5 Things Enterprise Ecommerce Businesses Should Check In Their Marketplace Script

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  • 5 Things Enterprise Ecommerce Businesses Should Check In Their Marketplace Script

The world is moving super-fast and so are people and businesses. And it is the requirement, intention, and expectation of people that has resulted in the immense popularity of online business. Today, every user expects your enterprise ecommerce site to work and behave in a certain manner, and possess a specific set of features.

Now, B2B ecommerce is not only about showcasing your best products with attractive images and having a checkout page. Today’s successful marketplaces like Amazon Business, eBay have changed the rules of the ecommerce game. The online trends like personalization, social commerce, customer analysis have become an inevitable part of online business success. So, it is important for an online business owner to consider certain features in a marketplace script that helps in rolling out a big success journey for your enterprise business.

What is a marketplace script?

This script is basically a software for building an online marketplace website. It offers a battle-tested and turnkey solution to build a variety of marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba etc. It helps your marketplace business idea to life. But it requires a versatile technology blueprint to get started with your online marketplace website with custom front-end user interface, advanced features and functionalities, useful tools and applications, and a lot more.tc. 

While what was deemed as a laborious process earlier has now become smart work with the advent of marketplace scripts. Today, building a B2B marketplace like Amazon Business has become a matter of a few clicks and customizations. It is best to choose a readymade turnkey marketplace solution. But before zeroing on to a choice, consider the below 5 things in your turnkey software to ensure success of your enterprise ecommerce business.

5 Things enterprise ecommerce businesses should check in their marketplace script

1. Scalable technology architecture

The backend technology is the skeleton of an enterprise ecommerce website. Without this technology, the website would not function well.  

With the unique needs of large-scale businesses, it is important that your ecommerce platform grows according to your growing business needs. For this purpose, the platform technology needs to be scalable enough.

The extensible platform of StoreHippo allows tweaking not only the frontend but also the backend according to your needs. It completely accommodates your high business growth

due to its scalable architecture. With this solution in place, you can access your backend on any device of your choice.

2. Scope of customization

In this era of personalization in the online shopping sphere, customers have experienced ecommerce in a big way. Whether it is B2B or B2C, they expect something bigger, better and personalised every time they visit your online store.

For this purpose, you need to have a high scope of customization and implement a host of customized offers to achieve customer satisfaction. The marketplace script of your online store needs to be supportive to customize multiple business entities as per the dynamic expectations of customers. Like, StoreHippo’s custom marketplace script allows you to utilize the data from your data and reports to customize your business entities. It also allows you to create landing pages for your customers and send real-time offers using unified notifications.

3. Mobile compatibility 

Today’s customers are conditioned by their B2C experiences and expect the same buying experience on B2B ecommerce platforms. So, whether it is B2B or B2C, mobile presence matters the most to the buyers of the current era. 

Since most of the online buyers prefer to explore the websites on their smartphones, ensuring a good experience with design and functionalities is of utmost importance for your success. It gets very important for the marketplace script of your online stores to support mobile responsive features. StoreHippo comes to the rescue here. It offers an advanced set of B2B features which give your business the mobile commerce edge. All our stores are PWA (Progressive Web) that offer native like experiences on different devices. And icing on the cake is that you get mobile apps (Android/iOS) along with the mobile commerce offerings for your B2B store.

4. Social commerce and SEO optimization

Social media is everywhere, be it B2B or B2C online business. The online surveys, feedbacks, product promotions, marketing, and sales, everything can happen on social media. It is a no-brainer to have an ecommerce platform that supports social commerce and is well-optimized for search engines.

You can take all benefits of social commerce if the marketplace script of your online store is well integrated with social media.  Like, StoreHippo goes a long way to influence the customer preferences in favour of your business by registering your brand presence across multiple social media channels.

5. Purchasing trends analysis

The user behavior set the purchasing trends in itself. Today, every click of a customer on your online store is captured and analyzed. The summarized set of purchasing trends leads to customer behavior analysis. So, it is very important to have analytical features in the marketplace script of your B2B ecommerce store. 

Fortunately, it is possible to understand the user behaviour without any hassles. With StoreHippo, you can analyze the customer data, understand your users, and increase your sales conversions. 

How can StoreHippo be the best marketplace script for your large business?

The online marketplaces need to have specific back-end support and front-end user experience to support the modern-day needs. StoreHippo has an inbuilt marketplace script that supports all of the above-mentioned features, and a lot more.

StoreHippo offers a lot of enterprise-grade features and tools suited for large businesses like marketing, advanced search, customizable themes, analytics etc. to ensure your growth. Do you have unique B2B ecommerce requirements? Schedule a 14-day free trial to explore more features of enterprise ecommerce platforms now.

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