth in conversions. As long as you think from the customers’ perspective and help them close their purchase quickly and in a hassle-free manner, you have a winning formula for success.

Ready with a new strategy to boost your mobile commerce sales? Did the tips and tools to improve your user’s experience help you in improving your omnichannel traffic and conversions?

Have suggestions or queries about enhancing the user experience and conversions on your mobile ecommerce website? Need more suggestions and tips? Keep watching this space and we will come with more tips to grow your traffic and conversions.

Note: This blog was posted on Feb 02, 2017 and updated on May 24, 2019

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