5 tips to boost productivity when working from home office

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  • 5 tips to boost productivity when working from home office

The ecommerce revolution has reshaped the social psyche in a way that dreaming something simple yet out of the box is no longer frowned upon. In recent years many entrepreneurs have come up with disruptive innovations and proved that an idea with proper planning and understanding of the market can take you places. An amazing fact about some of the most happening and successful businesses is that they were started from a home office or a garage. Apple, Amazon, Google all were started in a garage by their founders. So, if you also have a niche idea and planning to join entrepreneur club beginning with a home office is an idea worth considering.

Why a home office is good idea

Working from home is the best idea if you are starting a small business. Let us have a look at some obvious benefits:

  • Saves plenty of time and money
  • Saving in time allows you to refine and improvise your business plan
  • Frees you from the worries of finding, renting and maintaining a real office
  • Cost savings in setting up office can be channelized to acquire critical talent
  • Working from home makes the overall environment less stressful and more productive
  • Setting up home office gives you flexibility to work at your pace and convenience
  • It allows to maintain better work/ life balance which is crucial especially when one is taking the big plunge
  • Saves time and energy wasted on long commutes
How to make best use of your home office?

Have you already turned a corner in your home into your very first office? Having difficulty in keeping the place tidy? Still prefer working from the comfortable surroundings of your bedroom?  If your answer is YES to any of these, try out these simple yet effective tips to improve your efficiency and productivity while working from your home office:

Short and Simple

Believe it or not, if you have a small space to fit in a couple of comfortable chairs and a table you can begin your home office with it. Ensure that you have a good computer (laptop or desktop), a fast speed internet connection, a space to keep all your important documents and paperwork, a multipurpose machine that can be used for any printing, fax or photocopy work, a whiteboard to do some brainstorming and last but not a least a coffee/tea mug to sit with when you are pondering on all the innovative and wonderful ideas.

Get motivated

Every person who has seriously worked on a new business plan knows how important it is to keep yourself motivated to reach your goal. When we make a business plan and venture out into the real world there might be so many things that do not work out as planned. It is very natural to feel demotivated on such occasions especially when the business is yet in its nascent stages. Use your home office to motivate yourself by arranging some images and items that have always helped you regroup yourself and aim for the sky. Once again, think about the simplest stuff, and do not overcrowd your work space. Pin your favorite poem, picture of your favorite sports/ movie star or a dear one, some motivational books or music, the trophy that you won in your school/college or just anything that you can associate with success and rewards and that keeps you moving towards your goal. The main idea is to arrange your work environment in way that it helps you calm down and stay focused on your goal.

Plan and Organize

Planning and organization are the key to success for almost everything in life and business. As you are working from a small home office it becomes all the more important to make a daily/weekly plan of your activities and keep everything organized. It is a proven fact that clutter increases stress and gives rise to negative feelings. So keep your workplace neat and organized and avoid clutter at all costs. Organizing your papers and work will also ensure that you can retrieve the desired information when needed. Organize all your files and folder neatly and give them relevant names so that you can search the required data efficiently and quickly.

Mind your Posture

Research has proven that sitting for long hours in wrong posture can result in life threatening diseases and can damage your spine irreversibly. Most of us who sit in front of computers for long hours have a tendency to crouch or bend our back, neck etc. in a way which damages the spine and results in excruciating pain. Also, all computer users tend to stare at monitors unblinkingly which dries up the eyes and makes them strained easily. Ensure that you are using good chairs and have proper natural or artificial lighting at your work space. A good posture and proper lighting will ensure that you are comfortable while working and do not develop any health issues that may impede your progress.

Be Boring

Yes, you have heard it right, BE BORING! To do the most exciting things in life you need to be boring with your basic habits. This implies that you have to make a simple plan for your daily life that you can stick to. Do simple but holistic planning for your food, exercise, dressing, entertainment and always take proper rest to rejuvenate your mind and body. This routine is not going to show any immediate impact but it will certainly keep you healthy and in control of your mind and body. Believe me this practice will pay rich dividends in the long run!

So what are you waiting for? Bring out that business plan and set up a small home office to start a new business that changes the startup environment.
If you have any ideas that you are implementing at your home office, feel free to share with us in comments below.

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really true..

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Work from home is the thing for start ups! :)

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