5 Signs You Need Help With Your B2B Ecommerce Website

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  • 5 Signs You Need Help With Your B2B Ecommerce Website

How many B2B websites do you think are out there? 

Literally, millions.

And how many of them are as efficient as they should be?

That’s a tricky one but the answer is, not many.

So, why are there so few? We mean, if the sole purpose of creating and managing a Business to Business website is to engage with the audience and turn them from passive viewers to active clients, then why are these websites failing to do so.

The thing is, the majority of wholesale websites that we see don’t follow a basic set of rules that ensure success. Instead, they focus on their business and forget all about the audience.

We know a business website is a way for you to present and advertise your business, but surely it must be something more than that. Or else, why only a few ecommerce websites are succeeding at it? 

So, if you are really looking into ways to engage the audience that stops by your website, you need to pay close attention to the 5 signs to turn your B2B website into an efficient tool.

1. Your website fails to tell a story

Many of us don’t know but storytelling is the most undervalued skill in Business to Business industry. Creating and distributing relevant and valuable content not only allows us to attract quality leads but also to convert and retain them. 

When done right, this powerful strategy easily translates into profits. Let’s see some of the benefits associated with it.

  • Success stories help provide your brand credibility and are a powerful tool for sales
  • Success stories not just showcase the brand but the wholesalers as well
  • Success stories increase engagement through compelling narratives
  • Success stories are tailored for local and regional audiences i.e. they place the needs of the customers first
  • Success stories work as a great source for a unique type of content

So you see how success stories help establish your brand reputation in the market. Let’s move on to how you can nail the art of storytelling.

  • Start with working on the plot. It is a sequence of events which demonstrate progress or change throughout your story
  • Next comes the setting. Place your story in a B2B context, which will typically include time and place
  • Third is the characterization process. This is basically the art of defining the hero or villain of your brand storytelling
  • Then comes the atmosphere. Create it by instilling emotion or affinity in readers through voice, tone and pacing
  • While doing so, create a consistent flow of voice by choosing to tell a story in the first or third person

There it is, five basic elements to create a powerful story for your wholesale brand. As you conclude your story, just make sure to capture the passion you felt during the presentation.

2. You forgot who you are talking to

The key to a great business website has always been how much attention you are giving to your customers. But surely enough, all your thoughts were occupied solely on selling your brand (or else, you wouldn’t be reading this article, right?).

But don’t worry, it’s not uncommon. The thing is, brands often create an entire B2B website and marketing strategy that is all about them. All they do is talk about 

  • How amazing their products are 
  • What they can do, and 
  • Why you should prefer them over their competitors.

This leaves no room to think about their customers.

So, what can you do?

Simple, create a marketing strategy that is more focussed on adding value throughout each and every stage of the customer journey. But to do this, you need to understand a few things such as-

  • Who your customer is
  • What they expect from your wholesale business, and
  • What value are they getting out of it

But how can we gain this insight? What if we tell you this valuable data was right in front of your eyes all along? 

No, we are not joking. This valuable data is present in the form of customer reviews, testimonials, email surveys, customer service chat logs, and any other form of customer feedback that you already possess.

This is a hidden treasure which, if evaluated carefully, can provide much valuable insight to work on. Use this info to create a content that focuses on what your B2B customers expect from you rather than what you expect from them.

3. Your website lacks essential opt-in features

Lacking in essential opt-in features could be another sign you need help with your business website. Think about it, if your website has all the necessary features, wouldn’t you be busy making sales rather than sitting here reading this article?

Of course, we would. But we are humans, bound to make mistakes.

Nevertheless, we have presented below a list of several different elements that need to be considered for ensuring smooth handling of your wholesale affairs. Let’s dive in. 

  • The first impression is the last impression, and your website is your client’s first impression of your business. So, make it count. Visitors observe your logo, main navigation menu, your website’s main image, the content of your home page and the bottom of your page. Use your imagination and design your website, one that leaves a lasting impression on your site visitors.

  • Build your site with honesty and integrity. For these are the virtues that will help you establish and maintain a powerful customer base. Do this by offering useful resources such as About Us page, FAQs, Our Mission, Our Philosophy etc. anything that can help you establish subjective attributes your B2B customer is looking for. Just be transparent to them and they will respond with a long-term commitment to your brand.

  • Make your website easy to use. How? By providing easy navigation to your users. Because, if the navigation is clear, your visitors will stay longer than intended, will have a good experience and ultimately, provide more business to you. Make it easy for them to find where they are and where they need to go. The key here is to avoid the complexities and help the user easily find what they came looking for on your wholesale website.

  • User experience is a key ingredient for creating an effective Business to Business website. And what better way to exercise this strategy than through landing pages. A landing page when used strategically can work wonders when it comes to driving conversions. It basically encourages visitors to provide their details in exchange for a valuable piece of information. Once acquired, these details can be nurtured over time until they are ready to buy.

4. Don’t lie, your website is not optimized for mobile.

Don’t you agree that our world is increasingly becoming mobile-first? If so, then why haven’t you implemented the same approach for your B2B website? Or are you still expecting your customers to zoom in and out regularly to view content? 

You know well where that road will take you.

But you don’t have to worry. The modern website design techniques allow you to create your websites in many different ways. One such is a responsive design. It allows your website’s size to adjust automatically when viewed on devices with varying screen sizes. Let’s understand what benefits entail with responsive web design.

  • Responsive websites can easily be viewed across multiple devices and have higher conversion rates. They simply make sure your B2B prospects can buy from you whenever and wherever they are

  • Do you know Google’s ranking algorithm favours mobile-friendly sites? This means your website’s chances of landing on top of the first page of search results greatly increases once you decide to go mobile

  • Another benefit is since responsive websites share their HTML code, their design is generally consistent across all devices

  • Cost-saving is another big advantage of having a responsive website. Though they aren’t cheap, they cost much less in the long run when you compare the costs of having two wholesale websites, one for desktop and another for mobile

  • Think of responsive web design like water on the screen. The fluidity of the animations and the overall ease of using a responsive web design make it one of the best choices for enhancing user experience

The bottom line is, responsive websites present you with a user-friendly solution which is a great way for attracting more qualified, relevant leads and help speed up the conversion process. 

5. When was the last time you paid any attention to the content?

The content of your B2B website has to be useful, you simply cannot cut a slack here. What’s the whole point of having content if your site visitors cannot apply the actionable elements of your content to their business?

When you post high-quality content that is relevant to the interests of your target audience, do you know what you get in return (apart from the usual benefits)?

  • You establish yourself as an industry expert or an authority that people can count on.
  • You help your target audience find solutions to their complex niche problems.

Now you know what was the fifth sign why your wholesale website wasn’t working at full potential. So, what should we do to alter this situation?

Let’s cover this step by step

  • Identify your ideal audience. Do you know you can learn a great deal about the people visiting your website simply by exploring your Google Analytics data? This includes basic demographic information (such as age, gender, location) and the topics they are interested in

  • After identifying, your next step involves finding out what piques their interest. This could be the information and content they are searching for and understanding the “why” behind their search patterns

  • Another way of knowing which content is performing well is to keep an eye on your B2B competitors. After all, both of you are serving the same market. Run an analysis to see what they are writing about. You can even get competitive insights from customer reviews. Where there is will, there is a way

  • Once you get the desired info, do not hesitate to get a little personal. You didn’t create personas, send surveys and spied on your competitors for nothing. Use blog content, testimonials, product recommendations and anything you deem fit to target specific elements of your customers’ buying behaviours

  • Lastly, understand your customer’s path. That is, map out their entire journey from initial interaction with your brand to the final purchase. This strategy will not only make your wholesale buyers familiar with your brand but will also help you see if specific sources are more influential than others.

Just remember, as a Business to Business marketer, your mission should be to create a relationship with your customers. And what better way than to offer value-added content which encourages your buyers to want to interact with your brand.


Above, we have mentioned 5 signs that you need help with your wholesale website. If any of these headaches sound familiar even in the least bit, consider a more integrated ecommerce solution. It will support you as your B2B business grows. Even if your website isn’t facing any of these issues, still it’s better to keep it up to date every 12 months or so, just to make sure it doesn’t have any glaring problems (such as broken links etc.)

StoreHippo is one of the leading Business to Business ecommerce platforms that is designed specifically keeping all these and various other danger signs in mind. It offers a modern and scalable solution that helps remove all the hassles you might face in your B2B transactions. What’s more, StoreHippo enables established and rapidly-growing businesses with powerful features to readily meet and exceed their buyers’ expectations.

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