5 Tips to Convert Diwali Offer Customers into Regular Buyers

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  • 5 Tips to Convert Diwali Offer Customers into Regular Buyers

It’s that time of the year again when the festive celebration knocks your door. Bright colors, attractive lights, long shopping lists, shuffled budgets and unlimited excitement -  that’s why Diwali is worth the wait, isn’t it? While people are busy making online shopping plans, Diwali is the time when every retail owner keeps their fingers crossed to witness heavy store traffic and record-breaking revenue. There are various discounts, free gifts, and other attractive deals to lure customers into buying products and avail offers. Well, that’s what people wait for all year, the big fat festive season sale. Honestly speaking, even I do. 

But while you are busy getting your online orders ready, make sure you try to earn regular and loyal customers too. Diwali is the best time to impress customers with your reliable service standard and unique Diwali offer. Give that attention customers seek in this heavy Diwali shopping rush. 

If you have a retail store and you want to earn long-term customers this Diwali, here are a few tips for you - 

1) Reflect the Joy of Festivity 

Make your store look Diwali ready. Put attractive banners, change the theme and add more festive look to it. This will attract clients and also make them believe your store is giving attractive Diwali offers on trendy items. Make sure you have your popular products visible easily. Also introduce up-selling, cross-selling and combo features. These features not only help suggest complementary products to the customer, but it also increases your sale. Remember, the client will certainly come back if he gets an offer he can’t refuse! 

If you are getting nervous, thinking all of this will drain your time. Don’t worry. Look for an e-commerce solution that makes store designing as easy as child’s play. You can customize the look and feel, update the banner and make other visual changes easily. Also, you can suggest different products and make online shopping easy for clients. StoreHippo comes pre-built with these major functionalities in your store and gives you ample features and tools to plan your stress-free Diwali sale. 

2) Start Your Sale at Right Time 

Time is of essence when it comes to Online Diwali Sale. If you start the festive discounts too late, you lose your potential clients to other competitors. And if you plan to start it too early, well it may not generate expected revenue. You need to research the market well enough to know when the right time to reveal your Diwali offer. There are mainly two types of buyers in this Diwali sale season - the ones who plan their purchase and the others who are impulsive buyers. Make sure you differentiate between them. This will help you sort the clients that can be converted into regular customers. 

In order to receive the products on time and avoid last minute rush, many customers prefer to start their online shopping at least a month in advance. These customers make their move in a planned way. They can definitely turn out to be your regular customers if treated well.  You can use features that manage customers and their orders with ease. Be vigilant enough to notice abandoned carts. Use admin reports and google analytics to analyze the market situation and trending strategies. StoreHippo offers advanced features that help you study customer’s shopping pattern and also helps you understand visitor behaviour on your online shopping site. Ultimately these factors will lead to a successful sale and also help you get loyal customers. 

3) Avoid Late Delivery

Your services represent your business. When you think of earning genuine customers, make sure you deliver excellent service. If you are a retail store owner, you know how difficult it is to manage traffic in festive seasons. Clients often delay shopping till the last minute to avail maximum possible discounts. Choose the finest logistic solution to give the best first impression through your Diwali offers and logistic services. 

Choose an e-commerce solution that manages logistics well. You can categorize services into features like same day delivery, next day delivery, free shipping, and so on. StoreHippo makes it easy for you to manage all your products and dispatch them as scheduled. Its extended platform dedicated to product shipping, called ShipKaro, gives you access to more than 26,000+ pin codes at discounted rates. It has amazing features that let you choose different shippers to send out various products of a single order. This not only makes your shipping faster but also more cost-effective. You can also manage your returns orders with ease. Customer satisfaction will definitely boost the sale and brings customers back to your store. 

4) Offer Coupons and Redeeming Points

If you want more traffic, present unique Diwali offers. If you want those customers to come back again, offer promo codes for their next shopping. Make sure your promo codes have an expiry date. In the middle of the festive rush, who will want to miss additional discount? Make your customers feel special, and spoil them with unavoidable Diwali offers. Trust me they will come again. 

Choose an e-commerce solution that makes it easy to generate promo codes and personal discount offers. StoreHippo has features that can auto-generate e-mails and SMS. This will not only save your time, but you can also enjoy the festivities. StoreHippo is watching your back. 

5) Send Diwali Gifts

There are many who follow the custom of exchanging gifts in Diwali. Let's follow our tradition and offer free Diwali gifts to the customers, with each budget they spend or their shopping frequency. The gifts don’t have to be hard on your pocket. You can gift things like candles, containers, perfumes, etc. Study their shopping behavior, age and offer a free gift. You can put your brand logo or name on the item for brand recognition. 

Also, give a festive touch to the parcel by sending a Diwali note that stirs their emotions. They will feel more connected to your brand and will surely return to your store again. Make sure you don't add any promotional content. The note will not have the same impact then. StoreHippo helps you analyze customers’ shopping pattern and increase your sale using features like up-selling and cross-selling. It also helps you analyze the shopping frequency of customers and categorize them for free gifts. 


These tips and features will help you handle the Diwali rush and generate high revenue from your Diwali offers. What’s more, this will ensure you have customers that keep coming back to your store. Business is not about instant profits. It’s all about earning regular traffic and loyal customers for a long time returns.

StoreHippo is one-stop junction that offers a solution to all your business needs this Diwali. It offers amazing features that make retail store management, easy and simple. So go ahead and embrace the spirit of Diwali. StoreHippo is watching your back! For more details Book demo or email us at reachus@storehippo.com.

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