5 Things to look for in the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India

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  • 5 Things to look for in the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India

Running a successful online marketplace has become a dream for many. And why should it not be? Who does not want to get their share from $1.2 trillion pie of B2B ecommerce sales by 2021?

While you always have an option to get your wholesale business online by hiring web developers. You can hire a team and spend fortunes to develop everything from the scratch or you can opt for a ready-to-use enterprise ecommerce platform

But the huge cost of infrastructure and development can inhibit your business growth. Choosing the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India can save a lot of your time and money. 

Well making the right platform choice is the first step to your online success journey. And you will need a perfect software to put up your dream store. 

But there is a lot to uncover when you are looking for the best platform for your business. So, rather than telling you the guidelines, we will tell you

Top 5 considerations you might miss while choosing the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India

1. A stay on platform

Every ecommerce business is high on hopes to grow in the future but not sure up to what extent. And growth does not only mean the capability to handle the large amount of website traffic. It means a lot more than that. The ecommerce platform should be capable of managing large scale implementations like ERP, CRM, and so on. It should have the abilities to integrate with certain APIs that are used to upscale the enterprise-grade businesses. Of course, you don’t want to migrate to a costly ecommerce platform or pay outrageous fees for customizations when your business takes off.

These factors make it very important to look for an enterprise ecommerce software with scalability features. Just like how StoreHippo offers a high performance and scalable solution to match the evolving needs of large-scale businesses. It is built on a modern technology, can handle peak load while having high performance, and scale along with the growing needs and demands of your business. 

2. Adaptability to market trends

As rightly said, change is the only constant in this world. The digital world also cannot stop evolving and changing. It’s the online businesses who have to cope up with these changes. 

The offering is not only limited to a mobile responsive website but you can have mobile apps (Android/iOS) and PWA (Progressive Web Applications) without any development hassles or additional cost. Moreover, the enterprise ecommerce software of StoreHippo helps you customize the platform inside out for your unique requirements. 

3. Ability to work in retail as well as wholesale domain

We cannot deny that B2C stores have emerged as a revolution in the ecommerce industry. But launching a B2B ecommerce website requires you to think differently in context to products, orders, customer relationships, payments, and more. Choosing a right enterprise ecommerce software with enterprise-grade features can save a lot of your time and money. StoreHippo offers extensive B2B features to help your large-scale business grow online. It offers specialized B2B features like customized order enquiry and invoices, powerful tax engine, pricing overrides, and more.

Along with that, it also allows you to experiment with B2B and B2C business models within the same site. Yes, it is completely possible with StoreHippo to earn profits on your B2C website while earning commissions from your online marketplace. Despite having unique B2B business requirements, you can incorporate B2C features. The ecommerce platform by StoreHippo is designed to serve B2B as well as B2C business needs to give an extra edge to your enterprise business. Explore more B2B features of StoreHippo.

4. Customer Delight

Online businesses are facing hurdles of converting the customers like never before. The core reason here is the rising expectations of customers. The online competition today is fierce and every customer looks for just the best option before spending money. They have become choosy because they can afford to do so. This is not only the case in B2C business but equally applies to the B2B world. The foremost requirement to overcome these hurdles and convert these demanding customers is to deliver just what they want.

Personalization is the catch here. In this competitive era of ecommerce, it becomes necessary to get your online business headless. You can enhance your customer experience, edit web content with ease, and offer a seamless omni-channel experience. The enterprise ecommerce software by StoreHippo offers an engaging and memorable experience to your customers with its headless ecommerce.

5. More efficient system with seamless integrations

Integrations are one of the top most factors you should never miss while choosing the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India. Even with hundreds and thousands of features and functions, you will need third-party integrations to run the business successfully. Some of the most popular integrations include accounting, email software, marketing tools, payment gateways, shipping solutions etc. 

StoreHippo understands the dynamic needs of your enterprise business and offers a plethora of integration options including high-end applications like ERP, CRM, distribution channels, PCI-DSS approved payment gateways, and more. And the best part is that you can manage all of these things from your central dashboard without logging in to multiple places.  


What makes StoreHippo the best enterprise ecommerce software?

Starting or running any business is always challenging – from conventional stores to an online store. Especially, when you have multiple options to start with. And this is why choosing the right enterprise ecommerce software becomes so difficult for many business owners. Well, we have guided you about 5 top things you should never miss on the platform but there is still a lot more to figure out as it can make or break your business altogether. 

StoreHippo offers advanced features, mobile commerce edge, and keeps up with the trends of the ecommerce industry to match all your business needs. Our best enterprise ecommerce platform in India has everything you need for your large-scale business – from merchant onboarding to automating your marketing efforts, one-stop shipping to seamless payment solutions. If you are looking for a long-term growth of your business, start your 14-day free trial and explore the extensive features of our stay-on platform now.

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