5 Smart Hacks For Better Sales On Your Multi Vendor Marketplace

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  • 5 Smart Hacks For Better Sales On Your Multi Vendor Marketplace

You own a beautiful multi vendor marketplace website. You also have a marketplace app. You have high-demand products as well. Lastly, you also have reliable shipping and payment solutions. Basically, you have all the essentials to run an online marketplace

But do you have a sales and marketing strategy in place? Are you facing hard times in getting new customers or retaining old ones? Are buyers abandoning their carts without purchasing? How do you convince people to buy and trust your brand?

If you are confronting the above issues, you need to revamp your sales strategy. Luckily, you are in the right place because we will reveal tried and tested sales hacks that can soar your monthly revenue. 

But before let’s understand which sales channels are profitable for earning new customers.

Apps are the best channel to earn returning and loyal customers. Because customers trust brands that give a fast and effortless shopping experience along with irresistible offers. Thus, mobile apps have potential to accelerate your sales.  

Best channels to increase your marketplace reach and aware people of your brand.

Let’s make your multi vendor marketplace a sales magnet by defeating your ecommerce setbacks

1. Simple Checkouts Process lead to faster checkouts 

Do you know the bad influence of long and fussy checkouts? They have abandoned carts, loss of potential customers, decrease in web traffic and loss of revenue. Don’t want this to happen? Follow the hacks below-

How can you simplify your checkout process?

  • Make checkout as a guest an option during the checkout.
  • Give 3 step checkout process i.e. Sign in > Delivery Address > Payment
  • Give ‘Login with mobile number’ or ‘Login with email ID’. 
  • In the case of an abandoned cart, send automatic emails to customers. Create FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out)  in emails to make them purchase immediately.

Create Effortless Checkouts With StoreHippo 

To provide fast checkouts, you can try StoreHippo in-built features. Implementation of single-page checkouts to guest checkouts can be done easily via dashboard.  Hence, you can stimulate the purchase journey of buyers. 

Even after giving the above checkout facilities, if a customer abandons his/her cart, you can send abandoned cart recovery emails from the StoreHippo dashboard.

2. Mobile Commerce to gain mobile sales

55% of global internet users have bought a product online via smartphones. 69% Used a mobile app to shop online. (Source: DataReportal

Do you realize how mobile commerce can supercharge your multi vendor marketplace sales? 

Here are some qualities which mobile buyers expect from ecommerce brands- 

Switch To Mobile Commerce Platform StoreHippo 

Convert mobile buyers by creating a fast and hassle-free shopping experience using StoreHippo mobile commerce platform. Make a mobile-ready multi vendor marketplace within a few clicks. With StoreHippo inbuilt app builder, you can build fully optimized marketplace apps without writing codes. 

To make your app more engaging, integrate social sharing plugins. This feature will allow customers to share products on other platforms(Facebook, whatsapp).

3. Personalized Notifications, Offers and Integration 

There is no doubt that customers love offers, freebies, etc. But not all offers suit the customer’s interest. 

Let’s suppose your multi vendor marketplace (selling everything) is offering 20% off on sports items. You send emails and app notifications to all your customers, regardless of what their interests are. You see even after spending huge on marketing tools, customers are not converting. 

There is a huge downfall in your revenue and sales. You wonder why people are not purchasing even after offers. 

The reason is - you aren’t personalizing your marketing message. 

So the first task is to segment your customer based on their recent purchase, browsing behaviour, demographics, etc. Afterwards, send personalized offers and products recommendations via Email, SMS, app notification, etc.

Best Marketing Hacks To Win A New Customer

  • Personalized Notifications: Used to invite buyers by giving highly personalized notifications. For example- you can send a ‘price drop alert on cart items’ to customers who abandoned their carts.

  • Coupons & Loyalty Program: Offer coupons and loyalty points to reward customers and make them engaged with your brand. 

  • Email marketing Integration: Sending manual emails can consume hours. However, by integrating automated email marketing tools, selling can be easy.

Promote your products with StoreHippo marketing tools 

At StoreHippo, you get a host of marketing tools required to convert buyers. What to expect? You can easily integrate email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Sendinblue, into your multi vendor marketplace. Another tool is Discount Engine, using which you can create multi-tier discounts unique to a single category, single product, customer’s order quantity, etc. 

Give next level extreme personalization with the custom notifications feature. Monitor ROI from marketing efforts with the analytics dashboard. 

4. Informative Product pages to gain trust and sales

You might have a great product. But, there is no use if your product page content is not persuasive. Do you know? Price, product description, reviews and rating; are the most influential factors in the purchase journey. What are others? Let’s explore below- 

6 essential elements to include in product page for conversions

  • Price, quantity, and available discounts.

Design Conversion focussed pages with StoreHippo Marketplace Builder 

StoreHippo gives you customizable themes to create compelling yet informative product pages. With drag and drop functionality, you can customize your multi vendor marketplace themes. 

Uploading content in bulk to pages is also available. You just have to upload a CSV file, our software will automatically read and update pages. Uploading content manually is also available. 

5. SEO friendly Marketplace 

Want to show up higher in Google SERP? Want to steal traffic of your competitors? Optimize your multi vendor marketplace for search engines. With SEO tools in your marketplace builder, you can do the below steps - 

  • Find keywords that are related to your products. For instance- You own an online shoe marketplace. Keywords can be- ‘buy shoes online’, sports shoes for men’, etc

  • Write meta title, meta description, URLs, and main content of each product page. Include relevant keywords in your content

  • Update the ‘Alt tag’ of images. Alt tags are used to describe the image in words because search engines cannot read images

  • Start a blog to maximize your reach

Increase Organic sales with StoreHippo SEO Tools

StoreHippo has a rich library of SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly themes. Using such themes, you can easily update the SEO elements of a page. Like the titles, meta descriptions, alt text, URLs, canonical URLs, keywords, etc. 

To reach new customers, you can even create a blog using the Blog Engine feature. 

Wrapping Up

Brining conversions and sales are easy when you have a killer sales strategy in place. Plus, you need consistency and patience to gain results, especially when you are new. 

So first, gather the essential tools (specified above) to convert buyers to your marketplace. Then, jump on to implementing sales hacks with extreme seriousness. 

Need advanced conversion tools? StoreHippo marketplace builder has rich tools that can help you in boosting the conversions of your multi vendor marketplace 

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